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Human!Scar x Reader (Lion King)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Mufasa the king of pride rock had recently passed, the females of our tribe took the time of no reign to kick me out of the tribe. There was no real reason, they just didn't like me because of my refusal to 'mate' with our king.
So i walked the desert alone no food, no water and only rags too cover myself, with whereas in the tribe i'd have a dress with jewellery for being in the king's harem despite ever having any relations with him, due to my refusal. But Mufasa was a good man so he never forced anything on me if i didn't want to.
I sighed wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my forearm, in any moment i could have a heat stroke, and if this was a story of some sort i probably would.
My vision began to grow blurry and i saw triple of everything, not that there was much to see. My legs dragged through the sand an
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Norway x Reader - Overburdened
   You stirred slightly as you twisted around on the bed, trying to find a more comfortable position. You snuggled up against the warm body of your husband in an attempt to find more warmth on this cold winter morning. Norway groaned slightly as he too shifted, the arm around you tightening slightly as he pulled you closer. Somehow through the night, he had managed to tangle your legs with his own. The warmth was enough to lull you back to sleep if there had not been one problem. You needed to go to the washroom.
    Blinking open your eyes, you sat up slightly, pushing yourself up on your forearms to glance at the digital clock on your husband's nightstand. The numbers 5:30 blinked at you. One hour earlier than you had to wake up and thirty minutes earlier for your husband since he usually made breakfast. You noted the large book situated near the alarm clock. It was old and the cover was worn down from the many years it had been with your husband. You could make o
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Levi X Abused!Reader [AU] Anywhere
B/N = Boy-Friend's name(or just a guys name)  F/C = Favorite color
~A/N~ This contains some violence, if you are uncomfortable with reading these kinds of situations, please don't read~!
"Are you sure, you're okay?" Levi questions you, worry lacing his usually monotone voice.
"Of course I'm sure." You answer, closing your F/C locker quietly. "I think I'll be fine walking home alone, Levi, anyway I've got B/N." Your soft voice resonates through the now empty hallway.
Levi scowls, but says nothing more. As you walk towards the school exit, he notices you limping slightly.
As if you were trying to hide it.
"Why're you limping?"
He noticed when your shoulders tensed, and your body froze.  "U-Um, I tripped. You know how much of a klutz I am." You say forcing a laugh.
Actually, he did know. That you weren't. You two had known each other for years, and he had never noticed you trip, fall, or stumble. "Hey Y/N wai-"
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Frustrated ~ Levi x Reader {LIME}
{A/N: This story contains strong language and nudity!}
Captain Levi had been especially shitty to you recently. He usually treated you like the other soldiers, but lately, you noticed he had been more angry with you. All throughout training, he’d yell at you for stupid reasons. It felt like he’d been watching you more carefully, and though the thought made you happy, you soon discovered this new-found attention wasn’t as great as you’d imagined. This meant he criticized every little thing you did and every mistake you made.
You had just gone through the morning with a pit in your stomach. Your problem wasn’t physical; it came from deeper inside. You felt as if you were missing something. You felt empty, and you couldn’t put your finger on the feeling, so you had no idea how to prevent it. It made you irritable and rigid.
“Cadet {L/n}.” A voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You rolled your eyes once you realized it was the same voice t
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Norway x Reader - Hair Habits
“Why do you never touch my hair?”
The question came out of the blue as you looked up from your book to see Lukas on the couch, his eyes slightly narrowed as he unconsciously pursed his lips at you.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your confusion evident in both your voice and arched eyebrows.
“My hair.” He lifted a finger to point at his hair before holding a lock of it between his fingers. “It’s just…” Lukas muttered slowly, “You never seem to play with it, nor touch it for that matter.”
“But don’t you dislike it when people touch your hair?” Returning to the book in your lap, you couldn’t help the chuckle that squeezed its way past your lips. “Honestly, Lukas, how do you even notice things like the lack of me touching your hair?”
“It’s hard not to notice when you touch everyone else’s hair but mine.”
