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First Kiss.. Disaster - page 1 by zippi44 First Kiss.. Disaster - page 1 :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,280 601 'Don't worry!' Continuation by zippi44 'Don't worry!' Continuation :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,109 429 Like a gentlemen.. by zippi44 Like a gentlemen.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,060 384 Happy Valentines Day! by zippi44 Happy Valentines Day! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,867 167 NaLu Special by zippi44 NaLu Special :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,850 293 My best wishes! by zippi44 My best wishes! :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,978 275 I promise! by zippi44 I promise! :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,657 471 'Here you go.' by zippi44 'Here you go.' :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,299 399 Until the end! by zippi44 Until the end! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,915 131 weird competition.. by zippi44 weird competition.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,905 208 Come on Lucy! by zippi44 Come on Lucy! :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,328 328 It's over.. by zippi44 It's over.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,846 126 Walking home by zippi44 Walking home :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,761 195 I won't allow! by zippi44 I won't allow! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,276 111 So.. who's scared now? by zippi44 So.. who's scared now? :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,382 157 Outlines by zippi44 Outlines :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,269 105 'Don't worry!' Continuation2 by zippi44 'Don't worry!' Continuation2 :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,015 65 higher by zippi44 higher :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,123 159 Welcome to Fairy Tail! by zippi44 Welcome to Fairy Tail! :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,109 174 4 Kisses by zippi44 4 Kisses :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,484 99 Don't make me worry! by zippi44 Don't make me worry! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,730 109 First Kiss.. Disaster - Cover by zippi44 First Kiss.. Disaster - Cover :iconzippi44:zippi44 809 119 You hear me? by zippi44 You hear me? :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,458 158 You were terrific! by zippi44 You were terrific! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,118 156 'Of course i meant your breasts..' by zippi44 'Of course i meant your breasts..' :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,689 182
Naruto X-mas one-shots: KibaxReader
How was she pulled into this she know very well, but how was it possible that she agreed to the punishment, was a mystery to her. She was currently at the mall, with Naruto and Kiba, the three of them doing, time for the prank that they did just yesterday.
~~~Flash Back~~~
______, Kiba and Naruto, were at the entrance of the academy, were they used to go to every day. Their reason for being there being, that the brown haired boy and the blonde Kiyubi tough that it would be funny if they ran throw the hallways screaming thing like, 'marry Christmas', 'let it snow' or even 'Santa clause is coming to town'.
This obviously, distracted the children from their work and got the three merry pranksters in trouble, but it wasn't in till the next day, that they really found out there punishment…
~~~End of Flash Black~~~
Sighing she looked upon her outfit. It was green, all green, she wore a mini green skirt with a white trim on the bottom, that dint even reach her knees, along with a green v
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Icecold Water! by zippi44 Icecold Water! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,754 232 all my feelings.... by zippi44 all my feelings.... :iconzippi44:zippi44 869 82 dramione fan comic pt1 by bonana-chan dramione fan comic pt1 :iconbonana-chan:bonana-chan 647 49 And so their journey begins.. by zippi44 And so their journey begins.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,235 284 friendship by zippi44 friendship :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,576 102 'Don't worry!' by zippi44 'Don't worry!' :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,043 150 Fairy Tail Ova 4 - deleted scene by zippi44 Fairy Tail Ova 4 - deleted scene :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,211 137
Naruto X-mas one-shots: ShikamaruxReader
Loud music, people dancing and partying with friends that was how this year's Christmas was going to be for most of the Konoha 20 year old people…
Especially since the brown haired Inunzuka male, Kiba, was throwing a Christmas party and had invited more than half Konoha, to his house….that being said meant, that Shikamaru didn't rally want to go, he would have preferred to stay at home, play a game of shoji with his family and of course take a good and long, Christmas nap. Too bad for him that Naruto, had already convinced-or annoyed -him to go… whatever the case was, he was going to the party.
