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Coven - The Master Race, Powers Optional
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By techgnotic
The FX Channel has just concluded the highly successful third season of its American Horror Story series.
Each season has featured its own stand-alone storyline, insuring against series stagnation and creating a story competition as the ever-ravenous horror audience eagerly awaits each season’s next outrageous attempt to top the last. Coven, the third entry in the series, a witchcraft genre entry, has not disappointed. Its star, Jessica Lange, was nominated for a Golden Globe. Critical reception, despite the considerable gory fx (envelope-pushing for net
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Purity [Demon!LevixWitch!Reader]
Salem AU!
~ . ~ . ~
"Accursed witch!"
"How dare you taint our town with your presence!"
"She murdered poor old Thomas in cold blood!"
"I knew she was a witch the moment I saw her!"
"May the flames of God purge your soul of your wretchedness!"
The angry shouts of the townsfolk soon grew louder and louder as the accused was brought forth to the stake in the town square, where she was then tied to the rather large piece of wood by the officers. There was a witch trial that was held earlier in the day; the accused "witch," who was named Mina, had been charged with murdering one of the townsfolk, an inspiring young doctor named Thomas. Thomas' death was rather peculiar - he had confined himself in his study to remain undisturbed whilst he continued his work in medicine. His door was locked and there was no other way to get in besides the main door. His body was discovered in the evening, strangled to death. However, the door had not been tampered with, and the only way to u
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AmericaxReaderxEngland Salem witch trials
AmericaxReaderxEngland (With Neko!Russia)
Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch Trail. Your least favorite time in history. A time period your rather chauvinistic male teacher enjoyed reading about.
You tuned him out, staring out the classroom window. The hum of voices and your teachers loud, whine of a voice faded into the background. You blinked, eyelids feeling heavy.
Am I going to fall asleep in class? You blinked rubbing your eyes. The heavy sleepy feeling grew. Your eyes closed and you slumped against your desk, fast asleep.
--------------Time skip---------------------
(Okay people, this is were things get a little complicated. I am going to have everyone (except the reader) talk in that really confusing old English >_> Please excuse my really shitty attempt.  Bear with me people.)
"________." Someone was gently shaking your shoulder. You sighed and waved you hand in an attempt to shake the person off.
"Thy have to wake up. T
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RWBY: Weiss' Big Sister And The Diet Plan Epilogue
Ruby, Blake, Weiss, Yang, Pyrrha and Nora could easily view the target Grimm as it wandered through the forest, which wasn't the hardest thing to do given how it towered over even the largest of the redwood oaks. Never before had they faced anything quite this massive, and yet, despite that fact, there was not an ounce of ambivalence to be found among them. The creature appeared to be in the shape of an enormous lizard, completely black except for the large white mask that covered the front of its face, a few red markings and white jagged spikes that protruded down the length of its spine. Though it may have been a titanic creature, it was about to be confronted by several young women of titanic size themselves.
This was a very dangerous mission and hence why so many students had been sent out to accomplish it. Ren and Jaune had already gone ahead to scout out the area, preparing any sort of traps or tricks that could potentially aid their flabby female companions in their battle. For
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