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Rejected!Sasuke x reader x boyfriend!Itachi ~ War
You hated him, he was everything you DIDN'T want in a man.
"Go play in a free way."
You scoffed, "after you fall in a ditch."
Sasuke smirked, then looked you over, "looks like you just crawled out of one."
This irked you, if not for you, he would have been lost in the long hallways of your school.
You looked sourly at him, "at least I don't smell of sex and alcohol."
He smirked wider, "jealous?"
"Why would I be jealous?"
You tightened your fists, your nails digging into your palms.
"Because it's Ino in my bed and not you."
He got closer, his hands grabbing your closed ones.
You immediately tensed, looking at the Uchiha weirdly.
"Let go of me!"
You went to pull away, but he pushed you into his chest and placed his lips on yours.
It was anything but pleasant. The kiss was sloppy, forceful, and was spoiled with the foul smell and taste of whiskey.
Strong whiskey.
He let you go and you immediately back away, spitting.
"What the hell?!" You shrieked, whipping at your mouth.
"You liked it."
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Rejected [Solkat fluff]
You sit at your desk, husktop placed in front of you. Seconds earlier, you sent Terezi a message over Trollian confessing EVERYTHING. And she shot you down like the sucker you are.
Your head is on your desk, hands placed on top, digging your fingers into your hair in frustration. GOD YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT! You've tried as hard as you can not to cry, but you couldn't. You had to let it out. You explode, crying your heart out. You were serious about Terezi... and she rejected you without even thinking about your feelings! You lean up and cover your eyes with your shaky hands, hoping to keep the tears from flowing. It's futile. They just keep coming and coming.
You hear a "bleep" from your husktop. You part your hands, wiping away the annoying tears so you could see what the hell he or she wants.
twinArmageddons [TA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]
TA: hey kk
TA: what2 up
You groan. You're not in the mood to deal with Sollux right now.
TA: what?
TA: why?
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Is this what we can feel?
Sometimes you just wish
The pain could be locked away
Hidden in a black chest
Where you can't reach it
Suffering is what gets us down
Yet you cry and cannot shed tears
Otherwise you would drown in them
Once you saw an Angel
His wings yet so strong
He could protect thee
Silently watching over
Once this Angel fell
No protection, you are alone
Wings black and broken
Who would save the Angel?
Have you ever felt the rage
Fill your heart, lead thoughts
Revenge you want, nothing more
For the wounds you have got
Yet they will deny your anger
Yet they tell you to calm down
So you turn back, swallow your hate
Where it burns your lungs, your heart
Once you were crying outloud
As people rejected and ignored
Of course you were so hurt
Crying was the only solution
Yet you are told not to cry
It makes you look such a whiner
Emos and sad people aren't needed
That's what they say
You were jealous at times
When someone got a better grades
Or told how nice and easy life is
At least to the
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Seam Stress
The heaviness settled in like an anvil being dropped on me. I couldn't take the fog inside my head and the lead inside my heart anymore, so I sat in the sun to melt it away. I wanted to sear every surface until I couldn't feel anymore. What kind of life is that, though, to never feel anything? To never feel the joy of love; the way it wraps its arms around your heart and traces its fingertips along your veins? Even the pain of looking back at love's scattered memories is necessary to understand how beautiful the feeling once was; how lucky you were to have ever felt its lips press to your cheek, its breath collect in the hollow of your neck. Love does these things, sews itself right up inside you to close the holes within.
You'll be told you'll find another. You'll be told to go, go and find happiness because all this is, is hurt, and nothing else. The problem is, your heart doesn't understand the complexities of bad timing or fear or settling for another because of low self-worth. You
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TMNT Fan Animation: Chills :iconnashimus:Nashimus 230 210
     She took the clay into her hands and rolled it around. If she closed her eyes and concentrated, she could feel the imperfections in the little sphere, but she would never think to smooth them out. It was the little things that gave each of her creations character.
     This particular ball gave way to spiky tips and deep depressions. She held it up and blew on it to speed its drying. When it was ready, she brought out the paints. The low parts became blue and fluid, and the spiky places turned gray. But she didn't stop there. The in between places were painted green and brown, and she came away a little and painted white puffy shapes. And then she waited.
