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During my career as the „Perverted Art Thief Hunter” I have encountered various plagiarists. I don’t consider myself to be an uber N00B killer (Hell, it takes more than just one person to get the scum banned! So, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!), but I’m no newbie. And I’d like to share my experience with you.
Why? Some of you may find this essay simply amusing. Some may want to use it as a tutorial. Or just to compare my stories with their own. But let’s not focus on the introduction, and cut to the chase, shall we?
TYPICAL ART THIEF LINES (and what do I think about them)
“You’re just jealous!”
Yes, I am… Of the original artist’s talent, not some low wannabe, who doesn’t even try to lift up a pencil.
“It’s not mine! My brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever made it!”
In that case I suggest your brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever get their own account.
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This is happened a long time ago so it will be kind of hard to remember. I was about 9 or 10.
It was a normal day at school not much happening. So like normal I would wedgie a few kids to entertain myself and end up getting in trouble because they will go and tell on me.
So after losing most of my lunch break I got let out of being bored to death got to have little bit of fun before last lesson. So I tried to find my friend but that became difficult and then I accidently dropped my bag somehow (clumsy me. Not sure if that was what really happened) so I bent over to pick it up and as soon as my hand touched the bag I hear a ripping noise. So I used my other hand to feel the back of my trousers and instead of feeling my trousers i felt my knickers. My face turned red and quickly picked up my bag and tried covering my undies with it hoping no one saw and I quickly went inside to go change into my PE shorts.
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Arkham City Bloat-down
Nature abhors a vacuum.
It had been a busy old time in Gotham. Joker was dead, Batman triumphant, Hugo Strange defeated and Arkham city in ruin and disarray.
Huge numbers of inmates had been rounded up already to be returned to their cells in waiting Arkham, leaving large swathes of the former open air prison empty.
Empty... And unguarded.
The glass creaked, the smallest amount of pressure causing it to flex slightly. Just enough pressure for, say, a diamond tipped claw to trae a generous circle upon it, neatly cutting a hole in the pane through which a lithe, leather clad cat burglar might gain entry.
Doors were so passé.
She carefully slipped the disc of glass out, catching it before it fell to the street below, the resulting crash would be heard by few in this ghostly wasteland but few ears were still too many ears for comfort.
She was in.
Selena whistled at the vast space. The museum was like a tomb, the air still save for the slow pirouette of dust motes, the silence ab
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Fantastic Food Fight
"welcome to another addition of The Fantastic Food Fight with me, the host who can eat the most roast, Amanda Thorpe"
Amanda smoothed down her tucked in loose fitting billowy white shirt and smiled for the camera. Her brown eyes sparkled as she brushed an errant strand of long, straight brown hair out of her eyes, lighting up the camera and the television screens of her adoring public with her infectious grin.
"I'm here in Armahearn, Arizona, to meet one very special lady, Kelly Rivers, who invited me to come visit her restaurant with a challenge. Let's meet Kelly."
The image whips through a quick montage of shots of Amanda posing with ridiculous foodstuffs; here she is with a burger the diameter of a dinner plate, there a pizza that looks like a wagon wheel with pepperoni on it. The images end, and we see her stood next to another woman. This new arrival is a fair few inches shorter than Amanda's impressive five foot seven frame, but she sports a very impressive looking belly. Wearing
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Sarah pt.11
  By about one that afternoon, they felt they had digested well enough to move around, do other things. One thing they knew though. After all that eating, none of them would be fitting well into their old wardrobe. Both Megan's and Sarah's sweatpants were in dire danger of exploding at any second. Sarah's more than Megan's, but both were worryingly strained. Yeah, after all this, a shopping trip was a necessity for all of them. According to their goals, Sarah had clearly gained to most, but their own gains were nothing to sneeze at. Julia's face and stomach took the majority of her gain, rounding her chin, and her tits were obviously bulging more than ever out of her E-cup bra. And had she always had that extra fat roll around her stomach? Bri was looking fatter than ever with her pants (finally) unbuttoned and her massive gut hanging out the bottom of her formerly baggy T-shirt. Despite this appearance though, out of the four of them, Bri had actually gained the LEAST! Next
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Zelda's New Power
Zelda's New Power
Princess Zelda sighed as she read the report.   She leaned back slightly in her chair in her office, as she was a bit distressed seeing that once more she had found herself and her kingdom in trouble.  On the plus side, with Ganondorf already defeated not too long ago, hopefully this incident would be less troublesome.  Perhaps the Kingdom of Hyrule may never fully achieve peace, or maybe it will.  The struggles never stops it seemed, but that meant that Zelda herself would never stop doing her best to achieve peace and prosperity for her kingdom.  
As princess of Hyrule, she was bestowed with many duties and powers, such as the ability to communicate telepathically in times of need.  This however meant that she had little spare time for herself.  In addition to her duties, she was also the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom.  For generations, her ancestors have passed this duty
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