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Babysitting Blues (Sequelshipping) CHAPTER 3
Chapter 3
They next day…
Aspertia City, 8:00am.

Rosa rolled over on her side, feeling something wrapped around her waist. She slowly opened her eyes to see the familiar face of her childhood friend, Hugh.
'Right…so I wasn't dreaming.' She smiled to herself and buried her face into his chest, feeling safe and warm. The brunette closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
"Hehehe~" Hana giggled, coming out from under the bed along with her liepard. They were armed with a bucket filled with warm water, some string and another item. Hana went over to the door and set up her little trap; also known as the second part of her plan. She then hoisted the item up into the air, above the door and positioned the bucket of water over the two sleeping teenagers. Slowly and carefully, Hana and liepard treaded out of the room.
"Ready liepard?" She asked. The pokemon mewed in reply.
"Three…two…one…RUN!" Hana said as she let go of the string and sat on the blue sofa in front of the television. A scre
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