     For a long time, nothing happened. Then there was movement, but still she was disappointed. This one didn't glow the way some of her creations did. She moved in for a closer look at the globe. Perhaps she could figure out what had gone wrong.
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If I asked you to dance
Would you instantly say 'No'
Or would you ponder on the thought
Of not being alone
If I told you, you were beautiful
Would you agree and say the same
Or would you smile to yourself
And continue your little game
If I told you that I loved you
Would laugh at me in shame
Because i thought more that what we actually were
Because you think we're just a game
If I told you to hold me forever
Would you let go at that spot
Or would you never let go of me, ever
Just as I would hope, thought
If I wanted you with me forever
Would you give up everything to leave?
You finally laugh and answer
For you, oh please
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A Disease Called Loneliness...
A Disease Called Loneliness...
Loneliness is a disease,
a sickness of sorts.
It is debilitating,
heart wrenching,
mind numbingly painful.
It is something
that can never go away on it's own.
No drugs have been invented
that can cure it and
no therapy can help treat it.
It is something that starts
with a broken heart and
can take your breath away
even in mid sleep waking you
as your lungs gasp for air.
Then when you think
it can get no worse.
It begins to spread
throughout your entire body
like a dreadful cancer.
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach now.
Gnawing away at both
my insides and my Soul...
as it creeps it's way outwards
tainting everything it touches...
I have felt traces of it
in my elbows and knees
and through out my arms and legs...
all the way to my fingers and toes.
Making me feel much older than I should.
So bad now in fact, people ask if I'm alright.
I do not make any noise,
I try and keep a straight face.
I try to act like all is ok.
But they say I look paler...
I ju
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Blinded by love
Blinded by love
I simply couldn’t see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
As my blinded daze started to wear out
I finally started to see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
So I closed my eyes,
So I couldn’t see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
But even while the darkness
Embraced my eyes like a glove
Even while I couldn’t see
The memory still haunted me
That you had turned your back
You had turned your back on me
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Time to Move On
You rejected love today. What now?
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We cannot see,
we cannot hear,
we cannot speak,
we are very sear.
We cannot stand,
we cannot feel,
we cannot walk,
But reveal,
we cannot laugh,
we cannot sense,
we cannot eat,
we are very intense.
Burned for life,
Lost in hope,
with nothing to gain,
Why go on?
We cannot be your friends,
we cannot be with you,
we cannot be here,
Thus we fear.
We cannot leave the house,
we cannot leave the room,
we cannot leave the world,
we are scared.
We cannot smile,
we cannot frown,
we cannot do anything,
we cannot be in life,
we are not alive.
But why us, why?
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So...this is it
So… this is it
Cast aside
Given up
What did I do?
How did I misstep?
I do as is expected
Yet…you punish me
You strip away my security
You coldly justify your actions
I am helpless
I continue my pleas for your mercy
No empathy comes
Only stagnant excuses
Silence follows
Your summation is my disposal
I remain
I will exist
I will fill this vacuum with me
I am enough
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Hidden in the shadows
                  She used to love shadows,
                     Lonely, simple
                  Just like her.
                     [Or maybe like the rest of the world]
                  She was 18, going on 8
                     Looking at the world through a crystal glass,
                  Never falling for th
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I built up these walls.
I couldn't get rejected again.
The walls went up and I hid from the world.
Anything to stop the pain.
Another year came and my eyes slowly opened again.
They opened to see you.
I saw you standing outside my walls.
Looking with a curious gleam in your eyes.
Such warmth and caring I had never seen.
Until I met you, my love.
Always there with a smile and embrace.
Never leaving me without a look back.
So when you finally knocked at my door,
What could I do, but let you in?
As time went on, things changed.
You, me, who even were we?
So young, how could we think we knew ourselves, let alone each other?
So one day you slipped out of my walls on a quest and I shut the door after you.
Regret and questioning plagued me.
Until a dazzling smile lit all but the darkest corners of my heart.
A gentle touch and a quiet joke slowly worked their way in.
Between the cracks in the walls I built and you broke.
By the time I was ready to open the doors,
I realized he was alre
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Comme un cadavre
Dégueulant d'eau croupie
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Comme un lépreux pourri
Bonbons de bubons bourbons
Crécelle de mort fraîche
Scorbut sclérosé de scories scolopendres
Sur la jetée
Frantz. 2008 - 2011.
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