You could detect the hint of envy that ac
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Adventure Time: Chap 1 - Page 1 :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 4,529 610 Enemy Mine :iconmlp-silver-quill:MLP-Silver-Quill 4,969 834 Bad News :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 8,157 261
2p!America x Bullied!Reader: Unexpected
Alfred stared at the computer screen with a not so amused expression. It was another photo his friend Oliver had taken with his "Oh so perfect family" he had. Well, that's what the cupcake freak call's his family. He glanced at the almost mirror imagine son Oliver had. Except his son had the eyes of his mother. A disgust tone trickled from brunette's throat and closed the window. He couldn't take anymore of this cutesy shit. But somehow he was slightly envious of what Oliver had. A beautiful wife, a good home, a decent job, a smiling son.
Years ago this would make the American's head turn away and sneer at the thought, but now. Being older, he felt a bit lonely and yearned for the same kind of thing. Not that he would openly express this to anyone. Especially Oliver, he wouldn't leave him alone if he told him that.
Ring Ring
The phone broke him from his thoughts and leaned back from his chair to look at the caller ID. What a surprise. It was Oliver to give him a call.
Alfred rolled his
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Who's Shorter? (Levi X Reader One-Shot)
                                               Who’s Shorter?
                                        (A Levi X Reader One-shot)
You and your friends sat at the table, loudly talking throughout the time allotted for lunch. While you were eating your bread, you heard Jean get a bright idea. “Hey, we should play truth or dare.” He smiled at his idea, like he was some kind of a genius. Eren however, had a different idea, “What’s the point in that Jean?” He question cockily, “We all know that wimps are going to chose truth!” He lowered his voice and mumbled, “Like you…” Jean was offended and stood up, “Watch it Jager! I would have chosen dare and you know it!” Your facial expression twitched as th
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Romano x Reader - Jealous Confession
“Feli, don’t these tomatoes belong to Romano? I don’t think we sh–”
“Nonsense, _____! I’m sure fratello won’t mind if we use his tomatoes in the pasta sauce, ve~”
“Are you sure? I mean, Romano really likes tomatoes…”
“I’m more than sure! Now c’mon, we need to go look for a pot to boil our pasta noodles in. I forgot where I left it… I think it’s in the basement, ve…”
“The basement?”
Si! Pasta can be cooked anywhere, _____! Now come with me, our basement is dark and I don’t want to go alone. It’s really scary, ve~”
“Don’t worry Feli, I’ll be right behind you.”
If looks could kill, Antonio was fairly sure that the venomous glare Romano was sending both _____ and
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Possessive Instinct (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
The breeze that ruffled your (h/c) hair was warm, and you sighed up at the stars as you sat uncomfortably on the cold stone balcony. It had been a few hours since the Night Class had departed for their night schooling, leaving you wondering why once again.
Why were you the only person in the Moon Dorms that was not a part of the Night Class? Why were you placed into dorms with people you hardly ever saw; when you were in class they were asleep, and vice versa?
It was all confusing to you, but you just remained silent and went with it- it was the Chairman's request after all, who were you to question his choice? You were just the new girl.
You had pored over these thoughts for the past month, never reaching an answer. Every time you had decided to confront the leader of the dorm, Kaname Kuran, your resolve had withered under his gaze. You admitted that you were attracted the boy, but there was something about him- about all the Night Class- that was
Deciding that your seatin
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~Who to Betray~ Bertholdt x Titan-Shifter!Reader
No. Nononononono. This isn't real. "Shut up," you said, breaking out into a cold sweat. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone. Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan.
Stepping towards them hesitantly on the top of wall rose, hands shaking and lips tight, you stared at Bertholdt with wide, (e/c) eyes. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you. Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care? Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own
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Impossible LOV3 ver.3 :iconmarcbrunet:MarcBrunet 66,830 5,036
Forbidden Affairs - [AU] Levi x Reader
The manor groaned with age, floorboards were fractured and rotted, the windows cracked and stifled with dust that built up over the centuries this house had stood.
But in the middle of it, in the middle of the home thick with roots and undergrowth, was an old and powerful warlock, standing in the same place he stood for ages beyond counting. He’d come here most every night, uncovering lost secrets of dark magics that were kept hidden away for a reason.
