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Yana'mi by Nightblue-art Yana'mi :iconnightblue-art:Nightblue-art 1,101 64 Redemption by Nightblue-art Redemption :iconnightblue-art:Nightblue-art 1,000 58 Raise Me Now by Rowye Raise Me Now :iconrowye:Rowye 383 148 CRAZY BEACH by einlee CRAZY BEACH :iconeinlee:einlee 10,120 2,302 Code Geass - Revival by FoxxFireArt Code Geass - Revival :iconfoxxfireart:FoxxFireArt 2,326 714 Trail of Paradise by moyan Trail of Paradise :iconmoyan:moyan 3,214 386 A Matter of Privilege by Bummerdude A Matter of Privilege :iconbummerdude:Bummerdude 1,176 153 Revived by MorkarDFC Revived :iconmorkardfc:MorkarDFC 413 19 Perk-A-Colas from Nazi Zombies by soPWNEDXcore Perk-A-Colas from Nazi Zombies :iconsopwnedxcore:soPWNEDXcore 603 321 John:Revive by mifinlow John:Revive :iconmifinlow:mifinlow 1,356 129 I trust you by einlee I trust you :iconeinlee:einlee 4,310 298 Perk-A-Cola Labels by TBoneCaputo Perk-A-Cola Labels :icontbonecaputo:TBoneCaputo 88 33 John:Revive 2 by mifinlow John:Revive 2 :iconmifinlow:mifinlow 1,028 40 Kain's benefactor by KainTheVampireLord Kain's benefactor :iconkainthevampirelord:KainTheVampireLord 502 275 The Sunthief by Iribel The Sunthief :iconiribel:Iribel 175 60 We are mortal by Carnegriff We are mortal :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 625 114 Mecha Frieza (Fourth Form) by SOULFORESAKER Mecha Frieza (Fourth Form) :iconsoulforesaker:SOULFORESAKER 200 21 Revive by KrisCynical Revive :iconkriscynical:KrisCynical 801 101 Alive again by KainTheVampireLord Alive again :iconkainthevampirelord:KainTheVampireLord 367 149 Revived by Zhrayde Revived :iconzhrayde:Zhrayde 145 25 How to train your undead dragon by DeathMystery How to train your undead dragon :icondeathmystery:DeathMystery 609 323 Mortal by Carnegriff Mortal :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 454 42 Pokemon Couple Chibis by xRcks Pokemon Couple Chibis :iconxrcks:xRcks 149 8 All Perk-a-Colas by TueuEnSerie All Perk-a-Colas :icontueuenserie:TueuEnSerie 162 187 A sexy Xmas card by 1amm1 A sexy Xmas card :icon1amm1:1amm1 496 237 A second Chance by Sidian-VenBlu A second Chance :iconsidian-venblu:Sidian-VenBlu 95 38 Cleanse Me by roren001 Cleanse Me :iconroren001:roren001 138 48 The Revive by flightless-angel The Revive :iconflightless-angel:flightless-angel 227 66 Frankenstein - The Actual One by SanguineEpitaph Frankenstein - The Actual One :iconsanguineepitaph:SanguineEpitaph 275 85 Crowned Witch Final by CGlas Crowned Witch Final :iconcglas:CGlas 341 18 Kabuto makes it Mother's Day by jesterry Kabuto makes it Mother's Day :iconjesterry:jesterry 355 47 Drink Up by unnaturalimagination Drink Up :iconunnaturalimagination:unnaturalimagination 110 47
the tourist (you and i, uni)
can a single human
be the reincarnation,
and airbag
of my car crash 
i wonder this
as i become the tourist
in my own story.
and this is the prequel;
but it's not really
the second film
as much as it is
the late introduction
to my distorted,
failed reconfiguration
of unset dualities.
that was the onset
of my pride
falling like our satellite--
those short gaps,
felt like elongated gasps
and my life
was dwindling
before me.
and i faltered like stepping
out into the deep end
of the ocean,
but when i fell headfirst,
my steadfast arrogance
was humbled by
the rumbling moans
of the sea.
that was the death
that i needed.
to find myself,
as the cliche doesn't,
i had to lose
everything else.
welcome to the third
of its kind, 
the second regeneration
in a trilogy. 
i am (re/sea)born
and i can see
everything clearly,
even if the haze
of confusion masks
the true color of your hair
and trimmed mine off
in search of some
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 21 6
Fornawa 149 - Mega Velocitrix by BradSimonian Fornawa 149 - Mega Velocitrix :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 79 24
Forbidden Love
See my heart and know my name
Words are helpless too explain
What it is when I look at you
No-one knows just what you do
We must be separate
We can not pair
It's here that I break
You can see it's not fair
I want to hold you
To feel your heart beat
Just one more hug
I would feel more complete
I hold my tongue
I try not to show
Just what it means
You can not know
:iconquantum-cats:quantum-cats 22 12
Perk-A-Cola Bottle Cap Labels by TBoneCaputo Perk-A-Cola Bottle Cap Labels :icontbonecaputo:TBoneCaputo 65 13 Gleam and Glow by Whitestar1802 Gleam and Glow :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 404 71
Two Years Strong
Dear broken heart,
Its been two years now,
that you were shattered,
and I know it feels like
forever, but I promise things
will get better.
So many pieces have yet
to be found,
My confidence has been drowned.
But I'm making my way
Your silent weeping was
heard against the hall,
I am begging you, don't end
it all.
There is so much to live
for, the stars above will say.
And only when they fall,
are we allowed to crawl.
So close your eyes,
and I'll lead the way.
:icongothicxnightxowl:GothicxNightxOwl 32 43
Will She Have A Purpose Again by Jhonskii Will She Have A Purpose Again :iconjhonskii:Jhonskii 189 5 Prowl's Revival by LyricaBelachium Prowl's Revival :iconlyricabelachium:LyricaBelachium 695 161 Megabyte Redesigned WIP by CC-5052 Megabyte Redesigned WIP :iconcc-5052:CC-5052 90 32 Meet Yahiko by jesterry Meet Yahiko :iconjesterry:jesterry 306 23 re... by HenriqueFrazao re... :iconhenriquefrazao:HenriqueFrazao 132 29 SasuSaku Month 2012 - Day 31 - Festive by jesterry SasuSaku Month 2012 - Day 31 - Festive :iconjesterry:jesterry 313 15 Call of Duty Zombies Perkacola by Swany26 Call of Duty Zombies Perkacola :iconswany26:Swany26 172 51 COD - Zombies - Replicas for eBay ELECTRIC CHERRY by faustdavenport COD - Zombies - Replicas for eBay ELECTRIC CHERRY :iconfaustdavenport:faustdavenport 75 49