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England x Reader - Snog
  It sounded a bit funny.
  But what did it mean?
  These were the thoughts that filled your mind as you continued on your stroll around the park near your house. Earlier, Francis had come up to you and told you to ask Arthur to snog you...
  When you had asked what the word 'snog' meant, he merely did that funny 'Ohonhonhon~' laugh of his, his perverted smirk growing a bit wider. He then said, 'Arthur will show you soon, ma cherie!' before walking away, leaving you confused.
  You had considered looking it up, but being the lazy person you were you decided not to. Snog couldn't be a bad thing, could it?
  ...Well, maybe it could, considering how Francis had told you to ask Arthur to snog you. And, well... Francis is a big fat pervert. Snog could very well mean sex if it came from Francis. And you didn't plan to lose your virginity just yet.
  Well actually, losing your virginity to Arthur wouldn't
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2p!America x Bullied!Reader: Unexpected
Alfred stared at the computer screen with a not so amused expression. It was another photo his friend Oliver had taken with his "Oh so perfect family" he had. Well, that's what the cupcake freak call's his family. He glanced at the almost mirror imagine son Oliver had. Except his son had the eyes of his mother. A disgust tone trickled from brunette's throat and closed the window. He couldn't take anymore of this cutesy shit. But somehow he was slightly envious of what Oliver had. A beautiful wife, a good home, a decent job, a smiling son.
Years ago this would make the American's head turn away and sneer at the thought, but now. Being older, he felt a bit lonely and yearned for the same kind of thing. Not that he would openly express this to anyone. Especially Oliver, he wouldn't leave him alone if he told him that.
Ring Ring
The phone broke him from his thoughts and leaned back from his chair to look at the caller ID. What a surprise. It was Oliver to give him a call.
Alfred rolled his
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Romano x Reader - Jealous Confession
“Feli, don’t these tomatoes belong to Romano? I don’t think we sh–”
“Nonsense, _____! I’m sure fratello won’t mind if we use his tomatoes in the pasta sauce, ve~”
“Are you sure? I mean, Romano really likes tomatoes…”
“I’m more than sure! Now c’mon, we need to go look for a pot to boil our pasta noodles in. I forgot where I left it… I think it’s in the basement, ve…”
“The basement?”
Si! Pasta can be cooked anywhere, _____! Now come with me, our basement is dark and I don’t want to go alone. It’s really scary, ve~”
“Don’t worry Feli, I’ll be right behind you.”
If looks could kill, Antonio was fairly sure that the venomous glare Romano was sending both _____ and
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Romano x Reader - Teddy Bear
“You’re sleeping with that thing again?”
The familiar voice of the Italian carried a disgruntled tone as you clambered onto bed, his words raspy from drowsiness as he cracked one eye open to look at you.
“There’s nothing wrong with it,” you retorted defensively, clutching the soft material of your teddy bear closer to your chest. “It helps me sleep. Really.”
His scoff wasn’t very subtle as Romano propped himself up with his elbows, eyes narrowed at the plush animal that was held in your arms.
You’d recently received the teddy bear from your mother who’d been digging through old belongings she had up in her attic. During her little adventure, your mother managed to recover an old teddy bear that used to belong to you, and without a moment's hesitation she instantly mailed it to you to help ‘keep in touch with your childhood’.
Initially, Romano had used it as a way to tease you, especially when you cuddl
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Italy x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
 Ring ring ring
 Ring ring ring
 "Mmmph... stupid sounds, why won't you shut up...?"
 Ring ring ring
 "Five... more minutes..."
 Ring ring ring
 "Okay, okay! I'll get up if you just shut up already, stupid clock!" You cried before realizing you had been talking to an inanimate object. Sighing to yourself, you pressed the off button on your alarm clock and held your face in your hands.
 "I honestly wonder sometimes if I'm going mad..." You mumbled, shaking your head. As you groggily tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes, a sudden voice caught you off guard.
 "Vee~ _____, you're finally up! I was wondering when you'd wake up, bella!"
 Feliciano poked his head through your bedroom door before he bounced over to your bedside, his curl seeming to bounce with each stride that he took.
 "Oh, hey Feli," You said with a yawn. "Mm... I'm tired..."
 It took you another five seconds to finally comprehend what was happening at the moment.
 Feliciano was here
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Germany x Reader - Phone Confession
It was startlingly late at night when your eyelids shot open, your vision temporarily blurred from grogginess as your phone’s ringtone blared from your nightstand.
Propping yourself up into a sitting position with a groan, you rubbed your eyes. “Really?” you croaked, irritation evident in your words as you reached out for the device. “Why is someone calling at this ungodly hour?”
