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I'm coming out: I'm straight
“Mom? Mum? Can I talk to you?”
My voice quivered. Both of them looked up at me. Mom’s head was in Mum’s lap. Mum was slowly stroking her forehead, leaning down to kiss her forehead while still staring at me intently. A satanic bible was placed in Mum’s lap, the thin, withered pages torn in a few places from continued reading. “You know you can talk to us about anything,” Mom said, smiling, sitting up a bit straighter. She leaned over to kiss Mum, who kissed her back. I took a seat on the couch and pulled my knees up to my chin, staring down at my cuticles. Even for a guy, they were pretty nasty.
I took a deep breath. “Guys? I don’t really know how to say this…but, I think I’m heterosexual.”
The room went silent. Mum looked up from our satanic bible and pursed her lips. For a second, I thought she was going to reach out and slap me. In a tight voice, she said, “You know how we feel about heterosexuals. We raised you to be
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Your lack of training is disturbing :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,171 314
Daughter and Mother
Mother & Daughter
At 432 Kennedy Drive, there lived a girl and a woman named Chrissy and Minerva. Minerva was an eight-year-old, naturally staying with her 33-year-old single mother. They had a very steady and close relationship, living all alone together in a big house. Every night they ate dinner together and played games until finally one kissed the other on the forehead for bedtime.
Although their daughter/mother relationship was very close, it was still a little... different.
At the moment, Minerva was in her room at her desk. Minerva was in good shape, trim, a little muscle, and somewhat tall (for an eight-year-old). She'd done gymnastics when she was younger and still tried to keep in shape. Her blonde hair was cut short and very professionally, and her room was very tidy.
Her brown eyes were focused on something on her desk -- she was writing something down on four identical pieces of paper. After she was satisfied with her results, she put down her pen and began to look over h
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Sitter Sitting Part 1
"A babysitter?!"
Mrs. Berbrin sighed, putting on her earrings in the mirror. Friday night in mild weather, she and her husband were going to go out to dinner and a show. Of course, they had to break this news to their son.
"That's right, a babysitter. Nine's way too young to be spending a night alone."
The nine-year-old in question, Kevin Berbrin, held both his arms out, as though asking his mom to look at him, "C'mon! I'm in the fourth grade now! You probably let Geoff stay by himself when he was my age!"
"Actually, we kept him with a babysitter until he was twelve," claimed the boy's mother, sitting on the bed and slipping on her high heeled shoes. "When you're that age, maybe we'll talk."
"Twelve?!" Kevin's prepubescent voice reached a heightened pitch from the anger of the injustice of it all, "You're gonna give me a sitter 'til I'm twelve?"
"If you keep acting like this whenever we go out, I might do it even longer," she added, quite annoyed by this point. Once her shoes were on,
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Maid Master swap caption :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 257 8
Handing Out Candy Part 2
Let's seeeee.... She remembered going potty... Yeah, she did it just that morning! She went poo-poo just before breakfast! And she did it in the potty like a big girl.... So it'd be easy for her to do it now.
So... She rememberrrred.... Washing her hands. Definitely remembered that, so it was probably what came first... There was... sitting? Yeah, she was sitting... And she thought she took her training pants off before she sat down too. Or did you leave them on?
And she had the funny pages with her... So she guessed you could read when you were on the potty...
Hehe... Yeah, funny pages were good today. Charlie Brown was trying to go for the football and... Wait, what was she thinking about?
Was it... Was it playing?
"Wait, nuh uh..." Okay, what was it if it wasn't playing then-- Oh, right, the potty. Alright, so first there was washing her hands then sitting... Which drifted back to the question of whether or not she was supposed to take her training pants off.
Wait, she
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Hilarious Blondie... :iconkiyahocks:kiyahocks 989 75 AT- Reverse Finn/PB :iconmayukichan:mayukichan 1,862 107 Maid Master swap caption 6 :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 185 10 Maid Master swap caption 5 :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 191 8 Liquisentinal Spy. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 487 74 Maid Master swap caption 4 :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 190 17 Symbioti Reversal. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 219 110 Maid Master swap caption 2 :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 179 4 Role reversal :iconwild-cobragirl:wild-cobragirl 202 19 Maid Master swap caption 3 :iconpikaman6:pikaman6 157 5
Seal Their Fate: Sailor Moon
Ami, Sailor Mercury, Breast and Butt Expansion
Ami sighed a bit, rubbing her arms a bit as she set down the book. She looked around the quiet library she was currently sitting in. Though she was usually at peace here, she felt kind of uncomfortable this time. She tried to focus on her studies, but she found herself becoming more and more bothered for no apparent reason. A bead of sweat started to slowly roll down her forehead and onto her glasses. She quickly took them off before scooting the chair back, leaning back and sighing. That was when she noticed the first thing wrong. Her shirt, for some reason, felt tight, even though she knew she had put on a loose fitting one for comfort. She reached down to tug on it, but brushed up against what felt like a soft lump that wasn't there before. Curious, she looked down to investigate
There, staring her back in the face, were two orbs resting on top of her chest. While not massive, she was still thrown off by the large size that she wasn't u
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Silicora Petrol. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 168 50 In Soviet Russia... :icondoomguy1001:DOOMGUY1001 708 177 Dear Dragoness :iconfirecatrich:FireCatRich 313 43 Invasion of the EB. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 204 69 PKMN - Girllade :iconshadowscarknight:ShadowScarKnight 590 145 CMSN: Dog Wish :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 1,398 71 Reversal :iconsrsvision:SRSVision 761 121 C'mere, Prettyboy! :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 268 13 Making her move :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 255 45 The Secretary :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 226 19 You'll wear what you're told to, young man! :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 198 31 Male Morrigan :iconhumbuged:humbuged 601 102
Role Reversal [Jean x reader] Modern AU!
