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Choose your god :iconalastordemon:Alastordemon 8 17
Painless Injuries
Forcing my way through the trees and eventual bright lights,
Injuries become known, some new, some old fights,
Searching for a decision, forced now to always pretend,
I pass a broken fence which appears it doesn't need a mend,
A familiar sound in the distance streets cause a shadow to become a home,
Now choosing to remain lost in darkness, the best place I have known,
I walk apon shattered glass, but this my eyes fails to see,
The greatest part of me is missing, yet somehow I manage to be,
The trees are now beyond my memory, the strange injuries remain,
My wife left dying in the car; the fore doesn't burn me for I am the flame.
:iconlackofevolution:lackofevolution 5 0
Crow King :iconillusiontracions:Illusiontracions 5 0 School Poster Design :icongaming-master:Gaming-Master 0 0 Radar :iconstokedkid7:StokedKid7 0 13 Responsibility :icontravisladouceur:TravisLadouceur 17 3 Running Away :iconclassicdarkwings:ClassicDarkWings 1 0 The Shackles of Duty. :iconlolita-kicks-ass:Lolita-kicks-ass 1 0 Lack of resposibility :iconeclipsedvoice:EclipsedVoice 1 5 A man who is Punchdrunk :iconstormcrow135:Stormcrow135 0 0
The Child In Me....
                The Child In Me...
The child in me whispered ….......
"were you ever like this ?
My son"s tantrums split my ears
my wife's accusing filled me with dread.
The child in me challenged ….....
"Did you ever shout at your teachers" ?
The letter from my Son"s Principal
Filled my stomach with a hollow fear.
The child in me begged…............
"Be a man like your son for once"
faced my son and wife ,hands aloft….......
and said "New rules Fellas ".
Copy right 2009
:iconaroonkalandy:aroonkalandy 0 3
On Water
Touch gentle water's surface:
Caress the river,
Trace the bank,
Tread softly on the pebbled path -
Let it take hold,
And be a guide
To forest deep,
Where green and orange constantly do change;
Take heed before it opens fully,
And carries on to ocean, sea -
For there lies an empty cold blue plane,
And cheerful gurgle's lost,
In distance, and in time;
As deeper, darker temperments do rise from depths,
And sink from seething sky,
Swill 'pon themselves and air -
To consume, to swallow in the whole,
Like gaping maw of open chasm,
Obscured by the free....
:iconthoruk:ThorUK 2 11
My Nate
I stood staring at the countless book bindings when suddenly; abruptly I was pulled back to reality by the fierce vibrating buzz of my cell phone.  I answered and listened while a clam voice spoke to me, "Sarah and John were in an accident" "WHAT!" I responded.  My face flashed with heat.  I was quickly reassured that Sarah and John were fine.  Then the bomb was dropped.  Sarah was, at that very minute, in the OR undergoing an emergency C-Section.  I stood amidst my disbelief, sinking, as the reception on my cell phone decayed.  Crackling and torn, the voice offered its low goodbye.  
            Slowly I walked through the aisles until I reached two great wooden doors.  Like mountains, they seemed anchored to the earth as I coaxed them to open.  Cool spring air rushed at me, washing away the rose that had just covered my cheek
:iconvidaeternal:VidaEternal 0 1
The World Is Mine II :iconallykat08:allykat08 0 0