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Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf fight stick by shoomlah Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf fight stick :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 3,630 125 Killerinstinct Halfresolution by Elemental79 Killerinstinct Halfresolution :iconelemental79:Elemental79 764 101 SABREWULF by AGA-99 SABREWULF :iconaga-99:AGA-99 263 22 Fighters! by sarrus Fighters! :iconsarrus:sarrus 669 193 Killer Instinct: Sabrewulf by PioPauloSantana Killer Instinct: Sabrewulf :iconpiopaulosantana:PioPauloSantana 392 45 Killer Instinct by monteirohq Killer Instinct :iconmonteirohq:monteirohq 357 106 Killer Blues by dasAoD Killer Blues :icondasaod:dasAoD 261 16 Sabrewulf by thegameworld Sabrewulf :iconthegameworld:thegameworld 398 39 Killer Instinct Tribute by fedde Killer Instinct Tribute :iconfedde:fedde 151 21 SABREWULF by mohiche SABREWULF :iconmohiche:mohiche 203 14 Sadira by Jiggeh Sadira :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 156 9 FIGHT ON by Jiggeh FIGHT ON :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 186 22 Unlikely Allies by ESharam Unlikely Allies :iconesharam:ESharam 63 10 Killer Instinct by conkeronine Killer Instinct :iconconkeronine:conkeronine 197 107 Sabrewulf And Spinal by FASSLAYER Sabrewulf And Spinal :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 183 15 Killer Instinct - Orchid and Jago by AleksiRemesArt Killer Instinct - Orchid and Jago :iconaleksiremesart:AleksiRemesArt 132 130 SHADOWN JAGO - Killer Instinct by rozhvector SHADOWN JAGO - Killer Instinct :iconrozhvector:rozhvector 79 6 Killer Cuts by Alpha-Step Killer Cuts :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 102 5 G0069 Classic: Killer Instinct by Garth2The2ndPower G0069 Classic: Killer Instinct :icongarth2the2ndpower:Garth2The2ndPower 205 86 Killer Instinct 2013 by Kyle-Fast Killer Instinct 2013 :iconkyle-fast:Kyle-Fast 197 47
Of Monsters and Men - DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.
Arachnid: Let's get right in!
Forest, Germany
The forest holds a plethora of supposed myths and legends our minds cannot hope to comprehend. From monstrosities that seek to ravage on your flesh, to beings from far above whom sought to eradicate anything they view your best bet was to either hide or run away without looking back in the grove of trees when it's the bleak of night in such proposed fables.
For as the sun goes down it seems the beasts of the night come to scavenge those who couldn't make it back to their home in time. Now the moon has arisen and it seems when the celestial object soars high over the air the said creatures own the darkness with teeth bared and claws sharp ready to clamp tight.
To some, wandering in a forest at the brink of night is an act of either bravery or a complete
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 36 19
Killer Instinct: Sabrewulf by The-Angel-of-Angels Killer Instinct: Sabrewulf :iconthe-angel-of-angels:The-Angel-of-Angels 166 67 Killer Instinct,Sabrewulf and Riptor by DougSQ Killer Instinct,Sabrewulf and Riptor :icondougsq:DougSQ 111 31
DEATH BATTLE!: Blood of the Canine

Yuya: You know what I find funny? Everyone else is doing Halloween battles, and yet, here we are, being rebels with a NON-Halloween battle.
Dramech: Well, Yuya, 1 out of 2 fighters fitting the Halloween mood is fine.
Saki: And, besides, we missed Halloween, but there's always Bonfire Night.
Yuya: Hmm, yeah, I see your points.
Lina: If we're done with the chit-chat, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE~!!
Dramech: And we most certainly are.
Sabrewulf's Castle, Midnight
"My road to becoming the strongest warrior continues! Now, my journey has taken me to this castle, where an even stronger opponent than the one I last faced awaits! ... At least, I hope." These were the words spoken by Akane Inuwaka as she pushed open the doors to a massive castle. As the doors slowly creaked open, bats fle
:iconlordofkrakens:LordOfKrakens 10 2
Kneel To Your God! by TRXPICS Kneel To Your God! :icontrxpics:TRXPICS 41 5 Killer Laughter by dlpeattie Killer Laughter :icondlpeattie:dlpeattie 221 49 Orchid by Jiggeh Orchid :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 189 25 The Extreme by Alpha-Step The Extreme :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 88 14 Sabrewulf by Jiggeh Sabrewulf :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 102 16 Killer Instinct - Fulgore by mrbrownie Killer Instinct - Fulgore :iconmrbrownie:mrbrownie 37 7 Killer Instinct Minimalist Poster by mdk7 Killer Instinct Minimalist Poster :iconmdk7:mdk7 50 2 Orchid paying whit Sabrewulf by rozhvector Orchid paying whit Sabrewulf :iconrozhvector:rozhvector 48 2 KI vs MK vs SF by LordKrogoth KI vs MK vs SF :iconlordkrogoth:LordKrogoth 38 29 Sabrewulf WIP -- 3D by zelink14 Sabrewulf WIP -- 3D :iconzelink14:zelink14 35 19 Glacius by Jiggeh Glacius :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 71 4 Kim Wu by Joelchan Kim Wu :iconjoelchan:Joelchan 109 22 Chibi Killer Instinct: Season 1 by LegendaryFrog Chibi Killer Instinct: Season 1 :iconlegendaryfrog:LegendaryFrog 77 6 Fulgore_Fanart by Dyfus Fulgore_Fanart :icondyfus:Dyfus 64 53 KILLER INSTINCT by Ishida1694 KILLER INSTINCT :iconishida1694:Ishida1694 75 64 Killer Friendship: Gildawulf by Brother-Orin Killer Friendship: Gildawulf :iconbrother-orin:Brother-Orin 48 15 Wallpaper - Killer Instinct '2013 Version' Logo by Kalangozilla Wallpaper - Killer Instinct '2013 Version' Logo :iconkalangozilla:Kalangozilla 39 0 Killer Instinct - Spinal by DecadeofSmackdownV3 Killer Instinct - Spinal :icondecadeofsmackdownv3:DecadeofSmackdownV3 31 3 Sabrewulf by PitBOTTOM Sabrewulf :iconpitbottom:PitBOTTOM 23 4 Sabrewulf in Comic by Chucha616 Sabrewulf in Comic :iconchucha616:Chucha616 101 85 Killer Instinct - The Cast by alan-mcmillian Killer Instinct - The Cast :iconalan-mcmillian:alan-mcmillian 88 12 Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf by DecadeofSmackdownV3 Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf :icondecadeofsmackdownv3:DecadeofSmackdownV3 29 0 Sabrewulf by WildJenmonster Sabrewulf :iconwildjenmonster:WildJenmonster 50 33 Werebeast and wolves games2D by Chucha616 Werebeast and wolves games2D :iconchucha616:Chucha616 31 97 Killer Instinct: Season 1 by AKA-Perry Killer Instinct: Season 1 :iconaka-perry:AKA-Perry 54 5