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Disney Tourists - Romania :iconsweet-amy-leah:Sweet-Amy-Leah 945 307 Free Magic Trio Icon :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 2,361 802 Achieving the shadow of love :iconameliethe:Ameliethe 2,315 206 Dracula :iconhumon:humon 8,234 1,489 the Count and the maiden01 :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 896 49 Naiads II :iconcristianaapostol:CristianaApostol 1,250 63 Link tunic tutorial - Ocarina of Time :iconwinged--icarus:winged--icarus 345 44 Moonscape :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,149 60 .: DL Series :. Hetalia Romania :iconduekko:Duekko 464 243 A Medieval Legacy HDR :iconvxside:vxside 555 112 Winter Symmetry :iconluke-ro:Luke-ro 497 396 Gonna build a heaven :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 2,782 125
Silencing a Rant RomaniaxReader
    Vampires nowadays were portrayed as weak, angsty things that sparkled in the daylight. The monster race known as the vampire was slowly being demasculinized almost every moment of every day. At least, that is what you were told almost constantly by your boyfriend, who seemed rather upset about the whole thing, as if you weren’t as well. After all, who was to assume the Twilight craze hadn’t affected you?
    You sighed, looking up from your current book to watch Vlad pace in front of you, mumbling something or another about prissy vampires. You carefully marked your place, setting the book down on the couch as you looked up him, crossing your legs as you did so. “What are you on about this time?” you questioned, playing with a strand of your hair, not really that interested in the rant you knew was going to come. Really, after a week you would have assumed he would be over the whole sparkling skin thing.
    Quickly, he turned h
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The morning dream :iconadypetrisor:adypetrisor 3,516 301 Child of the Night :iconhumon:humon 7,055 2,894 The bird feeder :iconluciaconstantin:LuciaConstantin 509 122 Map of the European Federation :icongtd-orion:GTD-Orion 182 42 retro :iconshadowsinmyeyes:ShadowsInMyEyes 553 92 Stand Alone - Clean Wallpaper :iconszabiphotograph:Szabiphotograph 1,730 281
Romania x Reader - Bite Me
Vladimir came into the living room, singing to himself in Romanian which made you laugh a little. He sat on the sofa next to you and he messed up his hair a little bit
"I hate it when it's tidy" He grumbled
You giggled and he smiled, showing his brilliantly white teeth ... a few of which were sharp fangs. He noticed you gawping at him and his smile dropped in a humorous fashion. You laughed
"Why are you so silly, Vlad?" You asked, smiling
He looked at you with a confused expression which made you laugh
"Stop it, Vlad" You said, blushing
"What did I do?" He asked in a squeaky voice
"Stop it" You said, laughing
He frowned
"What am I doing?" He asked
"Making me laugh" You replied
"Oh ... so I have to be boring now?" He asked
"No, I never said that" You replied
"So ... what should I be?" He asked
He watched you rack your brain with interest. He loved all of the facial expressions you pulled. Your eyes shone so brightly ... so full of life
"How about ... sexy?" You said, looking at him with
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 492 630
Bucegi Panorama - HDR :iconvxside:vxside 504 93 Perfect :iconraffi-nyaunyau:Raffi-nyaunyau 662 73 Eternal Flame :iconborda:borda 454 15 Oblivion :iconborda:borda 253 16 Transylvania :iconmoisedy:moisEdy 335 83
You are obsessed with APH when
You know your obsessive with Axis powers Hetalia when:
1: You can’t think the word ‘invade’ anymore you just say ‘rape’
2: You eat pasta because Italy does
3: You call the countries by there human names.
4: You make all your friends take quizzes to see what country they are and then you call them by there country name.
5: You watch all the episodes in English and japans
6: You surf the internet, and scan your history books for anything to support your favorite shippings.
7: When people say Hetalia is gay you scream “You’re just mad because Holy Roman Empire didn’t love you!”
8:  You memorized the ending song to APH
9: You know what Prussia is
10: You try to convince people that you are the hero
11: McDonalds is your home away from home
12: You get mad when your friends/family refuse to call you by your country name
13: Starbucks thinks your crazy because when they ask your name you just say your country.
14: You take
:iconstarlord-wannabe:Starlord-wannabe 416 1,005
Certain Sparker :iconszabiphotograph:Szabiphotograph 694 94 Lilac Dreams :iconblueanomis:BlueAnomiS 487 111
CE: Mr. Bunny [Norway x Reader]
Dear Diary,
         Today's the day I'm gonna take up a challenge from Arthur! I'm gonna write this because I may never know what'd happen today. If I pass this 'test', Vlad would finally agree to have me in their group. He kept whining that a girl shouldn't get involved with magic. Lukas warned me that day. He said that it wasn't necessary, but I really wanted to be a part of all that. I hope this day goes well. :3
- - - - - -
"That'll do." You said as you closed your diary and placed it in your bag, then headed downstairs as you grabbed your (favourite weapon / whatever you use for self-defense), just in case you'll be facing whatever they're going to summon for that unknown test. Just as you were about to head out for the door your phone vibrated. You continued walking and you saw that it was a message from Lukas...
