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Skatin' n Shootin' by Akusesu Skatin' n Shootin' :iconakusesu:Akusesu 826 88 Roller - Character Design by DaniNaimare Roller - Character Design :icondaninaimare:DaniNaimare 452 19 Project Freetown: MetroCircuit by rtil Project Freetown: MetroCircuit :iconrtil:rtil 963 640 Rainbow by PhotoYoung Rainbow :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 535 28 FRUITS CLiPPER by Samkaat FRUITS CLiPPER :iconsamkaat:Samkaat 504 29 ACID GUM by Akutou-san ACID GUM :iconakutou-san:Akutou-san 333 103 Icon Madness! by frogbillgo Icon Madness! :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 559 50 Roller Derby Girls by StephenMcCranie Roller Derby Girls :iconstephenmccranie:StephenMcCranie 98 22 Epsilon_rollerskate_alter by FranciscoETCHART Epsilon_rollerskate_alter :iconfranciscoetchart:FranciscoETCHART 234 20 ACID GUM HD WALLPAPER by Akutou-san ACID GUM HD WALLPAPER :iconakutou-san:Akutou-san 168 28 balloons by f-wd balloons :iconf-wd:f-wd 179 104 houston roller derby 168 by JamesDManley houston roller derby 168 :iconjamesdmanley:JamesDManley 107 12 Skate or Dye 2 by AlterEgoPhotography Skate or Dye 2 :iconalteregophotography:AlterEgoPhotography 151 14 Roll With It by HillaryWhiteRabbit Roll With It :iconhillarywhiterabbit:HillaryWhiteRabbit 82 5 The GG's by Bug-Off The GG's :iconbug-off:Bug-Off 81 53 evolution by kaijumama evolution :iconkaijumama:kaijumama 110 62 Epsilon_rollerskate by FranciscoETCHART Epsilon_rollerskate :iconfranciscoetchart:FranciscoETCHART 82 18 A Jawsome TF by Pheagle-Adler A Jawsome TF :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 122 20 Rarity - roller skate look by sumin6301 Rarity - roller skate look :iconsumin6301:sumin6301 222 21 Commish: Peepsqueek - Explosives Expert by Miserie Commish: Peepsqueek - Explosives Expert :iconmiserie:Miserie 30 0 Saw by triple65forkedtongue Saw :icontriple65forkedtongue:triple65forkedtongue 69 1 South County Derby Girls by seystudios South County Derby Girls :iconseystudios:seystudios 131 33 rollerscrap by causticbot rollerscrap :iconcausticbot:causticbot 61 2 ::Happy Holidays 2008:: by Mako-Fufu ::Happy Holidays 2008:: :iconmako-fufu:Mako-Fufu 286 50 Moar Watchmen... by Biigurutwin Moar Watchmen... :iconbiigurutwin:Biigurutwin 309 40 Rollerskate Break by the-murdellicious Rollerskate Break :iconthe-murdellicious:the-murdellicious 581 24 Derby Babes by ArtofFlo Derby Babes :iconartofflo:ArtofFlo 265 24 Yoko In The Summer by Gairon Yoko In The Summer :icongairon:Gairon 906 96 Derby Girl by scupbucket Derby Girl :iconscupbucket:scupbucket 401 30 Bouncy Halloween by TheBandito Bouncy Halloween :iconthebandito:TheBandito 166 64 Rainbow II by PhotoYoung Rainbow II :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 122 5 rainbow.roller by effluo rainbow.roller :iconeffluo:effluo 47 7 Female Trainers Blow up! by BittyHeart Female Trainers Blow up! :iconbittyheart:BittyHeart 54 25 Roller Derby Queen by ViolettRiot Roller Derby Queen :iconviolettriot:ViolettRiot 98 9 QC Logo by scupbucket QC Logo :iconscupbucket:scupbucket 252 25 KriStALKaLEi's mona lisa by PipingPringle KriStALKaLEi's mona lisa :iconpipingpringle:PipingPringle 40 28 Roll Out by gabdoesdesign Roll Out :icongabdoesdesign:gabdoesdesign 31 24 Cavalcadium Meet Sticker by CalSparrow Cavalcadium Meet Sticker :iconcalsparrow:CalSparrow 82 17 Wanna race, punk? by PEPPERTODE Wanna race, punk? :iconpeppertode:PEPPERTODE 69 36 Rollerschach by Biigurutwin Rollerschach :iconbiigurutwin:Biigurutwin 67 14 Roller Skate by Aggiepuff Roller Skate :iconaggiepuff:Aggiepuff 42 28 Rin at your service by KillingTheName Rin at your service :iconkillingthename:KillingTheName 205 4 roller life by Devoratus roller life :icondevoratus:Devoratus 44 12 Night of the Living Derby by JWilsonIllustration Night of the Living Derby :iconjwilsonillustration:JWilsonIllustration 26 6 Fox Cityz Foxz by Pinkuh Fox Cityz Foxz :iconpinkuh:Pinkuh 26 14
My First Kiss...
My First Kiss...
"Woah! Be carefull!" Ichigo laughed
Rukia gulped quietly and hung onto her boyfreind
"Why did we go roller skating again?" she asked as he helped her up
"Because it's summer, I didn't feel like finding an ice skating rink," he replied
"Besides," he said with a smirk
"I think it'll be fun teaching you how to skate," he chuckled
She frowned, she thought it would be easy since she could already ice skate..
... She was wrong, very, VERY wrong....
"Just hold on to me," Ichigo said, holding her arm and slowly leading her around the skating rink
"I-Ichigo I'm sliping!" she screamed, stumbling to keep her balence
He frowned and stopped, leaning on a wall, "Rukia, try spreading your legs apart a little so you're more balenced,"
She did as he said and they started skating again
"Hey... I think it's working!" she said happily as she kept her balence with little difficulty
"That's great! Good for you Rukia!" he cheered, "I'm going to let go now, ok?"
She nodded once and he
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 64 73
Triage X Motivational Poster 7 by slyboyseth Triage X Motivational Poster 7 :iconslyboyseth:slyboyseth 48 11