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TG 31: Me to Linda Ronstadt (T)
All of my body hair flew off as my thighs started to thicken. And I do mean thicken. In fact, I think they were the only thing to substantially grow during this gender change. Wait, I’m saying too much. Anyway, they soon reached their new perfect size, gaining a few extra fat cells in the process. However, that wasn’t what made them special, oh no. Instead, it was these new juicy legs were pressing up against manhood in its final moments, causing a moan at first as my penis starts to grow out for the last time. As this happens, my hips jut out just barely, only giving some leverage for my nearly erect dick. Meanwhile, pressure began to build at my butt, at it started to bloat out more and more. Sadly, while it would certainly trump future expansions in length, it was still only lasted for a few seconds, leaving me with a slightly bigger ass. However, as I’ve always said, any gal’s butt is a good one, and groping what little was there was sending shock waves thro
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Linda on Giant Skull :iconmy-metal-hand:MY-METAL-HAND 7 1 Blue Bayou :iconwordellcarter:WordellCarter 6 0 Linda Ronstadt :iconwolkenfels:Wolkenfels 5 6 Linda Ronstadt, Digital Paint :iconeumartleon:eumartleon 4 5 Linda Ronstadt :iconadavis57:adavis57 4 0 MY METAL HAND Linda R. :iconmy-metal-hand:MY-METAL-HAND 3 2 Linda Ronstadt :iconchaowzee:Chaowzee 3 1 Blue Bayou - Watercolor and Pastel :iconralphael50:ralphael50 3 1 No056 MY BUDDY HOLLY Minimal Music poster :iconchungkong:Chungkong 3 0
Jorge's journal entry
Dear Diary,
I'm not a normal teenage boy anymore. Well, I wasn't really, because I'm a rich kid who eventually got superpowers. It's too bad in a world where I'm lucky enough to get both, I'm not allowed to not have a total jerk for a dad. You see, after my mother died, my dad made me be perfect at everything. Like, I have to be handsome and intelligent and stuff like that. I couldn't have a bad hair day, or even a B+ on a test. My father didn't give me enough love, so my butler and nanny took over those roles. It's not really the same, however.
Some people think I'm like Batman, what with me being a troubled rich kid who has a double life as a dark superhero. But I'm different. Batman never had to deal with some pretty scary transformations, because he doesn't have real superpowers. To add insult to injury, during my transformation, Linda Ronstadt's version of Brahm's Lullaby, OF ALL SONGS, played in the background. For some reason music sometimes plays in the background in my world.
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Emmaline :BLOODSHED CREEK OC: :iconmyaku12:myaku12 1 0 Under African Skies :iconquagmiresapphires:QuagmireSapphires 3 18 Stir Stick Macro II :icontreblig:treblig 1 0 Stir Stick Macro III :icontreblig:treblig 1 0 Stir Stick Macro I :icontreblig:treblig 1 0 Linda Ronstadt pants :iconbrydiew:BrydieW 0 0 Cello Case - Macro :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 To VW - Inside :icontreblig:treblig 0 0
For Every King There Is A Queen Part 1
Laughing, the maidens skipped and danced along the edge of the cliff, spinning each other round and round and holding on to their hats lest the sea wind should pluck them off their heads and carry them out to sea. One auburn-haired girl, in a white sundress like her sisters, with a lilac sash, broke away from the group and leaned over the edge, holding on to the sturdy branch of a tree that grew near the edge.
"Sisters, look!" She cried, pointing, "What a picturesque little cove!" Her sisters skipped over to where she stood and looked down at the crystal waters twinkling invitingly up at them. "We should go down to it!"
"How are we to do that?" A blonde girl with a yellow sash asked, "It's so far down! I'm sure Father wouldn't want us to wander very far!"
"Oh, Kate," the auburn-haired girl giggled, "Think of it as an adventure! Come on! Let's go!" So saying, she twirled away, laughing gaily.
"Isabel!" One of her dark-haired sister's exclaimed, "Wait for us! We are not so agile as you!"
