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Risen from the dead :iconiris-icecry:Iris-icecry 735 109 Nicholas D. Wolfwood :iconfonzu:Fonzu 12 20 Undead Roselia (Gift for Raqonteur) :icontheultione:TheUltione 11 8 What if Wolfwood... :iconfonzu:Fonzu 9 36 Nicholas D. Wolfwood - CG :iconfonzu:Fonzu 47 44 Pieta, after Laszlo Toth- state 1 :iconcosmicnavel:cosmicnavel 5 0 Kaminari Denki - fallen angel E.T.B.G.M. :iconanimemangakidgirl:ANIMEMANGAKIDGIRL 2 1 Zombie Bride Risen :icondrp2p:drp2p 3 0 Zombie Bride Risen :icondrp2p:drp2p 3 0 Zombie Bride Risen :icondrp2p:drp2p 2 1 Zombie Bride Risen :icondrp2p:drp2p 1 0 Christ Has Risen :iconx-courtneypaige-x:x-CourtneyPaige-x 1 0 Happy Easter! :iconsweetnminty:Sweetnminty 4 12 Inktober2016-01 :iconaurhia:Aurhia 0 0
The sky looked sick, starving for sun
The wind clawed at my clothes, threatening to rip the coarse fabric from my shoulders
But I didn't notice any of this
Everything but the dying man seemed dull and inconsequential
Every time his chest heaved, every time he tried to raise himself just a little
To breathe, just to breathe, weight supported on that single nail
My breath hitched inside my throat
Something rooted inside me wouldn't allow me to look away
His hands would clench, struggling against the bloodied wood
Every movement was useless
I heard a soldier laugh; another comment about the crown
And I remember the moment when the cross had been raised
The only words I'd heard him speak had been from that moment
Before he grew tired
Before the agony had overcome him completely
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
I tried to bury it with the same ease as the soldiers
It was futile; something was whispering in my mind
Something was murmuring wrong, wrong, wrong
:iconnonplusgray:NonplusGray 6 28
Anime Matsuri '10 Sketchbook10 :iconbitterlilraccoon:bitterlilraccoon 0 1
For much too long
you'd kept me behind bars
without a life, without a song,
unrecognizable through my scars.
My cell soon became my grave.
My heart just stopped beating,
nothing I could do to save
myself as I lay bleeding.
I'd been chained away from me
and all those who still cared.
You were all that I could see.
No hope had been spared.
But now I'm alive.
I've been resurrected.
I took back you couldn't hide.
I've been resurrected.
I once only saw your eyes
blocking out the star's light.
But now I can see the skies
and I've never seen them so bright.
I have come back from the dead.
Please don't let me die again...
Before you took my life
there was so much I thought I knew.
But now I know what it means to cry
and I know what pain is, too.
Before you robbed me of my soul
I didn't know the things I had,
didn't know I would miss what you stole,
didn't know it could hurt this bad.
But then it got so cold
and all the laughter faded.
The truth began to unfold:
I'd underestimated.
But now I'm
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Zombie Bride Risen :icondrp2p:drp2p 1 0