When he got there, the party was already in full swing. He was immediately greeted by Naruto and Choji, with them acting a little too giddy, for Shikamaru's comfort…Their planning something, what a drag….
After greeting a couple of his friends, the black haired genius sat on the couch, him being too lazy to dance with the rest of his friends.
That was until, a head of (long/short) _(h/
:iconerufufukuro:Erufufukuro 155 18
Natsu with the rod.. by zippi44 Natsu with the rod.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,009 143 Cover: 'Possession' written by HawkofNavarre by zippi44 Cover: 'Possession' written by HawkofNavarre :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,191 199 'Seven years later..' by zippi44 'Seven years later..' :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,751 156 Fairy Christmas to You all! by zippi44 Fairy Christmas to You all! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,531 279 My personal life guard by zippi44 My personal life guard :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,451 119 Mashima's original thoughts! by zippi44 Mashima's original thoughts! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,209 182 Always my childhood dream! by zippi44 Always my childhood dream! :iconzippi44:zippi44 170 52 Hair down.. by zippi44 Hair down.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,105 186 In Progress.. by zippi44 In Progress.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 706 75 Aaaand everybody..! by zippi44 Aaaand everybody..! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,304 89
The Swelling of Scarlet 2
The next day...
Lucy Heartfilia was the only person in the guild that Erza knew she could turn to in regards of learning how to gain weight quickly and properly. Not only was the warrior-girl unwilling to speak about her 'mission' with Natsu or Gray, but Lucy was also the only person Erza had confided in so far about her hidden relationship with Mirajane. Erza never told Mirajane herself about this, but she had a good feeling that she already knew about Erza's slip of the tongue.
There was also another reason Erza was able to depend on Lucy the most, as well.
"Lucy? Are you there? It's me, Erza. I need to talk to you about something."
Erza gently rapped her knuckle against the wooden door of Lucy's apartment room. The red-haired woman was well aware of how to sneak into Lucy's apartment without her knowing, as did Natsu and Gray, but she figured it would be in bad taste to do that right now. She waited for a few moments, and nothing happened, so she proceeded to knock again. This time,
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Found you! by zippi44 Found you! :iconzippi44:zippi44 825 218 There, there.. by zippi44 There, there.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 823 66
The Swelling of Scarlet 1
"There you go! Please enjoy!" Mirajane said as she waved away her latest customers at the counter.
The cheerful disposition and the almost-perpetual smile on the young silver-haired woman's face was enough to fill even the most downtrodden of mages with a sense of belonging in the world. She was one of the most beautiful, and most popular, women in the ranks of Fairy Tail. Mirajane was also the long-time lover of Erza Scarlet, yet no one, not even Mirajane's brother, was aware of this. She had always been a lesbian from the start.
The two of them were fierce rivals back in their early days of childhood. Until Lisanna's 'death', Mirajane was constantly picking a fight with Erza to show her up. Even though they had long since made it up, it didn't occur to anyone that they could be more than friends now. It was a special secret that they only dared to show behind closed doors. They both wanted to wait a little longer before coming out to the rest of the guild. The guild members would mos
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NaruSaku: Kissing the Wind - 8
Well faithful readers, here it is at last. The final chapter of "Kissing the Wind." I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I like writing it. I intend to start on a sequil at some point, but I think I'd like to work on my book for a while, and perhaps work on a Star Wars fan fic.
This chapter I think takes the rating of the story up to teen, or about PG13. This is the "official" or "canon" version of the story. For this particular chapter though, I intend to do a seperate post in which I make the chapter lemony, cuz yeah I'm just pervy like that. Anywho, now that the whole story is in, I expect lots of comments and constructive critisism. Don't forget to take a look at some of my poems or the Fortress Earth exerpt. Thanks again!
UPDATE: 24 March - Now its really done! This is the most updated chapter of the story. I think it is ten times better now. Enjoy!
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