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Saitama's Sister [Genos x Reader]
Ever since Genos and Saitama registered as super heroes, there hasn't been a dull day. Except a few, but everyone needs a break now and then, so it wasn't like it was boring. And even on jobless days, the duo found ways to entertain themselves. Saitama took the time to read some comics and play games -even if he also did that when he was supposed to work-, while Genos took the liberty of doing some house chores. After all, he had pretty much forced himself to live with Saitama so he could observe the bald man and become stronger, even when the said man complained about the cyborgs constant staring and observing.
So far, Genos hadn't learned much from the older man, but he knew how truly wise Saitama was. No man could have become that strong in a simple way.
For a moment, as Genos was washing the dishes with a simple white apron on, he remembered the time Saitama joked about how he got so strong. It was amazing, how he could look so serious when he said all he did was some push-ups, sit
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Instagram [Saitama x Reader]
Dating Saitama was never easy. He was quite lazy around the house, had a very dry humour (which you loved even if you claimed you hated it), and if you wanted any sort of affection you had to be the one to cuddle up next to him. The most romantic thing he might have ever done was give you a high five after kissing his palm when you said he wasn't a very romantic boyfriend.
But in the end, it was all worth it. Seeing as you loved him. He was your personal hero even if he was always defeted by bugs that you asked him to get rid of. It was quite funny how he could defeat an army of aliens and monsters with one punch, but one little mosquito would be his doom.
But today, you decided to take your relationship to the next level. For you were going to take an selfie with him, and post it on your instagram.
For some reason, you had become quite an “insta fame”. You had no idea how it had happened, seeing as you just posted random things like your coffee or landscapes, sometimes thr
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Mirror || Saitama x reader
“Don’t moveeee” you wined
“Oh my god why can’t you just say thereee”. You wined as you continued applying your makeup.
And there sits an annoyed shiny egg head with a poker face staring at the blank space.
“NOOO! I can’t take this anymore!!! I have a mirror in my house!!! It’s in the bathroom!!! STOP USING MY HEAD AS A MIRRORRRR GOD DAMMIT!!!!”
“But it’s nice… besides, Genos is cleaning the bathroom. And we’re going out soon right, I want to look nice.” You answered, admitting that Saitama’s head is better than any mirror.
Saitama simply ignored you and stretched his hand to the corner of the room to grab a magazine. Hoping that the magazine could distract him from his annoying girlfriend.
-[ How to grow back lost hair ]
He regretted and got even annoyed after opening the magazine.
You saw the magazine and can’t help but burst out laughing “HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD LET ME SEEE”
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Heater || Genos x reader
An icy, wintry gust of air speared through your jacket to make contact with your skin, making you shiver.
"Oh my god it's so cold." You stepped back into the apartment. "Winter's coming."
As you walked into the living room, there was something on the table that caught your eye. You stared at the envelope with the words "Winter Shopping Money, LITTLE SISTER HANDS OFF PLS" written with a black marker.
"Genos! We're going shopping! I need to buy a heater!" you shouted, ignoring the letter in caps. Before he could react you ran towards the table to grab the envelope and pulled Genos by the arm and out the door to the supermarket, which sells literally everything you can think of.
You wandered around the huge place, looking at each heater that was placed on the rack "Mmm... there's so many of them, which one should we get..."
"Didn't your brother-Sensei tell you to save money?" Genos questioned "Well, he did tell you to wear more clothes if you're cold..."
"Shhhh! Onii-san wants one too
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Neighbors: GenosxReader
Neighbors: A One Punch Man Fanfic
You huffed frustratingly, turning to glare at the person across the room from your own futon.
You see, you weren’t exactly curled up in your own, comfy sheets.
That opportunity had been completely shattered when your next-door neighbor and friend Saitama had decided to punch a monster straight through your tiny apartment.  Needless to say, Saitama had felt pretty bad about completely destroying your living space.
So you found yourself living next door with the man who was a hero for fun and his cute cyborg disciple until your apartment could be repaired.  That had been in early September, when it was still relatively warm outside.
Hence why you were now curled up on the other side of the room, Saitama snoring across from you.  You had no idea where Genos was.
What you did know was that Saitama didn’t have heating, and your fingers were going numb from the cold.  It was December, and the temperature in Saitam
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