Attempting to glance at the caller ID to see who was calling, you squeaked once your eyes were met with the bright screen of your phone, instantly causing you to reel back and wait until your eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light. “I swear, if this is Alfred calling to come over because of some scary movie he watched, I’m going to push him into a lake,” you muttered, reclining onto your headboard with a sigh.
The phon
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China x Reader - Wounded Confession
Ni hao, _____. Do you need something, aru?”
You sighed into your phone, the device crammed between your shoulder and ear as you struggled to carry the heavy grocery bags that burdened your aching hands. “Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be coming over a bit late. My friend suddenly needed help getting all her groceries into her house, and by ‘needing help’ I mean she dumped all the work on me while she went out to do even more shopping.”
“Really, aru?” You could practically visualize the concerned look that had probably washed over your Chinese friend’s face. “Do you need help? That sounds tough, aru.”
“No no, it’s okay! I got this, Yao,” you said confidently, though the throbbing ache that bloomed across your arms begged to differ.
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America x Reader - Scaredy-Cat Confession
This was a bad, bad idea.
Very bad.
So bad you had half a mind to jump out a window bad.
“Are you sure about this, Alfie?” you asked uneasily as your American friend pulled you along, the looming haunted house attraction in the distance growing with each step. “I don’t really think–”
“Shush, _____!” Alfred exclaimed excitedly, effectively cutting you off as he turned his head to flash you a beaming smile. “I’m absolutely sure, dude! This is gonna be awesome!”
You sighed.
Ever since some haunted house attraction had suddenly opened up out of nowhere, Alfred had been insisting – ‘insisting’ as in begging you every five minutes via texts – that you go try it out with him to see if it really was as scary as advertised.
Now, y
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Too Cute Kazekage!Gaara x Fem!Reader
The sun was blazing down on the buildings of Sunagakure. (Y/n) (L/n) was out eating lunch with her best friend Temari.
“What have you been working on lately?”You asked.
“I’ve learned how to do a few new tricks with my fan.”Temari answered.
“I heard Tenten is coming to Suna to visit us! We should totally have a sleepover while she’s here!” You exclaimed.
“Totally! We can have it at my house.”
You nodded. “So it’s settled. We can go greet Tenten when she comes later today.”
Your POV
You went to a small park to rest for a little before you went to greet Tenten. Sitting on this swing brought back memories for you.
You were 7 years old when you met Gaara for the first time. You wanted to go to the park that day and you went there alone for the first time. You brought a shovel and pail so you could play in the sandbox. Your favorite things at the park were the sandbox and the swings. When yo
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Guardian (Male!MaleficentxFaun!Reader) Part 1
~Author's Note: So this is very belated cause I got major writer's block halfway through that postponed this for weeks. So tada!! Note that this is the LIVE ACTION version, not animated~
~**IMPORTANT**: I am using J Scott Campbell's "Fawn Girl" as a reference. Please go look it up before reading. Thank you!!~

The moss-covered earth crunches beneath your steps as you move through the enchanted forest, faeries and sprites festooned with fantastic, sparkling feathers and wings flying overhead and singing the day’s beauty. They flit around your twisting antlers and ankles as they gracefully leap flower to flower, sometimes gliding down your  neck and back to use your upturned tail as a slide, which causes for it to twitch.
You’re not bothered by their merrymaking, nonetheless. You rather enjoy the company during your wandering; only it isn’t wandering. As aimless as your route appears even to you, you’re following an unseen force that’
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KenpachixReader: Attention
"Would you leave me alone?!" A young girl yelled as she ran though the streets of the Seireitei. Her eyes looked left and right for some place to hide.
"Not until you fight me!" A man yelled as he chased after the female soul reaper. His black hair was pulled into several spikes on his head and an eye patch lay over his right eye.
"I just fought you this morning!" You cried turning faster. How the heck did it end up like this? When you found out you would be in the eleventh squad, you couldn't have been happier. You loved to fight, but it seems there was some in your squad who loved it even more. That was your new Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. Ever since he first saw you fight third seat, Ikkaku Madarame, he took up asking you every day to fight. At first you would happily fight him. He was one of the strongest Soul Reapers, but then he started to ask you several times a day, sometime before you could rest or heal your wounds.
"That one doesn't count!" Kenpachi yelled not giving up the cha
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Japan x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "Hey Kiku, how would you want a girl to confess to you?" you asked nervously, fiddling with your fingers. "N-Not that I'm gonna confess to you or something, n-no! I'm just... curious, is all..."
  "Oh... very werl then," Kiku said as he took a sip of his tea.
  You two were sitting in Japan's house, enjoying an afternoon together since you were bored and Kiku had invited you over. You thought it was going to be a great opportunity to confess your feelings to him, but first you wanted to know how he'd want a girl to confess to him.
