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crying rose :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 397 36 Longing for love :iconartsaves1228:artsaves1228 177 57 .: Missing Smile -WIP- :. :iconphoenixsalover:PhoenixSAlover 369 25 You hurt me again :iconartsaves1228:artsaves1228 131 29 Emo-Rose :iconaxis-sunsoar:Axis-Sunsoar 182 6 Ever Sad III - Dying Love :iconluana:luana 279 48 Ending :icondianar87:dianar87 117 74 .: The Mythical Princess :. :iconpure-poison89:Pure-Poison89 68 52 Drown my Sorrow :iconsayurieyes:SayuriEyes 349 94 Your Tears Don't Fall :iconmrscullen:MrsCullen 70 29 Melancholy :iconbraiiins:braiiins 73 55 to keep me away from you :icondanhowardart:DanHowardArt 155 62 Sad Rose :icondavidstrife:DavidStrife 51 61 Rose's Rose - BLUE :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 37 5 3 Libras :iconphilliewig:Philliewig 35 18 What Could Have Been :icontddog:TDDog 44 6 You ripped my wings :icondevilmaycryub:devilmaycryub 38 57 Magnet- If We Should Separate :icontraumaticcandy:TraumaticCandy 58 11 Love Ain't No Stranger :iconmagica-28:Magica-28 31 25
TG: hey egbert
TG: are you there
TG: its kinda serious
TG: i guess
EB: hey. you all right?
TG: fine
TG: typical night terror
EB: oh.
EB: what about?
TG: the usual
TG: giantass green skeleton trying to kill us with a scoop of flying dog on the side
TG: im cool
TG: just lookin for a bit of friendly comfort
TG: dont tell the girls
EB: hehe. your secret is safe with me. how bout a distracting topic? like….
EB: how’s school?
TG: pft. fuck school
TG: it aint fair man
TG: we saved the world and no one knows
TG: we have ptsd and we have to go back to school like nothing happened
TG: like we played pac man or something
TG: not fuckin life destroying sburb
EB: yeah
EB: i know.
EB: then we have to add the power control.
TG: right??
TG: they were hella easy to control in the game
TG: like
TG: the time was me and i know every bit of it
TG: now its like… its own person or something
TG: i walked by some flowers at school and they died because i accidentally aged them up through ti
:iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 105 100
Memories and Romance :iconarchsoul1:archsoul1 31 22 Let go :iconinicka:inicka 116 24 Black wings and red roses :iconladyblackkill:LadyBlackKill 144 49 Tears of a rose III :icongreenxin:greenxin 39 52 High Elf Rose (2010) :iconlan0ra:LAN0RA 62 35 She's been waiting... :iconpapou:Papou 48 24 In the spotlight :iconjesi86:Jesi86 55 27 My wounded rhymes :iconartsaves1228:artsaves1228 38 5 Answers :icontil-death-comes:til-death-comes 41 5 She burned them. :iconscarahscrewdriver:ScarahScrewdriveR 35 8 I love you, Son :iconbrixyfire:Brixyfire 66 6 sad Rose :iconsophie-y:Sophie-Y 18 21 Nothing is immortal. :iconbunnis:Bunnis 30 4 Her witchcraft is desired. :iconscarahscrewdriver:ScarahScrewdriveR 27 12 Sad rose :iconarukusan:arukusan 27 2 Black magic woman. :iconscarahscrewdriver:ScarahScrewdriveR 31 12 Tegaki Dump :iconketokultasiipi:Ketokultasiipi 16 2 Just a Memory :iconmiarath:Miarath 15 28 drop :icongnesa:Gnesa 18 22 Titanic-Rose :iconsparrowspaz:Sparrowspaz 37 4 Natural Sorrow :icontora-and-sora:Tora-and-Sora 21 7 Sad Rose :iconphilster22:Philster22 13 7 If I Lay Here :iconthesecretismine:TheSecretIsMine 16 2 Loli Shota Deidara :iconsirleaderplushie:SirLeaderPlushie 18 12 Lights in the Rain :iconmallemagic:Mallemagic 33 13
Bluesy Lullabies, Please
Scarlet pedals fall from her bed
Only to dwindle on the floor
Because if she could fly
She would kiss a lonely star
Diamonds drop from the ceiling
And shatter around her
The sparkly snow mingles
With those deserted roses
They trill a bluesy number,
And cry feathery sorrows
Though magic would only haunt her
If she closed her eyes
Her tears fill the room,
Creating mournful puddles
They encapsulate her hardships
And sweep away her happiness
If she could fly
She would sleep on the clouds
Sing me a lullaby
Speak, I cannot
For the sound would scare me
Sing me a lullaby tonight

And The cold February air
Had never chilled her so
:iconchemicalconundrum:ChemicalConundrum 6 7
there will be 'too late' :iconclaudiav3:claudiaV3 13 0 Wither :iconpunily:punily 25 3 .: Over :. :icongracebusya:GraceBusya 23 20