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Digimon Tamers by YoukaiYume Digimon Tamers :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 5,827 831 S L A S H by moremindmel0dy S L A S H :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 2,781 161 Renamon - a by Destro2k Renamon - a :icondestro2k:Destro2k 722 252 Beauty's Reflection- Renamon by tailsrulz Beauty's Reflection- Renamon :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,575 288 Delphox X Renamon by CatCouch Delphox X Renamon :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 559 95 Look in the mirror- Renamon by tailsrulz Look in the mirror- Renamon :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,821 335 FanArt: Renamon by white-angel-ariah FanArt: Renamon :iconwhite-angel-ariah:white-angel-ariah 1,287 223 PokeDigimon : Foxes Fight by Sa-Dui PokeDigimon : Foxes Fight :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 1,596 109 T A N O S H I I by moremindmel0dy T A N O S H I I :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 1,984 115 renamon fursuit Complete by ajisai-rebellion renamon fursuit Complete :iconajisai-rebellion:ajisai-rebellion 431 76 Golden Renamon -WP- by tailsrulz Golden Renamon -WP- :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,551 300 Renamon's Candid Shower 0.5 by tailsrulz Renamon's Candid Shower 0.5 :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,340 238 Volputuous Renamon by tailsrulz Volputuous Renamon :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 1,809 131 Golden Renamon 3 by tailsrulz Golden Renamon 3 :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 1,852 199 Renamon Dance by o-kemono Renamon Dance :icono-kemono:o-kemono 553 52
Renabration (Renamon Body Swap TG)
I clacked away once more at the keys of my keyboard as I looked at my Deviantart account. To my shock, I found that I had just reached 10,000 views! I scratched my chin with my index finger, as I pondered on what to do next. How should I celebrate? Should I get drunk and play Skyrim for eight hours? Should I beat up Phil? Should I write a poem about the inner-workings of Dragon's Crown? Should I go on a magical quest to find seven wish-granting orbs? I sat there impatiently, and continued to stew in my thoughts. What could I possibly do that I haven't done already? Just as I was about to give up hope on writing something new and unique, I heard the garbage cans at the back of my house fall over.
It was that stupid neighborhood cat again, I knew it! Even Ziggy wouldn't pull this kind of crap, all he ever does is steal my body! That other cat likes to knock over my trash cans constantly, he's much more of a pain than Ziggy was! I got off the chair, and walked briskly down the stairs. I t
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 90 63
Taming the Tamer - Renamon TF
It had been the end of another busy day for Peter. it was sunset, the sky was clear, not too cold considering it was Winter. He was on his way back home from college and making his way towards the bus stop. The buses had been on strike for a few days, and only one or two of them were running every so often, so he'd be waiting a while for one. As he neared it, he had noticed a shop that he had never seen before. It was a comic and collectors shop from the looks of it, with a banner above the door reading "Grand opening weekend - 20% off all items!". It certainly sounded like a good offer to Peter, and he had no idea how long he would be waiting for a bus. Thankfully the shop had the bus stop in full view, so he'd be able to see out to see if it was coming along, so he went inside to have a look around.
The instant he stepped in, he knew he had stepped into one weird shop. Perhaps this was the reason why everything was 20% off. The stuff that was inside that shop looked pretty normal to
:iconauraguardianhadou:AuraGuardianHadou 145 25
renamon trying to get dressed by mike-son renamon trying to get dressed :iconmike-son:mike-son 616 58 Renamon by Magolobo Renamon :iconmagolobo:Magolobo 1,335 172 renamon by Visark renamon :iconvisark:Visark 993 192
A Renamon Costume
It was morning, the sun came up not to long ago.  Dustin was sound asleep in his bed. He was a young man who had just turned eighteen  not too long ago. He had light brown hair that looked like a bird made a nest in it. His alarm went off and woke him up. He opened his green eyes and jumped put of bed to turn it off. Dustin was wearing his night time pajamas with Digimon on them. A smile appeared on his face. "Today is going to be great! I love Halloween." he said and got dressed in every day clothes. He was now wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of grey shorts.  Dustin spent the next hour doing the normal morning stuff. Bathroom stuff like brushing his teeth, taking a shower, the works. He are a few pancakes and after the hour was done he sat down and started playing his new video game for the DS. It was a Digimon game of course, Digimon world Dawn.
Dustin played the game for a few hours. He stopped as a knock came to the door. Dustin closed his DS so it
:icondustomega:Dustomega 224 97
Natanimon by Twokinds Natanimon :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,990 477 Death's Cold Embrace by DoomXWolf Death's Cold Embrace :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 674 63 Renamon: Candid Shower by tailsrulz Renamon: Candid Shower :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,964 359 Renamon by MagnaStorm Renamon :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 691 48 'Lone Fox' by DoomXWolf 'Lone Fox' :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,339 158 Lovely Morning by DoomXWolf Lovely Morning :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,407 154 Bunny Suit Renamon by DoomXWolf Bunny Suit Renamon :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,078 52 Garden by DoomXWolf Garden :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 741 37 Vday Renamon by DoomXWolf Vday Renamon :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,378 202 *You make me blush* by DoomXWolf *You make me blush* :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 964 65 Morning Stretch by DoomXWolf Morning Stretch :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,289 65 Renamon X Krystal by DoomXWolf Renamon X Krystal :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,027 80 'Who's a good Digimon?..' by DoomXWolf 'Who's a good Digimon?..' :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,139 91 Innocent Vixen by DoomXWolf Innocent Vixen :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,018 99 Renamon 3D walkcycle. by Niko40 Renamon 3D walkcycle. :iconniko40:Niko40 1,067 722 Sitting and Listening by DoomXWolf Sitting and Listening :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,031 94 Renamon by FoxInShadow Renamon :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 1,498 40 Behind the Screen by DoomXWolf Behind the Screen :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,049 242 Relaxing Beauty by DoomXWolf Relaxing Beauty :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 747 28 'Begone! You're no match for me..' by DoomXWolf 'Begone! You're no match for me..' :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 1,009 91 Sweet Stare by DoomXWolf Sweet Stare :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 991 112 Grrrr.. by DoomXWolf Grrrr.. :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 899 72 Renamon's Breast by DAgilityRei Renamon's Breast :icondagilityrei:DAgilityRei 1,374 271 Sexy por naturaleza by arkangel-zigma Sexy por naturaleza :iconarkangel-zigma:arkangel-zigma 449 161 Love Fox by DoomXWolf Love Fox :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 687 88