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Furry Basket Wallpaper :iconfurrybasket:FurryBasket 833 102 Furry Basket Cover - Chapter 02 :iconfurrybasket:FurryBasket 390 51
I Belong To You
  I hate rain. Not really, I love it. Just not when the most beautiful, perfect, wonderful, perfect, comfortable, waterproof, perfect coat in existence has been savagely butchered by my so-called friend’s Dalmatian. Every slap of rain on my naked arms is a stinging reminder of the irreparable hole in my wardrobe.
  Some people might try to fill the void with lesser coats but I can’t bring myself to betray Valentino, even after her death. Instead my slippery arms grapple with each other in wet shock as I stumble to the op shop, clinging to one last thread of hope. I know in my deadened heart that I’ll never have another coat like her. Yet here I am, blundering through the elements in my vain search for the acceptance and warmth I found wrapped in Valentino’s woollen sleeves.
  Thud. My body slams into the door, making the ‘open’ sign quiver and the bells tinkle in offense. I fight for entry, the door’s assault doubled by the stale funk of
:iconradishstick:RadishStick 173 74
The Real-Life Stats on Spontaneous Romance
She singled him out of the rest of the people in the waiting room, because he was wearing an ascot as a scarf like he didn’t know the difference. Maybe he didn’t. His shoes didn’t match; one was red and the other was black, though they were both chucks. Behind his glasses, his eyes peered out a pallid, self reflective grey.
An image of him smiling came to her, and made her smile in turn. Then she decided to notice the empty seat beside him and got up. She sat beside him with a whump sound and he didn’t look up. This one looked promising.
“So...” she said, “have you noticed that the lady over there, the one wringing her hands like that, is twisting a ring, but it’s on the wrong finger to be a wedding ring?”
“Uh...” he looked up at her, “no?”
“There, she’s the one in the only cushioned chair in here. The one with the hat.”
He looked over, and then down again.
“Yeah, I guess she is.
:icongoldfish-in-space:Goldfish-In-Space 77 48
I Think I Love You More
I've always hated cheesey love lines. You know? The ones that make people go "awww" and me go "ew"? Yeah....well I decided to write a ton of it for you.
You're the first guy who's ever made me feel this way.
You're the first one to piss me off because my mind is stuck on you all day.
But how can I help it when nobody compares to you?
I kept trying to seal my heart away to hide all my feelings too.
Not too cheesey yet? Don't worry, it gets worse!
I guess I finally said screw hiding my here's some stuff I think about you:
I think I love you more than I love picking dandelions in the spring.
I think I love you more than I love singing Disney songs while I'm driving to work.
I think I want you more than I want all the anime on my wishlist.
I think I crave you more than I crave tons of sweets on my period.
I think I love you more than I love baking brownies on a shitty day.
I think I love you more than I love speeding down a dirt road as fast as I can.
I think I want you more tha
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 51 80
Say i love you ~Sukitte Iinayo :iconhallow1791:hallow1791 247 30
RWBY- Sexy Time Enough at Last
RWBY- Sexy Time Enough at Last
Part forty-one of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Yang desperately wants her sexy time with Blake. Hilarity ensues.
A/N: This is my second favorite fic, first still being "Dare to Dream". I absolutely love this little parody!
I've had some bad days. I mean some REALLY bad days. There was that day I had to babysit the dog that wouldn't stop barking at me. There was the day I ran out of Blue cow. There was the day I forgot Weiss's birthday. There was the day I got all of Beacon demolished by a giant sea monster. There was the night Blake threw me out of our dorm on alleged accounts of attempted murder in her sleep. There was the day I had to wear heels. There was even the day I got my hair cut. But THIS is the worst day I've ever had.
Like, the day Constantinople fell to the Islamic Turks is a glass of spilled milk in comparison to my really, really, REALLY bad day.
"Hey, Yang." I hear Velvet Scarlatina quietly say.
Slowly, I lift
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Romantic nap :icondedasaur:Dedasaur 192 38 A Goblin Guardian: Protection :icondeathdealertsunade:DeathdealerTsunade 333 34
RWBY- Future Perfect
RWBY- Future Perfect
Part forty-seven of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Team RWBY encounters their Future. Hilarity ensues.