  "Hmm... If a girl were to ever confess to me, I wourld rike it to be in my native ranguage," Kiku started as he rested his hands on his chin. "I wourld arlso prefer it to be outside, where the sakura trees are." he gestured to his yard, where a few pretty sakura trees stood.
  He then added under his breath with a light blush," and I wourld rove it if you were the one confessing to me..."
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--Misconceptions-- Jealous!Eren x Reader [AU] [RQ]
—Misconceptions— Jealous!Eren x Reader [Modern!AU] [Request]
Another day of hard work is over. This is Eren’s favorite time of the day. He is ready to get home, and spend the rest of the night with you. Eren and you have been a couple for two years now, and living together for a year and a half. The last two years have been the best of Eren’s life. He couldn’t wait to get home to show you how much he appreciated you being in his life. All he had to do is open the door to the apartment, and he’d see your smiling face.
Eren opens the door, with a smile on his face. The smile soon fades. Eren was not greeted by your bright smile. He wasn’t greeted by anything bright at all. The apartment was pitch black.
He steps inside, and flips the light switch up, brightening the living room. It felt strange being in this quiet space all by himself. Where could you be this late at night? Were you asleep already?
Walking into the bedroom, the worst-case scenari
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Don't Go[1]~Eren x Reader x Levi [Attack on Titan]
You hurried after Hanji and Mike. It was time for the trial to begin and you three had been sent to escort Eren to the courtroom. Hanji open the door and began to walk down the stairs to the basement
“So, you’re Eren… It’s time to come out.” Hanji said as she unlocked the door to his cell.
Eren looked up at you and he could feel a blush creep on to his cheeks when you gave him a smile. He nodded and began to get up. When he was in front of you Hanji held up a pair of handcuffs and laughed nervously.
“But you’ll have to wear these.” She said.
Eren sighed but turned around as she put the handcuffs on him. You began to walk up back up the stairs with Eren and two military policemen following.
“Sorry about this Eren…I’m [Name] [Last Name], a squad leader in the Survey Corps.” You smiled brightly at him.
He blushed and looked away. Hanji chuckled and wrapped her arm around you.
“No fair [Name]~~ You got to intro
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Canada x Reader - Play Along
 Matthew was never one to be jealous. Ever. But, when it involved you and another guy, that was a different story. Especially when said guy was his own brother.
 To be honest, now that Matthew looked back at it, it seemed as though he was the one who was making such a big deal out of it. You and Alfred had hugged. So what? It was only a hug. You guys were just friends, after all... right?
 But Matthew wanted your hugs to be only for him, no matter how selfish it sounded.
 He wanted to be the only one who received your affection.
 He wanted to be the only one you loved.
 But what was he saying? You and Matthew were just friends, and Matthew could never scrape up enough courage to confess to you. He was just the quiet, practically invisible Canadian boy at school. You were pretty. You were kind. You were smart, you had a plethora of friends, you were outright amazing. In Matthew's eyes, it seemed as though you were way out
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a beauty : husband!oikawa tooru
His chuckled as his hands weaved through her [h/c] hair, kissing her lips passionately. She let a noise of approval, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck.
The two broke away for air.
"[Name]-chan, you're so cute."
Just before the two was about to reconnect lips once again, a loud cry was heard through the house.
[Name] looked at the doorway and let go of her husband. She gave him an apologetic smile, "Sorry, maybe next time."
He frowned. Oikawa was fully aware of the fact the two now had a beautiful baby and it was hard work looking after one, but nowadays he never had time to spend with [Name].
"But [Name]-chaaaaaaaan~" The grown man pouted.
The two heard the crying grow louder.
"She's crying, Tooru. I have to go." [Name] said before quickly leaving to attend to the child.
Oikawa fell back onto the bed before grabbing a nearby pillow and stuffing it into his chest. He knew that he should probably also run to his daughter as normal father should but he
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The Plan - RivailleXReader
 "Stupid Hanji," I seethed, kicking the bucket of water onto the just cleaned floor. "Stupid, stupid!" Sulking, I sat down where I was. Truethfully, I wasn't mad at her, how could I be? It was my fault for going along with her plan and being awarded the pleasure of cleaning duty, anyway. I just felt it better to blame someone other than me.
"Cadet (L/N), why is there water on the floor?"
My head shot up at the sound of the icy voice, eyes fixing on those of Lance Corporal Rivaille. He stood in the doorway, arms crossed and leaning on the frame. He regarded me coldly, waiting for an answer. I got up, dusting off my pants and giving him one. "I got mad, sir. I apologize, I'll clean it up immediately."