He blended in with society well; he was a learned man who took careful notes of everything he did. He’d notice the way culture and clothing would shift, and he’d adjust himself accordingly. Not a soul he ever came across was aware of his supernatural nature – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Levi Ackerman was a name that echoed throughout the supernatural culture that stayed hidden among the mortals. He was greatly respected – and feared even more so. Levi didn’t just dabble in forbidden ma
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Germany x Depressed!Reader
~Your POV~
 Beep, beep, beep, beep!
 You groaned as you turned and shut off your alarm. As you did, you realized the long, perfect cuts on your arm. Shocked, you immediately shot upwards. That’s when you remembered.
 “You’re useless. You are just a burden to me. Trash. I only went out with you because I felt sorry for you. Now, get off my doorstep before I have to make you, you sorry woman.”
 Your ex-boyfriends words rung in your ear. He had said those words to you a week ago, and finally, fed up with stabbing only a pillow every night, you advanced to your arms.
 You sighed. “I should probably put some bandages on, or else Ludwig, Feli and (Femalebestfriend) will get worried…” You thought. They were already worried enough as it was, seeing you push people away, not wanting to get close to someone ever again.
 Taking a deep breath, you got up, got dressed, bandaged your arm, decided to skip breakfast, brushed your teeth, p
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Five Nights Of Love v2.1 - FNAF DATING SIM GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 1,073 3,413 Not so fast ROBOT! ROUGH :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 3,982 466 Rosa :iconfaestock:faestock 1,037 299
Tarzan x Reader

(Ginarr pronounced: Ghinar (hard 'G' like 'Gold')
*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
I was ship wrecked on this island when I was really young, a mountain lion had saved me and for some odd reason...the mountain lion didn't kill me. Instead he raised me as his own.
This mountain lion, my father's, name is Ginarr. This may sound like nonsense, but since I spent most of my life with him I understood was he said, his roars, his purrs. I understood "(Y/N), day dreaming again?" Ginarr asked. I looked down at him from the tree I was seated in "no, I'm coming!".
I jumped off the branch gripping onto a vine and sliding myself down, I pat my hands of leaves and dirt when I reached the floor. My father smiled "come" he made a gesture with his head.
We headed to our home, I giggled as the young cubs playing with their siblings and bothered their mothers. My father was the ruler, every day we got news of more of our kind dying because of the apes. My fat
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Breakup (Levi X Reader)
“You,” your hands shook and your arms trembled as you looked up, venomously, towards the one man you had ever loved. Tears were stinging at the corners of your eyes and you were trying your best to hold them back, but the widespread feeling of pain was too strong and your heart couldn’t handle it anymore, “You jerk!”
He stood there, staring directly at you with an expressionless face. This just fueled your anger. How could he not express himself, now of all times? Here you were, near to a breakdown, crying, and he had the same expression he always wore. You banged your delicate hands against his chiseled chest. He had just taken off his shirt, coming home from a long day at work, when he confronted you out of nowhere.
“Why?” your voice, feigning strength, cracked, “Why, why, why? Why, after all this time…?”
You finally broke, looking up to your boyfriend. That was your mistake. Seeing his face, the face you loved so much, forc
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Actor!Levi x Reader - Distance - [AU]
 It had been a long day, memorizing new lines added at the last minutes and repeating that fight scene over and over for the camera. Being an actor wasn't exactly what he though he'd be doing with his life three years ago, but after auditioning for a movie on a whim and landing the role, his career skyrocketed at the speed of light. He was big now, everyone in Hollywood knew his name and adored him. His unusual personality on top of his strange charm earned him the hearts of millions everywhere around the world. Nowadays, he was so consumed in his job he was lucky to have 2 minutes to take a shit. This new lifestyle was straining on everyone in his old life, and sadly, that included you.
    Being in graduate school, it's not like you could just drop out to move with him when he first started filming. So, he left, and you stayed. Your little long distance relationship was hard to deal with at first, but Levi always put an effort in to call or video chat
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De-Stress - Cat Noir x Reader [Soulmate AU]
De-Stress - Soulmate! Cat Noir (Adrien Agreste) x Female! Reader
>>Author's Note: An invisible ribbon tied around the right index finger of someone indicates your soulmate<<
You threw multiple pages of notes across your bedroom floor to clutch your hair in frustration. There was no way on this Earth you could memorize all this information before the final tomorrow.