The peaceful sounds of no birds in the Schnee estate’s backyard pool is interrupted by the horrendous, death-bringing, snot spraying, murder-level-violent sneeze that rockets out of Yang’s lungs. It scares off a stray squirrel that dared to find its way into our domain. Yes, run away, you spawn of demons. Run away to your home in the pits of eternal suffering and fury.
“Gesundheit.” Weiss curtly replies as she doesn’t even bother looking up from her suntanning.
“Nice one, sis.” Ruby chuckles as she takes another sip of her milk in a brandy glass.
I think this is what it means to have more money than sense… I could get used to it. “Bless you.” I murmur to the beautiful blonde to my left, as I stretch out on my segment of the pool chair. One would think that four girls in bathin
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RWBY- Date Night
RWBY- Date Night
Part seven of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Team RWBY attempts to mobilize for their weekly Date Night. Hilarity ensues.
"It's good to be back!" Yang exclaims with joy as we enter our dorm, dropping our book bags and collapsing on our shared beds. Technically, we collapse, but in reality Yang pulls me down on top of her, Weiss sits neatly on the edge of their bed, and Ruby jumps in, unintentionally sending Weiss up into the air and barely preventing herself from sprawling out on the floor.
"Ruby!" Weiss glares at her and straightens her clothing. "Watch where you wreak havoc!" I role off of Yang and onto my side of the bed. I note that my pillows aren't as comfy as
Giggling, Ruby mutters, "Sorry, Weiss. I'm just so drained from class."
Scoffing, she moves Ruby's booted legs aside and sits back down. "I do not intend on breaking my back tonight." She adds, "ESPECIALLY on Date Night!"
"Which is going to be AAAW~SOOOME!" Yang hollers, throwing
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RWBY- It's A Punderful Life
RWBY- It's A Punderful Life
Part thirty-eight of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose" and is the anticipated Christmas special!
Team RWBY enjoys a winter break at the Schnee Estate. Feels ensue. Merry Christmas!
If someone had told me that I would grow up to spend a weekend at one of the most powerful enemies of the faunus as an honored guest, I would have laughed at them. If they then added that I would spend said weekend in the arms of the most loving, compassionate, and endearing human woman that ever walked this land, I would have laughed harder. If they finished by telling me that I would also be in good company with the heiress of the Schnee company, I would have keeled over and died.
We've confined ourselves to a single room in the estate, which is very grande in itself, but this one small room will suffice for the four of us. A dark wooden floor, cushioned by a single, massive white rug with the Schnee logo rests on the surface. Magnificent marble walls ar
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Tamaki and Haruhi Wallpaper :iconrosemask22:rosemask22 381 53 Warm Bodies :iconpinkie-perfect:Pinkie-Perfect 431 29 Love Wrong and Prosper :iconoceanstarlet:oceanstarlet 65 57 A Goblin Guardian: Happy Holis :icondeathdealertsunade:DeathdealerTsunade 197 28
RWBY- One Way In, Snow Way Out
RWBY- One Way In, Snow Way Out
Part eleven of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Team RWBY goes on one of their seasonal retreats. Hilarity ensues.
As the cold, cutting winter breeze scrapes against my face, I close my eyes and breath in deeply. I smell Yang, Ruby, and Weiss. And nothing else.
It's glorious.
"What a view!" Yang exclaims as we all take in the view from the miniature mountain top. Her golden voice is slightly muffled, due to all of the extra clothing I have covering my head, but I can manage. "Why can't winter last longer?" Thank goodness it doesn't. I turn to smile at her and am slightly shocked but quickly remember that Yang insists upon wearing her Ursa bearskin on these trips. It's rather menacing, staring straight into the thing's face, though.
"There are a multitude of reasons, ranging from agricultural to economic." I smirk and raise an eyebrow at her. "Would you like a list? It'll only take a minute."
Yang frowns. "In a minute, I'm going t
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RWBY- I Forgot
RWBY- I Forgot
Part forty of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Ruby, Blake, and Yang forget something. Hilarity ensues.
If there's one thing I hate more than the atrocious screeching of birds, it's the atrocious fuming of Weiss Schnee. Especially when I'm sitting across from her at our foldout table.
Looking up from my biology textbook, I see that Weiss is hunched over her Latin textbook, just glaring at the pages. Hmm, I suppose that's not completely accurate. Rather, her hair is covering her face, but her aura is violently pulsing. And she's learned to suppress it. Either she's doing it deliberately, or she's so enraged at the dead language that she's forgotten her trained instinct.
