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Bell heartless :iconpikeinverse:PikeInverse 14 4 Sketchy reflection of Arian's cameos :iconsteampunkgorgon:SteampunkGorgon 5 16 Tank :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 4 0 Yuki-Onna in Pioneer Square :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 3 0 Shakespeare :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 5 1 Crisis Core furcadia Avatar G :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 2 0 Fanartrhapsodies :iconxailenrath:Xailenrath 2 0 The-Red-Shark :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 2 0 Survived the Party :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Halloween Story 2015 Part 3 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 You Don't Need My Flowers :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 5 Rhapsodies at 2000!!! :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Banora Farmer :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 5 10 TLR - Poster :iconfsdesigns:fsdesigns 4 4 The Twenty Seven Commandments :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 3 Rhapsodies Comicstrips From December 2015 Week 1 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 You Call It Madness... :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Rhapsodies: comicstrips from November-2015 Week 3 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Halloween Story 2015 Part 1 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Hoopoe :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Homestead Metropolitan :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 TLR - Concert Audio CD :iconfsdesigns:fsdesigns 1 0 Rhapsodies: Comicstrip Christmas-2015-Part-2 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 -Resplendent Rhapsodies- :iconwintercherryblossoms:wintercherryblossoms 0 0 Rhapsodies: Comicstrip Christmas 2015 Part 3 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Rhapsodies Book Cover :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 It's her duty :icongarkha:Garkha 7 8 Rhapsodies Comicstrips From December 2015 Week 2 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 1000th Strip :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 -RR- Frozen in time :icongarkha:Garkha 5 6 Smiling at the Beach :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Halloween Story 2015 Part 4 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Rhapsodies: Comicstrip Christmas-2015-Part-1 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Rhapsodies: comicstrips from November-2015 Week 2 :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 TLR - Programme Booklet :iconfsdesigns:fsdesigns 9 2 Crows :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Valentine's Day :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Pink Unicorn :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 A Wolf in the Subway :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Deep Space Rhapsodies :iconstabergfx:StaberGFX 1 0 The William Tell Bit :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 2 Hungarian Rhapsodies Cover :iconskriptkid:Skriptkid 1 1
The Legend of the Otherworld
A shine pierces through, the dull dark night,
and tears the skein through, that wondrous light.
By hands of God, and all it abates,
does it work by his demands; thus it creates.
Deep from the dwelling,
The ground! She is swelling!
Impregnated by the force of nature itself abound,
doth the belly of the Mother grow ever round.
Round and round, grow and grew,
the belly of the Mother ever to brew,
That which comes next in the cycle of life;
The Release of the slippery strife.
Expelled, it is, from the Mother's womb.
Unfortunate for it, the juices serve as a tomb.
Damned for the treachery, betraying its part:
the size, shall it shrink, to the size of its heart.
Escape, from the womb, does a gaseous form cry;
clambering wildly, into the Sky.
From that which brings life, and that which brings death,
Given reign full, from God's own breath.
Hidden below, in the wonders amiss,
lives that horrible mistake, who quells in the abyss.
Infinite forms, and uncountable fears like a glacier;
rages th
:iconmaxxandmart:maxxandmart 0 1
Another Day At The Bar_TifaGenSephYuffZackCloud.
Genesis: Genesis parked up in front of the bar. Sephiroth was in the passenger seat beside him. "Come on, Seph." Genesis pulled the keys out, and got out of his car. He promptly opened the front door with Sephiroth behind me.
9:56 PM
Cloud: (Gah, my dog needs a serious bath! I don't know what he rolled in outside, but he STINKS!)
9:57 PM
Genesis: (Lol, that sucks~! @_@ )
9:58 PM
Cloud: (It'll only take like 20 minutes or so.)
9:58 PM
Cloud: (Not long, he's little still - two people one to hold the other to wash - power dry with a towel and he's good.
9:58 PM
Sephiroth: *looks around his surroundings, contrasting the clean inside of the bar to the slums outside.*
9:59 PM
Genesis: (Alright. We'll be here. )
9:59 PM
Genesis: Genesis noticed Sephiroth's keen observation. "Leave it to Tifa to keep the place clean..." Genesis soon realized the bar was empty. He looked around wearily and took a seat on the bar stool, confident she'd show up eventually.
Sephiroth: *takes a seat next to him* I
:iconseraphim210:Seraphim210 1 0
Peaseblossom as Columbia :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Kate's Gala :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Crossing Over :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 1 0 Ms. Wellington :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Phonecalls :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0