{ Don't go. You'll regret it.)
"C'mon, I'm prepared for this. What could possibly go wrong?"
"I think I just uttered a curse..." You said as you texted bac
:iconkaori-yuka:Kaori-Yuka 529 173
Enter The Void - oil painting :iconborda:borda 400 47
Magic Trio X Witch!Reader
~Love spell~
*Magic Trio X Reader*
A pair of navy blue eyes were lost in between the rows of a book – a rather big one at that – the gaze wandering through the letters with such ease.Another pair,of emerald green ones started into the depts of the untouched cup of Earl Grey tea.The steam was flowing in the air,filling the British`s boy nostrils with a plesant smell.The ruby red orbs studied the stuffed cafeteria of teenagers – which obviously,were divided into groups : the nerds,the popular people,the outcasts and so on and so forth.
Everyone belonged to a group,even if he or she was pleased with that or not.The most infamous group though,was the Bad Touch Trio.Or the BTT for short.They were womanizers,heartbreakers,constantly in search for one night stands,but indeed they had their charm – the accents and looks complimented them.The BTT was composed by three members : the cheerful Spaniard,Antonio Fernandez Carriedo,who got girls into him by gently caressing
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 334 58
nosebleed || romania
Vlad's red hues flickered to your form; you curled up on the couch, blanket sprawled across your petite body as your slender fingers curled around the book in your hands, occasionally moving to flip to the next page. He could tell how focused and indulged you were in that book because of how your eyes were squinted into concentration, visible drops of sweat rolling down the side of your face and how your eyebrows were knitted in sheer frustration at the book.
He then watched as your tongue ran along your plumb, tantalizing lips in order to moisten them and he felt his fingers itch with the urge to touch you. Vlad snuck his way behind the couch while making sure not to come in contact with your line of vision, afraid of getting his childish act diminished.
Once he made it behind the couch safely, he grabbed your shoulder whilst shouting, "Boo!". A blood curling scream erupted from you and you whammed your book on Vlad's face, a loud SMACK echoing throughout the quiet residence, "
:iconcosmicaquarium:cosmicaquarium 352 47
left Paris behind :iconunknown-dark:unknown-dark 741 142 Clouds over Sibiu :iconandreimogan:andreimogan 469 68 Spiders' view :iconandreimogan:andreimogan 2,717 173 Waiting for The Storm :iconborda:borda 620 49 Through the Clouds :iconiustyn:iustyn 1,496 84
Romanians Are Vampires(RomaniaxReader Oneshot)
"Vladimir [1]…" you grumbled as the Romanian dug his face into your neck. His hair tickled your face as you tried to push him away weakly, "I don't wanna get fed on yet..." you complained and tried to fall back asleep.
He thought otherwise for he began nibbling sensually on your neck. You groaned deep in your chest as you pushed a hand into his strawberry-blond hair and tugged roughly on it as a warning. He didn't stop his tantalizing nibbles though. Taking your rough tug as fuel to his growing fire, his lips and teeth ran up and down your neck.
You couldn't stop yourself from relaxing a bit as his fangs pieced your skin gently. He pulled away with a huff, as he said in a sultry voice, "Do you remember the first time I ever did this to you? How much…" he thought for a moment, "Pleasure it caused you." You could feel him smirk widely against your neck as you took a trip down memory lane.
He watched with burning red eyes as you walked your way into the room, watering can
:icont-adash-i:T-adash-i 324 41
Tied Enchantments :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 1,717 209 Life is a Dance in The Rain III :iconborda:borda 8,882 421
Vampire!Romania X Reader: Love Bite part 2
You awoke feeling cold. Everywhere around seemed completely void of any warmth. Carefully moving around, you determined you were laying on a bed in an unfamiliar room. You started to sit up to get a good look at where you were, when you felt something gently press you back down.
"You shouldn't move. You need to rest," a voice said.
Something about the voice sounded familiar to you. Trying to think, you realized you were really tired and a bit disoriented. Slowly you took deep breaths to calm down and help you think straight. You tried to focus on the person in front of you.
"You've lost a lot of blood. It would be best if you didn't move around until you've regained your full strength," the voice spoke again.
Your eyes widened as you finally recognized the voice that spoke. Memories from in the forest flooded your mind as you remembered what happened before you blacked out.
"V-vladimir?" you asked, voice cracking.
You felt a hand rest on your head and gently run down your (h/l)(h/c) ha
:iconrekkamaiden:RekkaMaiden 235 50
frail 2 :icondushky:dushky 300 39 Japanese Cherry :iconcristiandobre:cristiandobre 513 86 Fifth Element :iconraffi-nyaunyau:Raffi-nyaunyau 288 26 Colibita Landscape :iconadypetrisor:adypetrisor 385 76 Savageland :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,369 48 Have no fear :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 228 26 Dark fantasy :iconameliethe:Ameliethe 417 42 The night we broke the Moon - oil painting :iconborda:borda 2,909 136