She's been like this all morning. At first, when she awoke in Ruby's grasp, she was perfectly fine. Typical Weiss Schnee, being typically groggy and ready to fight for the last serving of milk. But, when we all sat down for breakfast, and subsequently ran out of food, she began to
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S-Sena :iconenjelia:enjelia 454 29
RWBY- The Meaning of Strife
RWBY- The Meaning of Strife
Part forty-two of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Ruby, Weiss, and Blake have a serious discussion with Yang. Hilarity ensues.
"So in conclusion, THAT'S why trickle-down economics is b-lah blah blah," Professor Port drones on as he waddles about like a fat penguin. If Ruby keeps eating cookies, she might end up the same way.
...Nah, she's a teenage girl. It's a well known fact that we can eat as much as we want, as long as we're sexy.
Besides, Weiss won't let her have an unhealthy lifestyle. They're going to have their own room back at the Schnee Estate, so I can only deduce that the number of hours spent on kinky, hot, lesbian sex is going to skyrocket. They'll have to eat healthy just to keep up with the exercise.
Huh, she's my sis. Why am I so okay with thinking these things?
"Blah, blah, and Steve Unemployment made millions on the market with his new-" Professor Penguin stops his waddling. "Miss Long, are you paying attention?"
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-- Speedpaint : Oregairu -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 344 36
RWBY- A Dying Rose
RWBY- A Dying Rose
Part forty-nine of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
The following events take place after "A Blooming Rose," much to Weiss's grief. Hilarity ensues.
“Oooh,” she moans. “It’s so- I, ah!” she gasps. “I- I can’t take it all!”
Sweet lord, Weiss. What have you gotten yourself into?
“Ah, I… I can’t take it!” Ruby shrieks and yet whispers.
I gently pat her on the back. “Too much cake?” I ask.
Pulling away from the toilet, she glares at me. “What do YOU think, huh?!” she demands as she points at the-
“OH SWEET LORD!!!” I quickly turn away. I didn’t even know the human body was capable of producing such a red color.
“If there IS one, he’s not very sweet to ME!!!” she complains as she clings to me for support.
“Please don’t vomit on me, Ruby,” I plead with a desperate pat on the head. “I asked to
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Chancellor Autopsy : RISE TO FAME : Cover :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 94 38 Collaborating :iconcapybaka:capyBAKA 114 31
RWBY- Of Cleaning and Kissing
RWBY- Of Cleaning and Kissing
Part forty-eight of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Ruby and Weiss reach a milestone in their relationship. Fluff ensues.
Never would I have dreamt that I, Weiss Schnee, would be in a pair of old, oil-stained, blue jeans suspenders; on the floor; and scrubbing away at an overly complicated piece of engineering named Crescent Rose.
Granted, Ruby is in an identical stance with the identical getup plus her cape, but it’s still appalling.
The entire scene is simply unbecoming of two ladies!
“You missed a spot,” my team leader ‘helpfully’ tells me as she jams her finger into the indicated area.
“I know,” I practically seeth. “I’m not a dunce, you know.”
“Sorry, sorry.” Ruby pulls back and focuses on her piece of the weapon, a sharp blade which she is meticulously sharpening with her file. “I just really want my baby to look her best.”
Oh, honestly!
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My BIG Green Girlfriend :iconganassa:Ganassa 1,464 207 Becky's BIG Blockbuster :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 483 10 My BIG Green Girlfriend :iconganassa:Ganassa 592 48
Secret Place
There is a secret place
that I want to stay.
It's a place that I'll
feel love and warmth.
A place where it's
cozy and I can hybernate.
A place that I can be mushy
and give out kisses.
A place where I can talk and
it would listen.
A place where I can play
hide and seek and go fishing.
A place were I can find everything that is missing.
That secet place is right on, on you.
Right, right on you.
:iconunicodragon:unicodragon 14 3
RWBY- The Undiscovered Pun Tree
RWBY- The Undiscovered Pun Tree
Part six of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Blake discovers that some rather explicit property of hers has been taken. Hilarity ensues.
