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Phineas Flynn X Reader (Episode Roller Coaster)
Phineas Flynn X Reader 001 (Episode Roller Coaster)
Phineas and Ferb were sitting under the oak tree which rested in the middle of their back yard.  Ferb quietly read a book while Phineas had his hands behind his head and a very bored expression on his face, Next to Ferb their pet Platypus laid whose name was Perry.
“So, Ferb” Ferb turned his attention from his book to his half-brother “what do you wanna do today?” Phineas asked. Ferb merely shrugged and turned his attention back towards his book.
“What about Perry, what does he want to do?” Phineas asked, even in his voice Ferb could hear his boredom. Ferb turned his head towards their pet who chattered in response.
“Well, he's a platypus, they don't do much.” Phineas also glanced towards the platypus before staring towards nothing in particular like before.
“I for one, am starting to get bored, and boredom is something of up with which I will not put!” He pointed his finger
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BTTxReader -Day Out
   BAM! 3 guys: A blond, a brunette, an albino burst in and scooped you into their Zonda. You didn’t even have time to respond, you just went with it, let them take you.
   “Bounjour.” Francis took away the glass of milk that was in you hand and kissed it.
   “Hola.” Antonio said as he went to your left.
   “Hallo.” Gilbert smirked and went to your right.
   You had your puzzling face on as the Spaniard and the Prussian carried you outside and the French opened the door for them. You batted your (color) eyes in confusion as they started the car.
   “So many questions…” You merely uttered and looked at them. What the heck just happened? You were in your Perry the Platypus pajamas enjoying breakfast and your best friends decided to burst in your apartment and take you.
   “Vhat else does it look like ve’re doing, frau? Kesesese!” Gilbert was
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