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Calm With Me- Liu X Reader
Liu X Reader
  I turned the knob once, the steamy warm water halting it's journey into the tub. The floating islands of bubbles completely covered the surface, shivering when I breathed. It was fantastically amazing, my muscles turning into butter from relaxing. All this stress lately had been doing so much against me, so it felt good to just draw a bubble bath and forget it all.
"Ahhhhhhh......The life of a Creepypasta sure is hard." I muttered, slowly sinking myself neck deep into the water as steam rose up in vaporous ribbons my arm dangling over the side as I reviewed the week in my head. Winter was different then it used to be. Harsh weather made it difficult to hunt, unless we stuck to attacking houses bundled down for the time being. The ice had gotten bad, freezing every tree in Slender's woods, and it had been forever since anyone felt truly warm.
    Plus, as an added bonus, pastas in another state were facing the rage of a small town after an incident occurred
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Obedience Trigger
This is a hypnotic induction file, with post hypnotic suggestions. Reading this file over time will give you a trigger you can use at any time you like, whenever you want to feel more obedient...
If you'd like to, feel free to preview the file, get comfortable with it, and once you've decided you want to be entranced, you've taken the first step into being hypnotized.
Settle yourself comfortably into your chair, or lie down on a bed, do what you need to do to be comfortable. We will now begin.
Get comfortable and relaxed. It doesn't matter if your sitting, standing or even lyng down, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. As you keep reading this , you may begin to find yourself growing more and more relaxed.
Maybe you even feel more relaxed already. A slight tingling feeling, or just a feeling of comfort.
Just keep reading my words and as you do, you may find that it is becoming so easy to relax. Each word seems so relaxing to read, and you may find that the more you read, the more
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