"And so, after four hours, Hannibal's forty thousand troops suffered an estimated six thousand loss of life." Professor Oobleck takes another sip of coffee. I wonder if he refills it in between dashes. Speaking of which, he dashes over to the middle of the presentation board and taps the center of the map with his stick. "The Romans suffered an estimated seventy-seven thousand losses. That's two-hundred men a minute." He takes another sip as I raise my hand, much to the disapproval of Yang who sits to my left. "Yes, Miss Belladonna?"
"Not to impose on your lecture, sir." I stand up and offer, "My research estimates that they only suffered at most seventy thousand losses." Yang sighs. I know that I am prolonging her suffering, but I cannot for the life of me get her to take an interest in her hi
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Chancellor Autopsy - Pg 20 :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 182 112 Kazehaya-kun :icongryalphk:gryalphk 153 7 Sakurasou no pet na kanojo - Badass Ryuunosuke :iconkortrex:Kortrex 160 27
RWBY- Dare to Dream
RWBY- Dare to Dream
Part Three of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Blake and Yang share a bed. Hilarity ensues.
Warm water. How I love thee so. Alas, I shall miss thee. For my true love belongs to another. I drain the sink and give my face and ears one last scrub before wringing out my black towel.
I part my hair, making sure that I’ll look my best for her, and hang up my towel next to her yellow towel. Satisfied with myself and the bathroom, I step out and am greeted by Ruby, who gives me one of her signature smiles, and we trade places. I look back to see her go for her quart of mouthwash.
As she starts gargling, I look ahead and see Yang’s slim, and unfortunately clothed, form.
“What. A. Day.” She stretches languidly and flops onto our bed, knocking my plastic mirror and comb off onto the floor. “Oops, sorry.”
I smile. “It’s alright.” I move over to the left side of the bed, MY side of the bed, and pick
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Chancellor Autopsy : RISE TO FAME : Chapter 1 :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 102 44 When Larry met Jo... :iconporcelain-requiem:Porcelain-Requiem 70 100 Chancellor Autopsy - Pg 19 :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 157 60 Meet Cute - Poster :icondavidcmatthews:DavidCMatthews 175 27 Crazy for this girl.. :iconrosemask22:rosemask22 185 17 -- OreGairu Speedpaint : Yukino Yukinoshita -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 364 27
RWBY- Commercialized Conundrum
RWBY- Commercialized Conundrum
Part forty-six of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose." Happy Valentine's Day!
This installment of Pollination is brought to you today by Hilarity Ensues. Hilarity Ensues: We do what we sound like we do, idiot.
The Schnee Estate. Three words, three simple words. They describe what is essentially a palace planted firmly on the outskirts of Vale, and to be within its walls is quite a feat in that of itself. But I am not here to sabotage, as one might assume from my faunus heritage. On the contrary, I am here, accompanied by my fiance, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law to celebrate with the sole heiress of the Schnee Estate.
“Home, sweet home!” Yang laughs as she leaps into the air and crashes down on a luxurious sofa positioned on the South wall. Her backpack lands unceremoniously on the coffee table located in the center of the room. A few stray pencils will surely be collected by cleaning services.
“I think not, Yang
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Chancellor Autopsy : Pilot : Pg 16 :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 120 121 Oregairu - Yahari - Yukinoshita Yukino - Render :iconvurdalak84:Vurdalak84 107 2 SonAmy Story Page 27 :iconran-th:Ran-TH 374 239 SonAmy Story Pg17 :iconran-th:Ran-TH 354 191 The Flower and the Nose Page 61 :icondedasaur:Dedasaur 47 6 Chancellor Autopsy : Pilot : Pg 11 :iconautopsyjuice:AutopsyJuice 131 68
RWBY- Swap 'Til You Drop
RWBY- Swap 'Til You Drop
Part thirty-five of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose"
Blake and Ren swap romantically involved partners with the intentions of proving to the other that they have a more exhausting relationship. Ren deals with Yang. Hilarity ensues.
It had all been such an innocent encounter at first. Blake came across me in the dust labs, hand loading Nora's explosive grenades in addition to my own, lighter caliber rounds. She had sat down next to me and began to hand load her own required stash as well as Yang's rather dubious, yet equally essential abundant supply of shotgun shells. Thus, like any two logical, intelligent, and far from ugly looking people, we began to converse, and the topic of conversation soon drifted to our girlfriends. When we finished complaining about their childish begging for us to do their hand loading for them, we began to pay them proper respect and compliments concerning their personalities and what made them so wonderful
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