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I'll Find You - Dean Winchester x Reader
    Before you read this! I haven't watched the episode 'The French Mistake' so I'm kind of winging this. Heck, I'm still on season 5. ;-; This idea was given to me on my tumblr account and I decided to write it on here instead since I don't have anything on this account. /.\ c:

Dean opened his eyes slowly, he groaned sitting up. He looked around, he spotted Sam a few feet from him. "Sammy!" He yelled out, making his way over to him. It was dark out, the moon shined above and the trees almost seemed fake... like they were made out of plastic.
    Sam groaned as he sat up with the help of Dean. "What the-" He was cut off by a loud voice yelling 'Cut'.
    The lights turned on and about twenty people appeared on the other side of the stage. Dean's eye widened, "What the hell?" He asked.   
    The director made his way over to them, "What is wrong with you two today?" He asked, looking down
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