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Silver Table Macro - Irish Rail :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Whether you like it or not.... :iconfalcon7:Falcon7 1 3 Boredom :iconloldrey:loldrey 1 0 Linda Ronstadt :iconloldrey:loldrey 0 0 In the dark of the night :iconcarrehz:carrehz 0 0 Cup in Macro - On The Irish Rail :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Ancient Wall - West Ireland :icontreblig:treblig 0 0
For Every King There Is A Queen Part 2
The bright full moon of three days hence shone down on the gardens and old stone chapel of Tremorden Castle. Isabel, opening the heavy wooden door, led her sisters out into the gardens, calling for their father.
"Papa!" they cried. They had gone in to his study to kiss him goodnight, only to find that he was not in his usual armchair by the fire. Worried, they had instantly taken up candles and begun their search for him.
"Papa!" they cried again, the wind fluttering the hems of their white nightgowns as they ran frantically through the gardens and courtyard, searching for him.
"He's in the chapel!" Charlotte cried and as they hurried nearer, they could hear the sounds of their father sobbing. They gathered around him and comforted him, saying, "Oh, dry the glistening tear that dews that martial cheek; thy loving children hear, in them thy comfort seek. With sympathetic care their arms around thee creep, for oh, they cannot bear to see their father weep!"
Lucy nudged Mabel and she look
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Linda Ronstadt How Do I Make You SIRIUS 80s On 8 :iconespioartworks:EspioArtworks 0 0
For Every King There Is A Queen Part 3
It was the largest wedding the small church had ever seen. The pirates, having no other clothing, wore their customary costume, though they had at least made an effort to look presentable. They looked cleaner than perhaps they had ever been on the sea, and their clothes looked as though someone other than the pirates had washed them. The girls, on the other hand, gowned in white satin and lace, shone with beauty. Pearls gleamed around their necks and orange blossoms decorated their hair.
The couples formed a half-circle around the altar, facing the minister.
"Today we are here to join you in marriage and to share in the joy of this occasion, which should be one of the most memorable and happy days of your life." The minister began, "On this day of your marriage, you stand somewhat apart from all other human beings.  You stand within the charmed circle of your love; and this is as it should be.  But love is not meant to be the possession of two people alone. 
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TSLOTBK Chapter 6: Jorge's transformation
Tiffany was wearing a black dress, a necklace, and high heels.  
Suddenly, she snapped her fingers and a giant cat appeared in her place.  
Jorge was very scared. He then called his nanny.  
"Emily, I can't stop Tiffany, I just can't!"  
"Yes you can. I can't teach you much, because Lola, Matthew's niece, is getting her ears pierced because today is her 16th birthday. My sister and friends are sharing her pain with her."  
"You expect a 90-pound weakling like me to defeat a giant cat like her? Are you crazy?"
"Yes I do. You'll have to do the black panther spell in your book."  
Jorge opened his book and read the spell to himself quietly, while pointing his wand to himself.  
"Sapien pantera, sapien pantera, sapien pantera…"  
"Jorge, are you still there?" she asked.  She hung up.  
Jorge went on all fours.  Suddenly, his eyes turned goldish-gree
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Linda Ronstadt 2012j :iconbriantyson:BrianTyson 1 0 Toy VW - Mirror and Driver's Door :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 If you stay close to me :iconcarrehz:carrehz 0 0 Somewhere Out There :iconhathnowitz:Hathnowitz 0 2
Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram - Somewhere Out There
Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that dream somewhere out there
And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin' on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky
Somewhere out there, if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true
And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin' on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky
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Ancient Wall #2 - West Ireland :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Your dreams will come true :iconcarrehz:carrehz 1 0 You will see what I see :iconcarrehz:carrehz 0 0 Rock and Sea Gull :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Growth By Heavy Rain - Feakle, Co. Clare, Ireland :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Flowers at BandB in Tuamgraney :icontreblig:treblig 1 0 Flowers at BandB in Tuamgraney III :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Flowers at BandB in Tuamgraney II :icontreblig:treblig 0 0 Rocks in Kilkee (Ireland) III :icontreblig:treblig 0 0