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The Writer
A golden eclipse was emblazoned upon the back of his eyelids. The crisp, morning light, an event horizon on the surface of his vision. He found it so peaceful to lie here; watching the fire dance on the skin of his eyes, to see the distortion such a simple veneer could have on life. Everything was different depending on perspective. A certain paradigm is an important thing; it discerns life or death, true or false, love or hate. A simple problem can be interpreted, and solved, in several different ways. Untying the Gordian Knot is either a complex puzzle or a simple chopping manoeuvre.
John Tullock admired and cherished this, as it meant in someone else's view; he was an innocent man, even if he didn't believe it himself. Regardless of his own beliefs, twenty of his peers had agreed to this, and according to the Sixth Amendment, he had enjoyed the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district. The trial had been speedy, certainly. His sentence howev
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Tale of the Teller
     My ignorance no longer gave me bliss.
     My checkbook had a post-it note on the cover: Dude. It's time to fix this.
     The Tale of the Teller then commenced.
     Her banker's phone-voice was sweet as honey. I never heard her name.
    She introduced herself quickly and I can't be blamed.
    I really just wanted to ask about money.
     "Please, teller," I said. "Tell me where all my money is spent, down to the last cent. I'm not sure and I have to know now. Bills are due and I might be out of rent."
     She said, "Do not worry, Sir. One moment. I can tell you every transaction since... since when, Sir? A date, please, Valued Customer of Our Bank." She spoke with capital letters.   
     If I had better capital, I would have spoken with them too.
     "Please tell me all of it thank you," I said. "Start as far back as you can."
     "There are many POS expenditures," she began...
     I was in the dark. "What is a POS?" I said.
     "A point of sale indicating use of your de
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