He sighed, watching as I picked up a mop and got to work. It was excruciatingly silent for a while, the only noise the sound of the mop soaking up the water. I didn't know what the coporal wanted, but I wasn't just about to ask, afraid of being rewarded another glorious cleaning duty.
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Guardian (Male!MaleficentxFaun!Reader) Part 3/End
~Author's Note: I tweaked the movie ending, just fyi. Hope ya'll enjoy it!! Thank you, guys!!~

The engulfing, heavy darkness is what you come to—not necessarily awaken, but one or more of your senses are applicable—and your ears twitch at the weighted sound of footsteps. 
Maleficent…? you think groggily from the swaying motion. I must’ve fallen asleep; he’s carrying me to bed. You open your eyes expecting to see his beauty, yet only see the front plane of your body with your legs strung up. You try to move and gather your wrists are bound upward as well, your head having been secured to prevent your antlers from dragging. What…?

“Hey, it’s awake,” a man above you mutters. Panicked, your senses all vault to clarity as you realize you’re strapped to a pole being carried on the shoulders of two men within a castle. What happened all comes back to you.
“N-no! Release me!” you whimper.
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Blizzard [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"[Name], wake up! You remember what you promised me!" A stern voice broke through your dreaming, causing you to groan and throw your blanket further over your head and snuggling up inside the newfound warmth. Ah, it's that time of the winter where a thick layer of snow falls and you don't want to do anything except read in bed or be lazy. But some stubborn guy refuses to let you kick back and relax.
"[Name]...!" The voice persisted, a little edge to his voice. You mumbled, "GoawayI'mhavingareallynicetime..."
and then curled up even further. "Schatz, you leave me no choice." The voice was at a monotone now, and suddenly the warmth was stolen away from you in a heartbeat. You sat straight up, your [eye color] eyes widened in shock when you saw that Ludwig was holding your pile of quilts and blankets that were providing your warmth. "Geezus, Ludwig! You could've just let me sleep a little more!" You put your knees up to your head and shivered, glaring up at the tall German; your expressio
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Sick [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"Ah, [N-name]..." Ludwig's voice called out to you softly. You were napping on the Beilschmidt's living room sofa, only in a spaghetti strap and Nike shorts. "Are you alright, Schatz?"
"Bah, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" You replied, rolling your eyes. You sighed, and puffed out a breath of heated air. Obviously you were running a fever, your cheeks incredibly heated, flushed with a pink tint; your hair was out of its usual ponytail and askew, while you were just too tired to move at all. Your arms were sore, your legs were sore and most of all whenever you tried to stand up a wave of the chills would cause you to fall back on the sofa again, weak and limp.
"[Name]," Ludwig persisted, folding his arms as he put his green uniform jacket over his shoulders, "You obviously aren't. I'll go get some of that medicine from the pharmacy nearby-"
"NO!" You shouted, using the last of your energy. You fell back on your mountain of pillows again and pulled the quilt throw over yourself. "I don't wanna
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Adult!Phineas X Adult!Reader: Marry Me? (One-Shot)
Adult!Phineas Flynn X Adult!Reader: Marry Me? (One-Shot)
This has nothing to do with my Phineas X Reader series, if you want to read my Phineas X Reader series then there is a link in the description.
You walked out of your room in your favorite (favorite color) pajamas at about midnight. Walking in the kitchen of your small house you opened the fridge in search of something specific.
“Hey (Name)?”
Hearing your name being called you picked up the thing you were looking for, turned around and closed the fridge door with a swift movement of your feet.
“Yes Phineas?” You asked sweetly, blinking your large eyes innocently and as cutely as you could.
“I was wondering…” Phineas trailed off, walking close to you.
“Yes…?” You asked tilting your head and waiting patiently for him to continue.
“Will you Marry me?” He asked, leaning against the wall. He had a small smile on his face that seemed hopeful.
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Don't Go[3]~ Eren x Reader x Levi
You sighed. This room was never going to get clean. Levi had eventually caught up with you  and had put you to work cleaning your dorm. You heard footsteps behind you and turned around to see Eren.
“Ah, I’m glad it’s you Eren! Would you mind helping me with the cleaning here?” You smiled at him.
“U-Uh sure [Name]..” Eren blushed.
Your [e/c] eyes brightened. ‘Great! Now I won’t have to do all this work on my own!!’ You thought excitedly.
“Great!! Here take these and start with that window!” You handed him glass cleaner and a rag.
He nodded and began working. You smiled and returned to dusting. You began to hum while Eren stole glances at you.  Not noticing this, you looked up and met Eren’s eyes. His face heated up and he looked away, leaving you confused. ‘What was that about…?” You thought. You shrugged and went back to cleaning. As time went on you had to give Eren different tasks; ev
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