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Top Ten Problems Of Family Guy (Part #1) :iconjayzeetee16:JayZeeTee16 30 10 Art Review Video: Part 2 :iconalexander-lr:Alexander-LR 37 25 REVIEW: Gravity Falls :icondudiho:dudiho 43 1 Toons These Days - Kill La Kill :iconandrewk:andrewk 64 23
Top Ten Problems Of Family Guy (Part #2)
5) Hypocritical Stupidity

Remember when the silly ones were Peter, Quagmire, and maybe the rest of the main characters? Well, let’s just say that was a long time ago. I mean, literally a long time ago, since it felt like everyone’s been drinking too much Red Bell, taken all the drugs for too long, and develop similar retarded traits as Peter himself; or at least their carelessness is now up to eleven due of the atrociousness. Back in the old days, every character in the series are well-written and well-balanced; while each of them carry different amount of qualities and areas of wisdom. Heck, even the minor characters of the show has various likable moments when it comes to the cutaway gags and action scenes. Now those areas of “wisdom” are the only things they comprehended nowadays and all those qualities they separately have disappeared, so whenever they done several unexplainable-yet-ridiculous actions towards anything else, they couldn’t
:iconjayzeetee16:JayZeeTee16 17 10
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Logan Review
Wolverine is often compared to Batman, in good ways and bad, being known for being overused to the point where even his fans get sick of him. But just like with Batman, when he's done right, you remember why you liked him in the first place.
In the not too distant future of 2029, Wolverine's age has finally started to catch up to him and his healing factor is no longer protecting him from the adamantium bonded to his skeleton from poisoning him. The rest of the X-Men are nowhere to be seen as Xavier is suffering from a degenerative brain disorder that causes him uncontrolled psychic attacks on everyone around him, which killed most if not all of them a year earlier. He only has Wolverine left to take of him, who keeps him with a mutant outcast named Caliban in an abandoned smelting plant where Xavier only risks hurting them. The number of mutants has also been shrinking as they are no longer born.
All of this has made Wolverine a very bitter and cynical man who is only concerned about
:icongoddragonking:GodDragonKing 5 7
Cloaked Critic The Swan Princess :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 7 8 Cloaked Critic Reviews The American Rabbit :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 7 13 Roque One : A Star Wars Story ROCKS :iconkouliousis:kouliousis 6 0 Cloaked Critic Reviews Emperor of the Night :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 6 7 Cloaked Critic Reviews Disney's Snow White :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 6 8 Cloaked Critic Reviews Hotel Transylvania 2 :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 6 11 Cloaked Critic Reviews Dorothy's Return :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 6 8 Malix's Bizarre Zinema -Ep1: Oasis Of The Zombies :iconmalix99:Malix99 6 4 Cloaked Critic Reviews Howard the Duck :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 7 14 Nostalgia Chick From Chipmunk Review :iconfuturamaiscool2938:futuramaiscool2938 4 1 T+J Meet Sherlock Holmes Review :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 5 1 Beaty and the Beast (Live-Action Movie 2017) ROCKS :iconkouliousis:kouliousis 4 1 Cloaked Critic Reviews Halloween in Sleepy Hollow :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 5 0 Pokemon The 19th Movie Rocks (English Dub Version) :iconkouliousis:kouliousis 4 4 Cloaked Critic Reviews Bambi :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 5 4
DeviantArt Art Review Series
Okay, since I know that Alexander-LR is gonna review my art on YouTube, I'm still kinda nervous and yet excited at the same time.
Anyway, I'm gonna do an art review on these guys' art and drawings. And no, it won't be on YouTube either. It'll be on DeviantArt obviously.
:iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 4 16
LOGAN 2017 Movie (Wolverine 3) ROCKS :iconkouliousis:kouliousis 4 0 T+J's Giant Adventure Review :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 4 0 Cloaked Critic Reviews Day of the Tentacle :icontheunisonreturns:TheUnisonReturns 4 8