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Death Battle: Ash Williams vs. Eddie Riggs
Layne: That’s it! We’ve analyzed the warriors’ weapons, tactics, and skills. Let’s get this fight started!
Xander: It’s time for a Death Battle!
It was a lukewarm day in the Brutal Land, clouds in the sky, Tollusks, Raptor Elks, and Ground Urchins dotted the landscape, killing each-other to survive. The day would’ve passed like any other, but…
A massive, dark, clouded vortex appeared in the sky above the famed statue of Lars Halford, Brutal Land’s liberator and first King. Out from it fell a man. He landed on the head, back first, falling on to the arm, this time on his stomach, sliding off of it and falling to the ground.
He lay there for a few moments, before lifting himself off the ground and shaking his crash landing off. His dark hair was combed over in an almost corporate fashion, his chiseled face marked with cuts and scars, most prominent being one on his upper lip. His blue dress shirt was torn and ragged, reveal
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Prelude: Ash Williams vs. Eddie Riggs
Layne: Usually it’s not enough to take out the forces of darkness.
Xander: Sometimes you have to make it awesome!
Layne: Ashley J. “Ash” Williams, the time travelling Deadite killer…
Xander: And Eddie Riggs, the ultimate roadie.
Layne: I’m Layne and he’s Xander.
Xander: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner of… a Death Battle!
Name: Ashley J. Williams
Nickname: Ash
Height: 6’1”
Weight: ~170 lbs.
Occupation: Housewares Department worker at S-Mart, Chosen One

*Cue Music*
Layne: Ashley J. “Ash” Williams was a young man living a normal life.
Xander: With a name like “Ashley,” that’s a feat in itself.
Layne: All of that would go up in smoke when he, his girlfriend, sister, and two other friends traveled to a cabin in the woods.
Xander: Will horror film characters
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CDS: Jack Cayman vs Eddie Riggs
Roy: The combatants are set, and we have chosen a decisive winner to this fight!
 Crystal Mountain Recording Studios

Amps were in place, guitars were finely polished, the microphone lay gently on a stand, waiting to be used. The speakers sat in order and dusted, showing no spec of use, despite the countless grueling hours spent in the recording studio. The control panel outside the studio lay neatly set, with headphones hooked up and ready to go.
 All in the work of a good roadie.
 The doors opened, the band shuffled in. Two Scandinavian men chatted with one another, while a stocky and burly front-man took his place near the microphone, his black hair draped over his back and shoulders. He lightly growled into the mic, as a dreaded, redheaded drummer walked to the back and took his seat. Lastly, came a complaining guitarist, with a thick lisp and a gap tooth.
 They all too
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One Minute Melee! Eddie Riggs vs. Mordekaiser

The Era of Metal has begun…
And metal shall prevail.
For we know what they have done…
Five legends of our realm…
Who sought to follow the path of their dark musics.
But they did not know what they had summoned…
To these creatures…
There is but one thing left to do:

These words echoed around the Haunted Forest as fog from the Dry Ice Mines began to creep in. Some malevolent force even managed to spook creatures of the Black Tears, the Reaper Steeds fleeing as fast as their hooves could carry them.
Eddie Riggs sat in his Deuce, wondering just what the hell was going on. He looked to his sides in confusion. He leapt out of the Deuce to get a better look at the chaos around him. Black Tears creatures didn
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