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Energy Body by redkitebait Energy Body :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 14 9 Happy Bday Laura by PinkLovii Happy Bday Laura :iconpinklovii:PinkLovii 20 13 We are the Vikings in Training by redkitebait We are the Vikings in Training :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 13 22 L'Esprit by redkitebait L'Esprit :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 11 2 Ruck Pixel by redkitebait Ruck Pixel :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 8 3 Red the Icarathian by redkitebait Red the Icarathian :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 8 2 Braving the Snowstorm by redkitebait Braving the Snowstorm :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 9 2 RKB Avatar+Banshee by redkitebait RKB Avatar+Banshee :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 9 6 Mariar The Deadly Nadder by redkitebait Mariar The Deadly Nadder :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 7 4 Keet's not so merry Xmas by redkitebait Keet's not so merry Xmas :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 10 5 We've come this far by redkitebait We've come this far :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 6 21 Ice Barrage by redkitebait Ice Barrage :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 10 24 GreenTea3 by redkitebait GreenTea3 :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 4 8 iScribble by redkitebait iScribble :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 4 0 HTTYD MEME! by redkitebait HTTYD MEME! :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 4 16 Return Gift: Emerald by redkitebait Return Gift: Emerald :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 4 5
Escaping the Rain -LITERATURE-
This evening was horrible. The heavens had opened and it had been chucking it down for most of the day. Now Kenna's duties were done for the day, she settled herself by the fire, adding a few more logs to fend off the dreary cold from outside. Finally she could relax.
Poking the fire, she wondered what Scratchet was doing, since she hadn't yet heard the now-familiar creaking of the beams that supported her weight on the rooftops. Perhaps she had found something or someone to pester...
Suddenly there was a loud bang! And the whole house shook, scaring the living daylight out of Kenna. Hand at her chest, feeling her heartbeat suddenly drumming, the loud bang happened again, along with the house creaking. Another bang - and something had definitely broken. It was in the main room of the house. A cool damp draft quickly began to circulate in the room where Kenna was in.
Hammer at the ready, in case it was something dangerous, though she definitely had a sure idea who it could be, she cauti
:iconredkitebait:redkitebait 3 0
My portal in Minecraft by redkitebait My portal in Minecraft :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 3 13 Epic RKB - Pencil Drawing by redkitebait Epic RKB - Pencil Drawing :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 3 16 Icarathian: Duuben by redkitebait Icarathian: Duuben :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 3 16 Ape Atoll Agility Course by redkitebait Ape Atoll Agility Course :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 3 2 AT: Sven by Yukeria AT: Sven :iconyukeria:Yukeria 3 5 RKB Be Partying! by Aaramus RKB Be Partying! :iconaaramus:Aaramus 2 1 Mustang by redkitebait Mustang :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 11 Kalphite queen by redkitebait Kalphite queen :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 2 GearsWolfie by redkitebait GearsWolfie :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 Allegra the Optimistic by redkitebait Allegra the Optimistic :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 7 The present by redkitebait The present :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 3 RKB F2P outfit - Uncoloured by redkitebait RKB F2P outfit - Uncoloured :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 4 Here We Go Again by redkitebait Here We Go Again :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 A signature idea by redkitebait A signature idea :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 RKB Pirate Wannabe by redkitebait RKB Pirate Wannabe :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 2 10 RKB F2P outfit - Coloured by redkitebait RKB F2P outfit - Coloured :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 9 4 Panel Comic Template by redkitebait 4 Panel Comic Template :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 Rumo12 by redkitebait Rumo12 :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 2 Mujib99 last picture by redkitebait Mujib99 last picture :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 2 5 Commission: Sven and Hermes by Moov-NPO-12 Commission: Sven and Hermes :iconmoov-npo-12:Moov-NPO-12 1 5 A signature idea 2 by redkitebait A signature idea 2 :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 How To Handle A Problem by redkitebait How To Handle A Problem :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 5 3 RKB by PinkLovii RKB :iconpinklovii:PinkLovii 11 9 Cute DeviantID by redkitebait Cute DeviantID :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 7 New DeviantID by redkitebait New DeviantID :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 5 10 Jek nexus by redkitebait Jek nexus :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 0 Hatake Kakshi by redkitebait Hatake Kakshi :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 5 Redkitebait by Pime2 Redkitebait :iconpime2:Pime2 1 1 Maxboison new version by redkitebait Maxboison new version :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 0 3 Evil Jossshinator by redkitebait Evil Jossshinator :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 4 Look a Trout by redkitebait Look a Trout :iconredkitebait:redkitebait 1 0