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Bonus: Princess Luna - Pony/ Human - Faces :icontrinityinyang:Trinityinyang 2,549 587 Blade Under Mask - 3 :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 371 28 NieR Automata - Adam and Eve Tribute -The Creation :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 84 5 Edward Kenway is BACK- Assassin's Creed IV Cosplay :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 218 11
So You Want to Critique
Here is a two-fold guide for deviants wishing to receive critique as well as deviants who want to give constructive critiques:
A Note to Non-subscribers
You're allowed to give and receive critique, too! The system for subscribers that dA has put in place is flashy, sure, but it doesn't alter the content of a quality critique. Comments have worked just fine for many years. I see no reason why you should stop using the tried and trusted system just because something new has come along. Now, onto the article!
Make Sure the Feeling's Mutual
Some people don't give critiques. Some people don't want critiques. That's okay. Being a member of dA does not precondition you to the critique-crowd.
However, if you do want to be a critique-groupie, make sure the artist you're giving critique to actually wants it. If the critique option is not enabled, or there's no request for critique in the comments, chances are critique is unwanted. If there's something you really, really want
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-+-Waiting in silence-+- :icontalvienkeli:TalviEnkeli 176 126 I kissed your mouth :iconaxytrix:Axytrix 118 13 Sit down :iconagosashford:AgosAshford 108 5 I give you my heart. :iconmylittlebluesky:mylittlebluesky 222 22 Jacob Frye - ACSyndicate Cosplay Art by Leon Chiro :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 140 8
Faithless Among the Faithful
I was sinking in despair,
With my lifeline right over there
It was just out of reach to me,
'Cause I was too proud to ask,
So I could never receive
I was drowning in,
My own tears,
Submerged by the pressure,
Of my own fears,
When suddenly,
My eyes blinked
And it became so very clear...
I was!
Faithless among the faithful,
I was quitting when I was able,
To stand up on my own
And I was!
Faithless among the faithful,
So it's time to turn the tables,
Or else risk living life alone
(Faithless, faithless, among the faithful)
(Faithless, so faithless, among the faithful)
I was sitting down,
At a feast for ten,
But for some reason I just,
Couldn't dig in,
I was starving myself of more,
Than just food
I lift a glass,
To drink my fill,
But the only thing I can do,
Is slowly spill,
The drops of my life
All across the room...
I was!
Faithless among the faithful,
I was quitting when I was able,
To stand up on my own
And I was!
Faithless among the faithful,
So it's time to turn the tables,
Or else
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Piercing :iconantontang:antontang 154 19 Gannicus - Freedom Spartacus Cosplay by Leon Chiro :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 113 6 Winning Flowers! :iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 117 72
Compliments {16/30}
Flushing and blushing
I dare not believe
Those bringing and singing 
The words I receive;
I am not, I can not
Be all that you say
Because I have only
My best on display.
I yammer and stammer
A gracious reply
While thinking and blinking 
A tear from my eye;
I blunder and wonder
What is it you see?
And how can such words
Be directed at me?
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 14 9
Fantasy Stock - Waiting :icondanika-stock:Danika-Stock 85 4 My Honor, my Dreams... Zack Fair FFVII Cosplay :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 86 2 Catch - Ukeru :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 43 4
PE: Giving and Receiving Quality Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback 

One of the most useful things on deviantart is the option to give and receive feedback. There are different kinds of feedback. This article aims to inform you on how to give quality feedback and hopefully receive it. 
Types of Feedback


One of the quickest ways to interact with others. From journals, to forums, to art, to profiles, comments are used everywhere. However, the quality can range from spam, to constructive. 

Any deviant can write them,(~,*,=,`,^ etc.) but only premium members can request them. Constructive comments can substitute for these. Critiques take some time to write, and really provide insight. If used correctly, can be a wonderful way to give/receive constructive criticism.

Giving  Feedback
This is important to receiving feedback. If you give, you are l
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Receive - Uketamawaru :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 52 9 PASWG Background :iconhaoshumaru:haoshumaru 81 4 Honest Duplicity :icontemiel:temiel 134 83 Xemnas - Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay by Leon Chiro :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 74 8 A little something.. :iconshockbolt:Shockbolt 117 35 Receive :iconhashemkalantar:hashemkalantar 50 31 Coca Cola Mini Radio :iconpfgun0:pfgun0 77 2 Light Receiver II :iconphotopathica:Photopathica 70 8 say 'hello' :iconpepytta:pepytta 112 26 Divine Offering :iconduirwaighstudios:DuirwaighStudios 25 3 The Start of the Rubber Duck Race, Fairbanks :iconfourthwall:fourthwall 60 11 Xemnas Cosplay - Kingdom Hearts 2 by Leon Chiro :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 48 5 Interpretation - Kilik Soul Calibur 5 Cosplay :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 50 2 Painful :iconmeishali:Meishali 55 20 Give Love .. Receive Ignorance :iconmahdydesigns:MahdyDesigns 26 18
Open letter to Maybelline
After a fierce word-fight against both my father and the magazine-seller I finally got what I wanted. It was an issue of a greek monthly magazine with diverse subjects on and around technology issues focusing in DIY home-built projects. Both my father and the seller tried to deter me from buying that particular magazine on the grounds that I was way too young to even try to read it. Well, I fought well.
When I opened it and started to read, a whole universe popped out! Incredible machines, gadgets, info, 3 unknown words in every sentence and yet! Photographs, pictures, sketches, diagrams and schematics fuelled my mind. Indelible from memory is an article about a fantastic (for my then age) task "Build your own pool table" Oh, the amount of detail about preparing, marking, cutting and assembling the wooden parts. It is there! I see it! This is beauty! Then the next issue was out.
Now, fasten your seatbelts and keep your hands inside at all times. One of the main articles inside had the
:icondimitriskats:dimitriskats 8 41
-COM- It warrants a poke. :iconteckworks:teckworks 173 17 Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 705 98 Fantasy Stock - Thinking :icondanika-stock:Danika-Stock 40 3 Super Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 722 71 Ninja Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 443 76 Super Albino Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 554 45 Golden Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 434 134 Fancy Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 387 59 Encourage others stamp :iconramen27:Ramen27 329 27 Stamp- Give to Receive :iconthirdpotato:ThirdPotato 379 152 Albino Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 517 46 King Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 299 27 Wizard Llama Club :iconeasydisplayname:easydisplayname 343 21