"I knew I shouldn't have hung out with Noir last night." The mere thought of the superhero made you grin. Be it as it may, you didn't so much regret hanging out with him than you regretted not studying. Cue to the problem at hand and flopping down on your bed face first.
"Arm gorna fail!!"
Suddenly there was a throbbing on your finger. Absentmindedly your rubbed it and lifted your head. 
"Darn ribbon. Stop pulsating already! I have too much on my mind to think about my Soulmate right now."
Ah, yes. That soulmate thing. It wa
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Male!Jasmine x Reader (Aladdin)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
My father Jafar (yes he's not genderbent) was a very cruel, very crazy man, i learnt that first hand. He's not kind, he's not a good father and you have no idea how long i've waited for this chance.
He was marrying me off, trying to get me to marry a prince to benefit him. I wouldn't care anything to get me away from him, and now he was trying to arrange me a marriage with the prince of Agrabah. He hasn't told me his name, nor his personality.
I was meeting up with him today, my father had gotten me an outfit for the occasion, of course i thought this was terribly provocative, but he wanted me too wear if to seduce the prince too assure our marriage. I sighed and leaned ag
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Levi X Reader: My Pervy Cadet Comedy Series
My Pervy Cadet
WARNING: If you couldn't tell by the smexy title, this fanfic has SLIGHTLY VERY suggestive themes. Mild but still spicaaay.
"Look! There she is! The Ice Queen!"
"Shhh, you idiot! Do you want her to kill us with her glare?!"
You sighed. That one expiration drew a heavy tension in the cafeteria hall as fellow recruits paused, food trays trembling in hand.  To all the others, it looked like you sighed in annoyance, and when you turned towards the person who claimed you could "kill with a glare," he fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness.
You sighed again as he took this as a sign to get the fuck away before you murdered him. But the truth was, you were sighing in dejection.
It was absolutely hopeless. No one would ever understand you.
You were the shyest, girliest member of the Survey Corps, but to everyone else, you were the strongest, most ruthless, emotionless  Cadet. Even Corporal Levi was only able to
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England x Reader - Drunken Confession
If there was one thing you hated the most, it had to be people attempting to contact you when you were trying so desperately to sleep.
What time was it again? Gaze flickering to your nightstand where a digital clock rested, you exhaled a sigh once your eyes skimmed over the bright numbers.
1:21 AM
You should be asleep by now, but no – instead, whoever controlled your fate decided to pull a jerk move and force you awake due to your phone going off.
At first, your phone only went off once, signaling that you’d received one text. Normally you ignored things like that, dismissing it as something you could reply to in the morning – however, one text turned into two, and before you knew it, your phone went off at least ten times within the time span of five minutes.
Someone was obviously needing to contact you, and with a groan,
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UNDER-tale the Mistletoe - An Undertale FLASH GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 823 3,704 Sedrah Photoshop Action No2 :iconsed-rah-stock:Sed-rah-Stock 1,136 74 Farris - The Lovers :iconravietta:Ravietta 1,410 19
Canada x Reader - Plushie Confession
Sleepovers with Matthew and his brother Alfred always proved themselves to be eventful.
Whether or not that was a good thing, you’ve yet to decide.
“Matthew, help! Your– brother– is– choking– me!”
“C-C’mon now Alfred, let _____ go, it’s just a movie–”
Having completely disregarded Matthew’s attempts at making Alfred let you go, the American instead chose to grab onto Matthew too, ensnaring him in his death grip in his fit of fear.
Why did you accept their invitation for a sleepover again?
Oh yeah.
Because of Matthew.
Not saying it like it’s a bad thing, but your longtime, shy Canadian friend Matthew was someone you happened to harbor feelings for; and due to these feelings, you usually wanted to be around him, an
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Gamzee x Reader : Middle of the Night
Your eyes flashed open, as you gasped into the night air. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. All your senses alert, you sat straight up in the bed, your frightened eyes scanned the room of which you were sleeping in, chest still rising up and down as you tried to calm your breathing.  Sudden realisation struck you, and you sighed, breathing jagged.
