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Why I think Tech+Rev works
For the past year or so, I keep on hearing how Rev and Tech are not a couple and will never be a couple.  As a Tech/Rev supporter, I wanted to write this down and let other people know why I support it and why it could work out.
For all fangirls who whine and complain that Rev and Tech are not gay and don't want them to be paired up...
Deal with it.
Just because Tech or Rev are not paired up with your stupid Mary Sues or yourself, that doesn't mean you have to get pissy whenever you see a Tech/Rev fanart or fanfic.   
So why do we like Tech/Rev? Well most of us like it because it is implied in the show. If you don't like Tech/Rev because of religious reasons or other, then that's your problem.  But if you hate it because it's "not cannon" and "it'll ruin the show", I don't give a crap about your rantings
Fandoms are not a religion! It's a belief, and also I can interpret the show however I want to.  I really hate it how people keep on
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The Rev - Untitled Poem
It's amazing that the world can keep spinning
after you have left it.
We all saw the topic "Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan" and we all thought,
"What did he do this time?"
We continue to read the words,
"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts"
And our hearts also sink.
This could not be possible.
Of the five he seemed the most
First we think it could be a joke.
That the guys are messing with us, teasing us before the release of their new material.
Second, we are stunned, as are our bodies;
they quiver and our mouths hang open.
Overcome by the realization that this is no jest.
He is gone from this Earth.
Thirdly, we become either angry or
swollen with tears.
Our hearts plummet to our stomach, we hit things, we cry out, we vomit, we scream
his name.
Of the fourth, we become numb.
It's what creeps up our failing arms, our kicking legs
It's the pain in our throats from our tormented screams
It's the tears simply falling out and our useless hands that have no intention of wiping them
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Welcome Home Soldier
Welcome Home Soldier
I still remember the day Matt went off to be a soldier. It's been a year since I saw my Mattie bear. In the past year, so much has happened... And it affects Matt so much... But I don't think he's talking to me anymore. I have written a million letters and he never replies... I wonder if he hates me. I don't know if anyone will ever see this or if I will see my Mattie bear again... But I have to tell someone and this is the only way to.
Matt left for duty on October 27, 2011. It broke my heart when he left. We kissed each other one last time and he walked off. My heart broke as I watched him. Once I no longer saw him, I went home. I lay on our bed clutching his pillow to my chest. I felt tears coming and I let them flow. I felt like there was no reason to do anything without my Mattie. In my heart, I had no reason to eat or drink or do anything but lay in bed.
I did that for 2 weeks. Then one day I ran to puke. I had no idea what made me sick. I haven't eaten in a
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SeeU Hide-And-Seek The First Translyrics!
Ding Dong
Hurry, open the door
I have come for you!
It's no use to try to hide from me.
Ding Dong
Hurry, open the door
I have come for you!
It's too late for you to escape me!
Look out through the window.
Then our eyes will meet through the glass
Your eyes frozen in fear.
Now, I want to see you up close!
Ding Dong
I'm coming in for you
Hurry up and run,
Let's play tag and have our fun
Ding Dong
I've come in for you now
Hurry up and hide
Let's play hide-and-seek and have some fun!
Thumping of your footsteps
I can hear it clearly from here.
Now your ragged breathing
I can hear you trying to run!
Hide tight
I can see the top of your hair.
Hide tight
I can see the top of your hair
Hide tight
I can see the top of your hair
Hide tight
I can see your head!
I'm in front of your door
Now I'm coming in
I don't need to ask permission
Now I'm in your bedroom
Where are you hiding?
The game is almost at its end now!
I looked under the bed,
That I found in your empty room.
I g
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Jimmy Sullivan's Death
     I like to think my family's crazy for what they mean when they say, "After an amazing day with everyone you love, someone always dies". When he died, everything really changed on that perspective. Things aren't the same without him. And when I say 'him', I mean the ever, all-acclaimed, Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan.
     It was too soon, maybe by sixty years too soon when he died. At age 28, the world's most inspirational musician left us with the broad memory of his accidental worldly-advice and his intentional stupidity.  He didn't try to be who he was. He wasn't trying to teach the world about how to love when there's nothing to love. He didn't try to make everyone smile because he was right; he tried to make everyone smile because he thought he was funny. He was pure, no matter his drug-infused past, and he naturally made it a point to stay that way. Not many people in the industry are like that, so to him I give kudos.
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The darkness came
And swallowed you whole
A lifeless body
Longing for a soul,
It snatched you up
Clean off your feet
No longer will we hear
Your rhythmic drum beat,
So now we sit and wait
Until you come home
To find where you belong
And never leave us alone,
But now we have spent
Far too long mourning
And we pray and hope
For the thunder to come roaring,
FoREVer we remember
FoREVer we show love
Hoping you're looking down on us
From paradise up above.
We love you Jimmy <3
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Rapture High 16
"FINE!!" Jimmy screamed, shoving his heart back in his chest then he looked at me. I shivered. It was like he wasn't actually looking at me but through me.... like his eyes were glass. I shuddered as he stared through me.
