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30 Years Of Bosses -2011- :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 4,277 907 INTERACTIVE ROY MUSTANG :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 4,258 1,542 .:SUPER MARIO BROS 3:. :iconsupercaterina:SuperCaterina 2,131 191 Fire Emblem :iconjisuart:JisuArt 1,801 83 These are Bowser's kids... :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 1,500 523 Titans fashion III :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 3,019 315 The Matriarch and the Administrator :iconpovorot:povorot 248 41 Soliloquy :iconalicexz:alicexz 6,639 210 21 years of bosses :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 4,352 1,308 Roy Mustang Style snap :iconslyshand:slyshand 1,656 142 Young Justice - Season 1 Team :iconbechedor79:bechedor79 2,012 268 Bat doodles :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 1,939 196 FMA - The quarrel :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 7,372 1,016 July is not for rants :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 3,302 724
Standards (Roy Mustang x Reader)
      His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.
   You were oblivious to his hungry eyes, chatting away on the phone. Your provocative seat on the edge of your work desk was unintentional, a simple action to alleviate your sore high-heeled feet. Your dark lips formed unintelligible words, laughing occasionally on something said on the other end.
   Roy was, for once, desperately trying to work. A thick manilla folder of documents still needed to be checked over, and crumpled handfuls of forms swamped his in-box. He couldn't even raise his ink pen, frozen with his hand perched half-way to the paper.
   Your eyes flickered over to him, puzzled at his gaping features. You glanced down, then giving a soft giggle. You modestly adjusted your skirt to its normal length.
   "Like wh
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Dolls :iconkasuria:kasuria 2,392 859 Trials and Tribulations (babysitter Roy) :iconxiaa:xiaa 1,003 126 Morning at the Covered Market :iconpovorot:povorot 524 68 Rubix Rubes :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 14,548 3,259 ROY! :icondctb:dCTb 1,612 38 Blaze :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 1,331 117 La Playita :iconxavierjamonet:XavierJamonet 2,894 198 Meet zah Marios pg 18 :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 924 472 Teen Titans - Year One Go! :iconiamacoyfish:iamacoyfish 1,985 158 Amphoran Anatomy :iconpovorot:povorot 284 53 Bookmarks: Fullmetal Alchemist :iconysanau:ysanau 2,321 178 Sunrise in Patagonia :iconnb-photo:NB-Photo 498 106 Land of the Dead :iconalexandre-deschaumes:alexandre-deschaumes 3,974 205 Marth and Roy :iconlian-ne:lian-ne 1,901 103 Devilish :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 1,982 132 Nap Time! :iconsmashingrenders:SmashingRenders 1,775 317 Dreamy :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 7,489 2,350 Highway Altercation :iconpovorot:povorot 198 44 i'd like you to 21 :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 759 341 Outsiders :icon89g:89g 2,131 102
Girls' Doll (4)
    The girls rolled the broken high chair into the bedroom, and once again got me stuck in it again. "We always wanted a Dolly-Go-Potty doll, but mommy would never give it to us." one of the girls said. "But now it looks like we can make one." I shook my head like mad, but they ignored me.
    "Like I said, we have been preparing for all this for weeks, so we already have this ready." The oldest girl said. She stepped onto the bed, and pulled a pipe down from the ceiling. She took the top off the pacifier, and plugged the hose thing into it. One of the girls put a piece of duct tape over my nose, forcing me to breath up the pipe. "There are vents in the pipe that only air can get through, but if you don't drink fast enough, then you might run into a problem." The oldest girl said.
    The second oldest girl stood on the bed. Turned out the pipe only went into a little hanging platform that was mounted to the ceiling. "First comes the laxatives, to ensure
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father nature :iconriyancyy777:riyancyy777 1,415 123 Smash n' Splash 2 :iconjisuart:JisuArt 1,335 85 Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 948 77 Red Hood and the Outlaws :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 3,226 323 SSB - Puppets :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 2,696 163 SSB: Gakuen trip :iconlian-ne:lian-ne 1,424 171 UltraSonic Pain :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 3,555 543 Super Smash Brothers Brush Art :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 3,816 0 OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE :iconkasuria:kasuria 1,871 332 [Bad Apple!! x SSB] Smash Apple (I GIVE UP!!!!) :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,109 275 Shootout in Town Square :iconpovorot:povorot 234 34 Super Mario Bros. World :iconlwiis64:Lwiis64 1,198 134 Starfire - Red Hood and The Outlaws - New 52 - DC :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 299 17
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Roy X Reader
"Oh, there you are Riza" Roy Mustang said as the blonde lieutenant enterd the room. She shut the door behind her. A small black and white puppy walked at her heels.
"The new State Alchemist has arrived sir." she replied. Roy looked up from his papers.
"The new state alchemist huh? Send him in" Roy said. Putting his papers down.
"Her" Riza corrected
"....What?" Roy asked.
"Her. __(n)__ __(ln)__. State alchemist" Riza repeated.
"You mean the new state alchemist is a girl!?" Roy yelled, startled.
"Yes, Apparently the first female state alchemist. She is said to be a young prodigy. She's only a few years younger than you colonel" Riza explained, Roy chuckled.
"Well. Bring her in. She'll be working under me right?" Roy asked.
"Yes sir. We have been over this" Riza sighed.
She opend the door and looked to the right. She moved out of the way as a girl walked through, she was a teenager, pretty tall, __(l)__, __(c)__ hair and __(c)__ eyes that stared so deeply into him....She reminded him of R
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