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One step to Hell by kawacy One step to Hell :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,265 89 Under The Scarlet Moon by Aka-Shiro Under The Scarlet Moon :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 2,238 69 FrenzyFrenzy by YOGISHA FrenzyFrenzy :iconyogisha:YOGISHA 1,713 56 reimu and marisa by pcmaniac88 reimu and marisa :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,641 164 Scarlet Teatime by pcmaniac88 Scarlet Teatime :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 4,707 248 Scarlet Devils by Namie-kun Scarlet Devils :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 5,246 238 Touhou : Scarlet Devil Mansion by Riki-to Touhou : Scarlet Devil Mansion :iconriki-to:Riki-to 2,667 148 Please ! - Touhou Fantart by Daikazoku63 Please ! - Touhou Fantart :icondaikazoku63:Daikazoku63 1,151 89 Scarlet destiny by KOZOUSAN Scarlet destiny :iconkozousan:KOZOUSAN 3,537 92 Touhou: Koakuma by hanahello Touhou: Koakuma :iconhanahello:hanahello 1,614 129 Remilia Mouse Cursor by 42WV Remilia Mouse Cursor :icon42wv:42WV 626 88 Rarity Scarlet by johnjoseco Rarity Scarlet :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 1,759 144 Chibi set - Touhou IN by Ninamo-chan Chibi set - Touhou IN :iconninamo-chan:Ninamo-chan 1,468 134 Touhou by ClearEchoes Touhou :iconclearechoes:ClearEchoes 1,107 45 Remilia Scarlet - Touhou by kirawinter Remilia Scarlet - Touhou :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 1,606 59 Touhou Remilia Scarlet by faustsketcher Touhou Remilia Scarlet :iconfaustsketcher:faustsketcher 945 144 Eternal Scarlet by pcmaniac88 Eternal Scarlet :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,821 188 Imperishable Night by freezeex Imperishable Night :iconfreezeex:freezeex 172 16 Remilia and Sakuya by arbaros Remilia and Sakuya :iconarbaros:arbaros 270 53 Touhou Phantasmagoria by SquChan Touhou Phantasmagoria :iconsquchan:SquChan 1,118 86 Touhou Project - Remilia Scarlet by Ku-MoRaN Touhou Project - Remilia Scarlet :iconku-moran:Ku-MoRaN 226 16 Dollhouse by pcmaniac88 Dollhouse :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 2,990 237 Remilia Scarlet - Touhou Project by Pugoffka-sama Remilia Scarlet - Touhou Project :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 325 6 Railroad to the Gensokyo- Sunflower Nocturna by freezeex Railroad to the Gensokyo- Sunflower Nocturna :iconfreezeex:freezeex 912 72 Be Honest by TheRealClaireR Be Honest :icontherealclairer:TheRealClaireR 135 184 Perfecting Your Maid - 2/5 by Belt-Buster Perfecting Your Maid - 2/5 :iconbelt-buster:Belt-Buster 948 48 Remilia Scarlet by IchigoKitty Remilia Scarlet :iconichigokitty:IchigoKitty 331 59 Night of Scarlet by Arlmuffin Night of Scarlet :iconarlmuffin:Arlmuffin 802 72 Bullying Rinnosuke by EUDETENIS Bullying Rinnosuke :iconeudetenis:EUDETENIS 868 21 Danmaku!!-Scarlet Mist by freezeex Danmaku!!-Scarlet Mist :iconfreezeex:freezeex 700 37 Weekly Doodles - Touhou (Amilia) by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - Touhou (Amilia) :iconrandowis:RandoWis 160 7 Scarlet Devil by Nyki90 Scarlet Devil :iconnyki90:Nyki90 1,207 79 TP EoSD: Scarlet Sisiters sukumizu by MartinaEdelstein TP EoSD: Scarlet Sisiters sukumizu :iconmartinaedelstein:MartinaEdelstein 129 29 Elder Sister Remilia by IchigoKitty Elder Sister Remilia :iconichigokitty:IchigoKitty 194 36 Touhou: Patchouli by hanahello Touhou: Patchouli :iconhanahello:hanahello 824 147 Scarlet Mansion by Jocurryrice Scarlet Mansion :iconjocurryrice:Jocurryrice 185 19 Princess of the Crimson Tower by okitakung Princess of the Crimson Tower :iconokitakung:okitakung 505 63 Remilia Scarlet by KairisTwins Remilia Scarlet :iconkairistwins:KairisTwins 747 118 Remilia's Nighttime Woes - ABDL by waffliesinyoface Remilia's Nighttime Woes - ABDL :iconwaffliesinyoface:waffliesinyoface 232 28
Death Battle - Misaka vs Cole

Screen zooms out to focus on a small office. There are two fully bandaged human figures in the office.

David: ... We have analyzed the competitors, we checked our facts, we examined your votes. All is set to go. Pretty much everything is good to go now that this Death Battle is out.

Remi: But due to certain circumstances we're injured... So if you'd like to make another donation to us two please do~ This magnificent vampire here awaits, and whoever's the hundredth visitor might get a night in bed with a vampire~

David: ... Let's just focus on the Death Battle... You might be new but it's better not to cause a scandal.

Remi: I'm kidding geez. But seriously everyone, don't give Nineball coffee.


InFamous - Cole MacGrath
The Beast was defeated. It was done. The RFI was used and Cole had saved not just New Marais or the US, but the whole world. The Ray Fiel
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 40 100
remilia scarlet by patamy remilia scarlet :iconpatamy:patamy 530 54 Remilia by patamy Remilia :iconpatamy:patamy 546 28 The Scarlet Sisters by IchigoKitty The Scarlet Sisters :iconichigokitty:IchigoKitty 155 23 Remilia Scarlet by zamboze Remilia Scarlet :iconzamboze:zamboze 245 15 Rally The Peasants by MCLT Rally The Peasants :iconmclt:MCLT 124 16 Loli Patchouli by hanahello Loli Patchouli :iconhanahello:hanahello 908 154 Remilia Scarlet-6 by orbg Remilia Scarlet-6 :iconorbg:orbg 210 10 vampire princess and her maid by Godling-Studio vampire princess and her maid :icongodling-studio:Godling-Studio 179 22