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Remnant by ChrisCold Remnant :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 2,962 62 The Remnant by shimoda7 The Remnant :iconshimoda7:shimoda7 2,267 465 The girl on Fire. RWBY cosplay, Yang xiao long by Giuzzys The girl on Fire. RWBY cosplay, Yang xiao long :icongiuzzys:Giuzzys 374 64 Sleeping Time. Yang, RWBY by Giuzzys Sleeping Time. Yang, RWBY :icongiuzzys:Giuzzys 310 58 Remnant red by heise Remnant red :iconheise:heise 1,826 98 Sandwater by ChrisCold Sandwater :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 842 40 Corfe castle hill by CAStock Corfe castle hill :iconcastock:CAStock 178 59 Ruby and Qrow (RWBY) by AmySunHee Ruby and Qrow (RWBY) :iconamysunhee:AmySunHee 589 58 Dragonfire Nebula by ChaosFissure Dragonfire Nebula :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 300 17 garbage day by PBJ-photography garbage day :iconpbj-photography:PBJ-photography 164 8 Remnant by destroyinc Remnant :icondestroyinc:destroyinc 2,182 239 Jedi Remnant by The-First-Magelord Jedi Remnant :iconthe-first-magelord:The-First-Magelord 453 98 Fire power. Yang Xiao Long, RWBY cosplay. by Giuzzys Fire power. Yang Xiao Long, RWBY cosplay. :icongiuzzys:Giuzzys 262 27 Forest Remnant - handmade Pendant with Moonstone by Ganjamira Forest Remnant - handmade Pendant with Moonstone :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 264 27
For The Reunion
For The Reunion
Looking up toward the sky,
Thinking of how she came to die.
"The Promised Land seems so far away,
Might that your children ascend unto you,
We do not wish to stay."

Gazing down toward the sent,
Feeling the pain of a tearful remnant.
"Little One..."
"Do not cry,
It is the way of things that she had to die."
"Her power was great,
But her time was gone.
And From her dusk,
Came our dawn."
"Please don't be sad,
Your children know what to do.
The Reunion is not so far away,
We so long to be with you."

Descending unto dear advent child,
Sorrowfully rendered meek and mild.
"Little one..."
"Her journey here may have ended thus,
But her strength shall remain always in us."

Holding from behind in winged embrace,
Gripping his heart and caressing his face.
"How truly powerful is her seed,
Just look how strong we grew.
Though she has joined the Lifestream now,
Mother's mnemonic legacy lives on within you."
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 43 31
Commission: Toria by DanilLovesFood Commission: Toria :icondanillovesfood:DanilLovesFood 237 31 Forest Moon - handsculpted Pendant by Ganjamira Forest Moon - handsculpted Pendant :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 252 36 Danny Phantom Rebirth ch2:1+2 by slifertheskydragon Danny Phantom Rebirth ch2:1+2 :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 805 241
January 14th 2016 (Dreamscapes)
I dream in color
Great swathes of crimson ripping
Through forests of glass
Shattering comfort in waves
Of dripping liquid loathing
An ocean pulling
A veritable riptide
Leftover feelings
That surge beneath my surface
Remnants of a long dead self
Forgotten words, dance through my mind.
:iconshihsntz:ShihSnTz 31 18
Petra3 by CAStock Petra3 :iconcastock:CAStock 120 7 Kadaj - FF VII Advent Children by Tsubaki-chan Kadaj - FF VII Advent Children :icontsubaki-chan:Tsubaki-chan 202 120 Rhysis by Sythgara Rhysis :iconsythgara:Sythgara 174 14
Boltro's AR
It was a clear evening in the neighbourhood, Chris the three tailed kitsune was enjoying a walk outside at the sunset. He had bought himself a slushy from the small convenience store at the end of the street. As he was walking down he saw a family of anthro wolves dragging stuff outside. They looked broken. Chris knew who they were and runs to the red teen wolf.
“Hey Boltro!”
The wolf turns and waved. “Hi Chris.”
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“We’re moving the furniture that was damaged from the explosion of the magic book for new one.”
“Oh yea... That book.” Chris said discontentedly, shivering from what the book had done to him. “That book still scares me.”
Boltro laughs.
Chris glared.
“I’m kidding.” Boltro said to make Chris feel better. “Well he won’t be age regressing you anymore. It’s long gone.”
“Good.” Chris said and takes another slurp from his slushy.
:icontails230:Tails230 41 19
Remnant Of Articuno by Kandroid96 Remnant Of Articuno :iconkandroid96:Kandroid96 252 56 Darth Karkharus: Ambushed by Either-Art Darth Karkharus: Ambushed :iconeither-art:Either-Art 140 25 Bordon Birthday by alexichabane Bordon Birthday :iconalexichabane:alexichabane 212 97 Remnant Halloween by alexichabane Remnant Halloween :iconalexichabane:alexichabane 305 83 Stealthy Senya by alexichabane Stealthy Senya :iconalexichabane:alexichabane 163 81 Remnant Comic Painting by alexichabane Remnant Comic Painting :iconalexichabane:alexichabane 228 20 Remnant of War by eronzki999 Remnant of War :iconeronzki999:eronzki999 86 7 Vincent Valentine the sucker by Studio-Gothika Vincent Valentine the sucker :iconstudio-gothika:Studio-Gothika 614 167 Corfe castle tower by CAStock Corfe castle tower :iconcastock:CAStock 73 19 synthetic remnant by MetaDragonArt synthetic remnant :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 101 22 degenerate remnants by Nellor degenerate remnants :iconnellor:Nellor 93 6 Raevan - Sisay by miaow Raevan - Sisay :iconmiaow:miaow 299 63 Remnant by JohnoftheNorth Remnant :iconjohnofthenorth:JohnoftheNorth 125 3 TLR - Irina by N-Maulina TLR - Irina :iconn-maulina:N-Maulina 318 66 The Remnant: Concept Art 5 by seancruz The Remnant: Concept Art 5 :iconseancruz:seancruz 81 1 Remnant Bum by alexichabane Remnant Bum :iconalexichabane:alexichabane 202 73 Fairymoon - Pendant with Crystal and Moonstone by Ganjamira Fairymoon - Pendant with Crystal and Moonstone :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 160 32
TwilightPrincess:Midna's Song
Twilight Princess: Midna's Song
I am
What do you see in me
That you care to know more of?
I am just your shadow hanging on the wall.
Do you care that I am
Nothing of your precious light?
So I am simply that which is not what you are.
I am
What do you care that I
Could be something so much more?
To you I just seem a sinister darkness
The blood of ancestors
Is all that you care to see.
You can not see in me that which could shine brightly.
I am
Not here.
:iconstephonika-w-kaye:Stephonika-W-Kaye 18 20
RWBY Propoganda Poster by Ryuusei-NoGemini RWBY Propoganda Poster :iconryuusei-nogemini:Ryuusei-NoGemini 70 12 Obsidian Remnant - Xypher by AlyssaFoxah Obsidian Remnant - Xypher :iconalyssafoxah:AlyssaFoxah 90 0 Defenders of Athlum by twinklee Defenders of Athlum :icontwinklee:twinklee 141 54 Armament Collage - Revision by eRe4s3r Armament Collage - Revision :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 74 16 The Bad Asses by Nick-Ian The Bad Asses :iconnick-ian:Nick-Ian 572 60 Darth K Revision Iterations 2 by Either-Art Darth K Revision Iterations 2 :iconeither-art:Either-Art 94 6