'He's not here. It's okay. I'm okay. It was just a nightmare.'
Swinging your shaking legs out from under the covers, you nearly forgot about the others in the room with you. All the troll girls; Aradia, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska and Feferi.  All of the trolls were sleeping at Gamzee's hive, which was massive because of his highblood status; so typical to have a nightmare about your host of the sleepover last night.
'Useless brain.' You thought angrily. A nightmare- one of your worst ever - all about the guy you felt rather strongly about. Gamzee. He wasn't a cold hearted killer, you swear it. Although you'd heard stories, about, well.
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Are you Jealous? Levi x Reader Story
You and Eren circled each other, you crossed your feet and kept your breaths even. You were giving Eren a hand to hand combat assessment, you were good, just less than Levi good, but Eren was bigger than you and stronger than you and of course younger than you. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair fluttered in front of your face as the wind caught it. (E/c) eye met turquoise and you saw his thoughts fluttering in his eyes moments before he suddenly lunged forward.
With a light laugh you stepped back with his punch, keeping his fist in front on you, before ducking under his arm and  bringing your fist to meet his stomach. It should have connected but at the last second Eren twisted away, out of reach of your fist... He was grinning... However that grin disappeared when you pivoted on one foot and swung the other to sweep under his feet and knock him over.
You quickly leapt on top of him, seated on his broad chest, his arms pinned under your knees. He wiggled under you and you just grinned down at
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Truth or Dare (Steve x Reader) one-shot
‘Truth or dare?’ Tony asked you, sipping from his glass of whiskey.
Together with Natasha and Pepper you were playing the old time favorite game of Truth or Dare as you were waiting for the rest to come back from a mission or the shower.
It was your birthday today and everyone had promised to be there. You were anxiously waiting for the presents you were about to receive. You hadn’t asked for anything, but knowing your friends, you knew they would at least get you a cake.
You had been part of the Avengers ever since the battle of New York when you had saved Thor and Steve’s asses. You had courageously thrown yourself in the fight, even though your S.H.I.E.L.D. training hadn’t even been finished yet. Nick Fury had been impressed with your skill and determination and had offered you a position within the Avengers.
Of course you had said yes.
‘Really?’ you sighed. ‘Do I have to?’
Tony smiled. ‘We all did it. So now it
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America x Reader - Scaredy-Cat Confession
This was a bad, bad idea.
Very bad.
So bad you had half a mind to jump out a window bad.
“Are you sure about this, Alfie?” you asked uneasily as your American friend pulled you along, the looming haunted house attraction in the distance growing with each step. “I don’t really think–”
“Shush, _____!” Alfred exclaimed excitedly, effectively cutting you off as he turned his head to flash you a beaming smile. “I’m absolutely sure, dude! This is gonna be awesome!”
You sighed.
Ever since some haunted house attraction had suddenly opened up out of nowhere, Alfred had been insisting – ‘insisting’ as in begging you every five minutes via texts – that you go try it out with him to see if it really was as scary as advertised.
Now, y
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Awkward (Eren x Reader) Attack on Titan
You stood in the training field with Sasha, the sun beating down on you and the other trainees. You were idly listening to Sasha talk about food, vaguely processing the words coming from her. Your current attention was focused on someone a distance away from you.
Eren looked at you for a brief moment, jaw tight as he stared at you with unreadable eyes. Your gaze lingered on him a second too long and you felt a sudden pain in your abdominal region, causing you to double over and kneel to the ground.
Sasha wiped her hands together and looked down at you, a look of satisfaction apparent on her face. "Caught you off guard, [first]!" She teased, offering a hand to help you up. You grabbed onto her offered hand, hunched over slightly as you wrapped an arm around your abdomen.
"What's up with you today?" She asked, hands on her hips as she looked at you with a raised eyebrow. "Usually you just go ahead and beat the hell out of me, but you're dazing into space, today! What gives?"
You shrugged
:iconlaur3ng:Laur3ng 731 233
Comic - Twilight's First Day #5 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 3,608 526 'Here you go.' :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,292 397 Adventure Time: Chap 1 - Page 20 :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 2,323 315
She's My Soulmate (Deanxreader)
You were sitting around a random motel, waiting for Sam to come back with Dean. Dean had left a few hours ago looking frustrated saying he needed to be alone with his thoughts. Sam had gotten worried and left to find him and you stayed behind in case he came back.