(A/N: b/n is for the name of someone you really hate. Like: bitch's name)
Lying on Jean’s chest the two of you watched your favorite movie. Nuzzling on his chest you couldn’t think of anything better than watching a movie with your boyfriend as pillow. In opposition to you Jean wasn’t pleased with the current situation. Hating the movie you heard him mumble swears and sighing every once in a while which really didn’t help you to concentrate on the film or falling asleep on him. Annoyed you rose from his chest and looked at him.
“Jean, what’s wrong?”
“It’s unfair. Girls get treated far too nice. You can do whatever you like when you say ’ but I’m the girl and you must be the gentleman’.”
“It’s fair!! We pay a high price for it! We can’t go out with our friends normally. There’s at least one guy who tries to grab our butt or boobs, so shut up!”
“You think it’s easy to b
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Nebutronic. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 482 110 Unhappy Tommy :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 181 27 Young couple :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 251 25 Teenage couple :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 182 12 Silicora Petrol (Blue) :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 159 0
In Need of Therapy - TG
A couple months ago I used to have a best friend by the name of Ty who lived with his mom. I always knew his mother as Rachel, like I said used to. I’m not quite sure how it happened but all I know is I’m supposed to be writing this stupid paper to “express” my feelings for therapy. That’s right I said therapy, what happened between Ty and his mother has scarred me for the rest of my life…
So it was probably a Saturday evening and I was staying the night to hang out with Ty and play video games all night long, typical teenage boy stuff. We were hanging out in the basement because that’s where Ty had everything set up and it also had the biggest TV. Well for whatever reason Rachel started to get after Ty about something probably stupid and small which just set Ty off. And here I was just in the middle trying to stay out of it.
I tried to tune out most of their arguing but I will forever hear the last thing Rachel said to her son before going up
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Soviet Mudkip :iconxaikanokurayami:xAikaNoKurayami 439 52 Reversal of the bedtime story :iconsarsel:sarsel 270 30 How To Train Your Viking No.22 :iconcrownflame:Crownflame 1,020 253 Can't Catch Sabrina (Cowgirl TF) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 119 15 Joanna wows the boys :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 172 24
Sitter Sitting Part 3
The blonde boy didn't enjoy being so suddenly roused out of his deep sleep. At feeling his shoulder being gently nudged, he only sleepily groaned, moving his bicep to get the hand off it.
"Kevin, get up! Th-This is really important!"
Whoever this was sounded pretty scared, Kevin could tell that even in his tired brain. With another sleepy moan, he mustered the effort and sat up, eyes barely open. As he rubbed one, his vision cleared slightly. The fog was gone, the scent of sugar just barely lingering.
Jenn was there before him. While Kevin thought she was terrified a moment ago, she really just looked more scared. Very dimly, the boy became aware that this was still the kitchen, "What... what happened? The smog did..."
"It's gone!" proclaimed the little girl, nodding vigorously. I covered my face wif' a blanket from the living room an' opened the door."
As if to illustrate, she pointed to the locked door at the corner of the room, which led into the backyard. The warm summer a
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Modern love :iconeves-rib:Eves-Rib 188 19 Blair Motivational :icondraconichero18:draconichero18 479 305
A Change of Heart
Dragons and knights,
Sadness and strife.
A gem to his love,
Wants her to be wife.
The gem held a charm
For the one who was saddened,
For the one who would wear it
Would turn into a dragon.
The misunderstanding
Crossed with anger and hate
Doomed the poor prince
To a rather cruel fate.
He would pursue his love
With the intent to kill.
But he would be thwarted
By the dragon's own will.
Then when all is revealed,
The prince is in shame.
The saddened breathes fire
And now he's the same!
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Spyro and Cynder Role Reversal :iconspyro0and0cynder:Spyro0and0Cynder 180 66