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Emotional Reunion II by The-Ez Emotional Reunion II :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,765 116 Reunion by Ravietta Reunion :iconravietta:Ravietta 6,730 356 THE VALIARD MANSION - Chapter 1 to 5 by The-Ez THE VALIARD MANSION - Chapter 1 to 5 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 587 180 Theodore is still upset by The-Ez Theodore is still upset :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,352 155 Princess Peach by LemiaCrescent Princess Peach :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 4,640 828 Little Lockables: Garden Galore by steffne Little Lockables: Garden Galore :iconsteffne:steffne 713 122 Lava by Ruth-Tay Lava :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 1,110 53 Alien vs Predator Scratchboard by RTyson Alien vs Predator Scratchboard :iconrtyson:RTyson 1,702 527 Snowed in by Ruth-Tay Snowed in :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 927 76 Jason Bourne by RTyson Jason Bourne :iconrtyson:RTyson 2,245 1,447 Ijo by faris18787 Ijo :iconfaris18787:faris18787 1,530 187
It was such a romantic evening alone, wasn't it? When it was just you and I, in my home, together in each others' arms. Ah yes, I still remember when you stroked the locks of my hair in your fingers. Your tender warmth of something so soothing and comforting, so small and fragile in my arms. Like a little angel in my hold, weren't you?
The rain outside, the repeating little sounds of pitter-patters against the window pane and the roof felt musically sound in our ears. The bedroom was dark, still and welcoming us home again, as we just laid in bed, listening to this peace. I knew your eyes were elsewhere, though they would flicker back to mine when I would make a little sound of protest as your fingers stopped petting my hair. My arm was draped over your waist. I remember how small your waist was.
I never stopped staring back at you, though you didn't seem to notice this?
"Elska," your quiet voice spoke up, your little sound of my name stroked against my cheek.
I smiled at you. You alwa
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The Dead Cannot Die, Miss - June 2013 by The-Ez The Dead Cannot Die, Miss - June 2013 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 903 95 Rosalina by LemiaCrescent Rosalina :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,739 223 SNEAK PEEK - Valiard Animated Trailer by The-Ez SNEAK PEEK - Valiard Animated Trailer :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 391 61 Copic Marker Skyward Sword Zelda by LemiaCrescent Copic Marker Skyward Sword Zelda :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,095 65 Emotional Reunion by The-Ez Emotional Reunion :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,354 128 Ruth CG Turnaround - WIP - January 2016 by The-Ez Ruth CG Turnaround - WIP - January 2016 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 431 92 Super Mario Girls by LemiaCrescent Super Mario Girls :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,507 284 Gangfield Likes Fire by The-Ez Gangfield Likes Fire :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,003 100 DxF - Ruth Alternate by The-Ez DxF - Ruth Alternate :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 564 23 Star Bits by LemiaCrescent Star Bits :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,612 352 Really Need Some Tea by The-Ez Really Need Some Tea :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 549 80 VALIARD got a BOOK DEAL! by The-Ez VALIARD got a BOOK DEAL! :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 405 141 Magikarp used Splash by Ruth-Tay Magikarp used Splash :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 790 61 colibri magic tattoo by javierGpacheco colibri magic tattoo :iconjaviergpacheco:javierGpacheco 587 98 Party Dress Rosalina by LemiaCrescent Party Dress Rosalina :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,106 159 Deal! -DxF by The-Ez Deal! -DxF :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 657 62 In Confidence - March 2015 by The-Ez In Confidence - March 2015 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,195 79 Rainbow Rosie by LemiaCrescent Rainbow Rosie :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 1,133 122 Anna by uglybug Anna :iconuglybug:uglybug 373 16 Zero Suit Samus by LemiaCrescent Zero Suit Samus :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 885 103 Can't Touch - October 2016 by The-Ez Can't Touch - October 2016 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 621 37 Theodore Various - September 2014 by The-Ez Theodore Various - September 2014 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,076 46 Teatime Peach Flavor by LemiaCrescent Teatime Peach Flavor :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 929 113 Gerard Way by RTyson Gerard Way :iconrtyson:RTyson 748 321 Gaga Ooh La La by LemiaCrescent Gaga Ooh La La :iconlemiacrescent:LemiaCrescent 871 67 Deathbed by The-Ez Deathbed :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 395 59 Lady Vittoria - Colour Test by The-Ez Lady Vittoria - Colour Test :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 681 51 Father and Son by The-Ez Father and Son :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 442 29 Rock n' roll fantasy by Rodrigo-Vega Rock n' roll fantasy :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 348 19 My empire for cookies by Rakiah My empire for cookies :iconrakiah:Rakiah 410 130 Almost Ready! by The-Ez Almost Ready! :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 385 31
Dear mom
Dear mother,
I'm sorry. I know I'm not what you asked for. You wanted perfection, you wanted a mini-you. Well I'm definitely not that. I'm myself. But that's not good enough for you. It's not enough that I try my best or am talented. It's not enough if I pass my classes, I need to exceed that, and I need to do all the work around the house. You insult me, and expect me to take it. If I don't I'm a bitch, or a cunt whichever you feel like saying.
As I recall these statements:
Stop drawing, it'll get you no where in life.
You want to be a photographer; well I hope you have the talent
My daughter isn't a lying bitch, so can you give my back my daughter, and go back to where you're from
I'm you're boss, so you will listen to me until you die.
You wonder why people don't like you; you're fat and need to lose a couple pounds
Stop crying, you know I'm joking.

Do you remember when I came home that night? I was feeling really happy, and you saw me in a dress that went down to my knees, a
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