About two hours after Sam left, there was a knock at the door. You opened the door to find a very drunk Dean leaning against the door frame.
"Oh good I found the right one," he said walking in, "you ever notice how all these doors look the same?"
You got out your phone to call Sam, letting him know his brother had made it back. After ending the call with you looked at Dean sitting on the bed. He was looking down at his jacket, confused as to why it wouldn't come off. You laughed as you realized it was because it was zipped up.
"Uhhh hey Jo? Can you help me get this thing off?" Jo? He thought you were Jo? He must have been even more drunk than you thought.
"Yeah, sure Dean," you said walking over. You unzip
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 720 69
War of Jealousy (Levi X Reader)
    You hadn't looked at Levi in two whole days; not since it happened. He did not like this one bit. He took the advice given to him and kissed you as told to. He even drifted away to wait for you to come to him! But that's not the thing; you weren't coming to him. Now you practically ran from the mere sight of him.
    Being on a whole new level of pissed Levi went to see the shitty advice giver herself. "Hanji!" He yelled upon entering the lab of the erratic woman. She stood up with a cheesy grin on her face. He wanted to beat every shred of happiness out of her in that moment. "You said (f/n) would come running to me if I kissed her and left her wanting more!" He crossed his arms over his chest with a glare glued to her.
    "Maybe you didn't leave her wanting more?" Hanji's suggestion was shot down by an icy glare from gray eyes. "Well, (f/n) is a shy girl, she is probably too scared and nervous to come to you." Hanji told him in a casua
:iconhalice042:Halice042 914 156
Embarrassment || Oikawa Tooru x Male!Reader
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
ne, ne, [nickname]-chan! today is friday, right? let's eat something after practice! i'll even pick you up, i don't care if you're sweaty bc you always smell nice, heheh (*´˘`*)♥
You sighed silently in annoyance as the smart phone in your hands buzzed rather loudly for your liking during class.
That dweeb kept texting you no matter if you replied with a blunt fuck off or simply ignored him, he was just too annoying for his own good.
You inwardly clicked your tongue and tried your best to pay attention to the slightly grey clouds that loomed all over they sky.
Looks like it will rain later, you mused with a murmur.
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
it's a date then, k? i'll buy you some flowers and chocolate and then
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 643 61
Give in to me (Thor x Reader) One-shot
Two fluorescent, red eyes gazed at you from a distance. You turned your swords around in your hands, ready to attack. Thor’s steady breathing next to you echoed in your ears. You would have rather done this on your own, but Fury had insisted you would work in a team.
You looked around you, seeing at least a dozen more eyes gazing at you. Thor had told you to stay behind the wall, waiting for them to attack first, but you were getting impatient. The sooner this would be over with, the happier you were.
Without listening to any of Thor’s objections you ran out of hiding, a battle cry welling from your throat. Within seconds you were surrounded. You ducked as one of them lashed out to you. You were only just able to avoid being knocked to the ground. You turned your swords around in your hands again and stormed after them, thrusting your swords into their weak spots, causing them to fall to the ground immediately. You cut of several of their heads and wiped the sweat off your
:iconsavrom:savrom 533 96
Too close to the Sun :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 9,070 276
Massage (Roronoa Zoro X Reader)
You knew it was going to be a bad day the moment you woke up in the most uncomfortable position ever - the back of your neck resting on the bed’s wood plank, with all of your pillows tossed on the floor, your knee brushing against the wall, giving you an awful, sharp pain that unfortunately woke you up. Your entire body was sore, and every muscle you moved made you scream in pain as you sat up and rubbed the back of your head, instantly feeling your tangled ball of hair and getting frustrated.
“This is definitely not my day.” You groaned and decided to take your anger out on someone from the crew - probably Usopp or Brook. Of course after you made yourself look human again.
       You brushed your hair and let it down for the first time in forever. You brushed your teeth, slipped your favorite bikini on, shorts and flip flops and left your room behind as you walked to the deck of the Thousand Sunny only to find everyone being their usual selves; un
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