"I-I'm gonna go back to my room,"
"Let me come with you,"
"No.... I would like to be alone," I can't believe I'm gonna sink this low. "And if you loved me, like you claim you do, you would let me alone for a while,"
"Of course my love," He smiled widely. "Just let me know when you want me to do anything for you,"
"O-ok," I smiled before walking off. I walked through the library before running into the bathroom and locking the door. I slid down and hugged my knees. I jumped as there was a clicking noise then I saw the spider that I had called Derick was clicking at me. "Hey Dee,"
I held out my hand and he climbed on before nuzzling it. I sighed and it clicked at me.
"Oh it's nothing...." I mumbled. It clicked again. "It's just the rev's really freaking me out at the mo
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What kind of god would take a soul, and leave our bodies cold.
a different beat,to a brand new song, hope this pain can move along.
his time was surely wrong, to die, you were much too young.
And forever you'll remain, forever in our hearts.
in our hearts you will stay, while your soul has gone away.
what kind of god would take a man, a man who has not sin.
in this life, its the end. a new one soon begins.
can you hear me from the heavens, I pray that you are hearing.
and forever you'll remain, forever in our hearts.
in our hearts you will stay, while your soul has gone away.
we now move on like you did, just the way you would've wanted it.
as we watch the sticks hit the drum from another man chosen at random.
til we met in the afterlife, i know i'll see you, right?
forever in our hearts til its the death of me, for now i hope you rest in peace.
And forever you'll remain, forever in our hearts.
in our hearts you will stay, while your soul has gone away.
while your soul has gone...away.
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Synacky - Warmness on the soul. :Oneshot:
[8 years old]
Zacky was sitting quietly, sketching a guitar that he spotted hidden away in one of the corners of the elementary school classroom. He always wanted to learn guitar, but he could never bring himself to do it. And anyway, he was too busy at home and school to even focus on learning guitar.
He got teased a lot for being left handed, there was a kid in school who was hardcore catholic and was taught that "Left hands are the Devil's hands". So he got picked on a lot. Sometimes this boy and his friends would even follow him home and beat him up, scaring him into not telling anybody.
Done. Zacky finished his sketch, it was quite messy considering his age and the fact that he used one of the crappy crayons to draw the picture. He looked at it happily and slipped it in his bag before anyone noticed. He got bored quickly, and he just sat around, waiting for the bell to go and the teacher to come in the door, ready to teach the class.
Zacky was fidgeting with a pencil on the table,
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Peaceful Afterlife
We had something great, then it was washed away. We had something more, then I can explain. I'm sorry.
Jimmy Owen 'The Reverend Tholomew Plague' Sullivan is in his Eternal Rest, in his own little Afterlife. We will never let his memory become one of the Forgotten Faces in this Bat Country of the Beast and the Harlot.
We Scream to Dear God for his Lost soul to have its own Little Piece of Heaven, completely Unbound from this wild ride we call life.
All the Gunslingers honor him with every Flash of the Blade, not one ounce of Tension will ever stop them on their Walk of the path of the Sidewinder for the Strength of the World to never let the honoring of his memory be Betrayed.
All the Trashed and Scattered will Seize the Day and Burn it Down while The Art of Subconscious Illusion has then Blinded in Chains at the Crossroads of all Demons. Until the End The Fight for his memory with the Dancing Dead will be Almost Easy, even with Darkness Surrounding the Lips of Deceit when
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Rapture High 6
"Zacky... why did you run away?" Arin asked as I sat eating my food. I had a nice long shower and now was eating a well cooked meal. I looked up at Arin.
"I can't stand been left in the dark," I replied
"What do you mean?"  Arin replied. I looked at him and sighed.
"The ghosts, the creepy going on and the forest covered in snow... it's summer for fuck sake," I replied. "I just feel like there's a big secret and I'm not allow to know what it is,"
"Zacky, it's for your own good," Arin replied. I glared at him.
"Whatever... I'm gonna find out... one way or another," I replied, before finishing the meal. "I'm going to my room,"
"Ok... good night Zacky," He replied, as I got up. "Oh I've put some spare clothes on your bed,"
"Thanks," I replied, walking out. Well may have said I was going to bed but I'm not. Instead I went to the library. I walked round and found that I was the only person there. I sighed and walked over to the shelves and started to look for books that might hold
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Rapture High 11
"As your friend, I suggest you say no to Synyster," Arin gasped as I had informed him off my date. I gave him a look. "Oh god you fancy him?!"
"No!" I gasped... "but he is cute,"
"Oh god, Zacky, he's a fucking vampire and a psychotic one at that,"
"Speaking vampires, what are you?"
"Human.. stop trying to change the subject,"
"Then haven't they tried to attack you and why do you pop out of no where?" I rose my eyebrow. "And you have no lights in your eyes... it's like you're not living,"
He sighed.
"Well, I guess you're gonna find out anyway... I'm a ghost,"
"You what?" I gasped.
"I'm a ghost... I died here in 1965,"
"Oh great my best friend's a ghost... how did you die?"
"Um... one of the werewolves got out and attacked me..."
"Wait werewolves?!"
"Oh no one told you about them?" He asked, sweetly.
"No they didn't and I'm still stuck on the you're a ghost bit," I replied, making him chuckle. "What?"
"Check this out," He smiled before going to punch me but his arm went through my head.
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