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© Rachel Moore 2011

He knew so much about me.
The things that made me happy, the things that made me sad... my secrets. How, I didn't know. It frightened me. I didn't want someone like him to fully understand me. But then everything changed. It was like his knowledge of me made me safe here. Safe anywhere really.
But it's still discomforting to think that I don't know anything about him. Except the obvious things. Ex-convict, nearly died in a fire a few years ago, doesn't socialize, hates animals, has a soft spot for helpless people...
And enjoys chemistry.

Karis looked up at the high, rosewood bookcase. On the very top shelf was a thick textbook. 'From Alchemy to Nuclear Fission: A History of Chemistry' was printed on its leather side in bold, golden letters. This sounded like something he would read. Leaning the tall library ladder against the case, she carefully climbed to the top. She didn't get along very well with heights. The book was bigger up close. Sh
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Questions for Aiden and Karis
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
Karis and Aiden
1. How old are you?
Karis: 18
Aiden: Guess.
2. What's your favorite food?
Karis: I like a lot of foods. I think Sushi would have to be my favorite.
Aiden: Cake...
Karis: Cake?
Aiden: Yeah.
3. What kind of movies do you watch?
Karis: Anything romantic.
Aiden: I got stuck watching "Pride and Prejudice" with her the other day.
Karis: I saw you roll your eyes when I started crying, by the way.
4. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Karis: Very good. They're great.
Aiden: Heh, what's a parent?
5. What song was sung to you when you were a child as you went to sleep?
Karis: Mom use to sing that song from Dumbo. I think it's called Baby Mine.
Aiden: Did you not read the answer above?

6. Do you have a celebrity crush?
Karis: Hugh Jackman is cute.
Aiden: *sigh*
7. Your embarrass
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Benji Martin- A Biest fanfic
Benji Martin was a man who quite frankly didn't really give a damn about parties, thank you very much. He hated the noise, the people, the food, the music… Well, he pretty much hated anything that dealt with him giving his awareness too.
Without good reason though, Mr. Martin was getting around in his years. His back isn't as flexible as it used to be to dance with, his hair wasn't glamorous enough to be talked about anymore, and his poor face that once viewed with great awe and jealousy has now reached a level of "averageness" that one gets as the wrinkles and age set in.
Some still talk about the days when good old Benji would be with them inside of the ball room talking up a storm with all the local celebrities while at the same time fetching every good looking skirt's number, but now these days if have the chance to have the famous Benji Martin visit your own get-together you can only be happy if he stayed long enough for cocktails.
Instead of being in the inside like good old
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