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Tulio x Miguel Hints
Reasons List - Miguel x Tulio
Miguel and Tulio are the two main characters from the Dreamwork’s production “The Road to Eldorado”. A children's film about two best friends seaking wealth and adventure, find the lost city of gold. The film is brilliant because the characters are very unique, compared to the cliché heroes you see in other movies.
So to prove my point, please read this ->
Miguel’s Hints:
1. He loves all of Tulio’s ideas, both good or bad (mostly bad ^^; )
2. Miguel has Tulio wrapped around his little finger, knowing exactly what to do or say to get Tulio to do what he wants.
3. Tulio made Miguel’s rich
4. Miguel can always trusts Tulio to come up with a plan on the spot to get them out of trouble.
5. Miguel became jealous seeing Tulio making out with Chel when they both promised that she was off limits, so not to affect their friendship.
6. Miguel was hurt hearing Tulio suggesting they (he and Chel) forget about him. He was deeply hurt b
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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 1,917 180
Free Will
Free Will.
Is free will a devout gift or a curse?
Was it free will that granted a desperate man to steal an old lady's purse?
Was it free will that resulted in multiple bodies carried in a hearse?
Was it free will that justified a police officer to shoot the accused first?
Was it free will that allowed a family man's mentality to be so perverse?
Could this world of ours get any worse?
Free will gives us the chance for all of us to be distinctive.
But as a consequence people can act corruptive and vindictive.
But without this choice, our lives would be constrained and restrictive.
Undoubtedly these two differing perspectives are contrasting and conflictive.
Without free will our actions and thoughts would be controlled and predictive.
But with this gift our proceedings maybe considered as harmful and afflictive.
Of course free will does has have it's varied betterments.
This advantage allows us to direct and assert our developing intelligence.
Despite using this intelligence for morally
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reasons to love a shy girl
i. men fear strong women,
but she's far from strong.
this wisp of a girl
doesn't even need a hurricane
to fall apart.
she'd glued and re-glued,
old bonds wearing thin,
but if you ask politely,
she'll let you touch her scars.
ii. her lips are fettered in rusted chains.
you'd need a crowbar to pry up
her whispered secrets.
you are not worthy to hear her voice
just as she is not worthy to give it to you.
she told me everything she knows,
and i shut it away,
kept it safe.
i tied the threads into double knots
just to make sure
they wouldn't curl away from me,
twisted up like a dead spider's legs.
iii. she is hewn from shadow,
woven from grains of sand.
you might think she'd flow,
breeze by on a sparrow's breath,
but she's never been good at
anything but sinking.
she is buried treasure, and all
the things you wish you could forget.
iv. you found her washed up on the shore,
drawing pictures of her flickering soul,
and knew she was too unsteady to love.
when you reached for her heart,
your han
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 1,453 622

A lot of times when a story on DA is especially awful, I'll click on the author's avatar and find out they are from Poland, the Phillippines, or Chile. That is - their story is written in english, but english isn't their native language.
If a writer has a good grasp of english, that's not a problem. However, that is rarely the case - far from having an understanding of english, it's clear they've used google-translator to convert the text.
That would be like me writing a story in my native english, then google-translating it into japanese, then posting it on an asian fiction site - for ACTUAL Japanese people to read. Does that sound like a good idea? Do you think a japanese reader would like to be subjected to the terrible, unreadable grammar this would produce?
Here's a recent example I found from a dA author (I've cha
:iconmodji-33:modji-33 106 223
Home out of dark reasons :iconsenyphine:senyphine 1,216 254
Reasons to Live
1) love
2) the future is so much brighter
3) friends
4) seeing others smile
5) to fulfill my dreams
6) to watch the sunset over the ocean
7) not only to love, but to feel loved
8) to dream
9) to achieve dreams
10) to learn something from the hardships, and make tomorrow better due to it
11) to have your toes in the mud on a warm summer day
12) to laugh
13) to experience new things, may it be travels, may it be dancing under the moon.
14) to feel the sun
15) to take the time to sit and watch ants
16) to lie in the grass
17) to hear the crash of waves
18) to hug and be hugged
19) to make a child smile
20) to eat a piece of chocolate
21) to hear a moving piece of music
22) to meet a kindred spirit
23) to show others that life can change and get better
24) to write love on your arms
25) baby siblings. they'll need you and look up to you
26) God (with love, honor, hope, and appreciation)
27) hope
28) my family, Friends old and new
29) laughter (even with just myself)
30) music listening, co
:iconsmilewithlove:smilewithlove 343 296
Little!2p!America x Little!Reader
Warning: Little Al swears once or twice. Cuz he's a naughty little child. ^^
Al laughed in your face, and said childishly, even for him, “You’re such a girl!”
“Am not!” you protested, getting frustrated with your good friend.
He instantly retaliated, “Are too!”
“No, I’m not!” you hollered. “Bet I can climb to the top of this tree before you can!”
Al laughed again, even harder, “I’d never lose to a little girl!”
“Oh, yeah?! Bring it!” you said, hands on your hips.
Al grinned, showing his smile lacking more than a few baby teeth due to his constant fighting. Some with Matt, and some of course with you. But there were many more competitions than fights, as you were always trying to prove to the insolent child that girls were just as good as guys when they put their mind to it.
So he ran for the tree, giving himself a rather unfair head start. “You’re on, _____!”
:icon666kurai:666kurai 429 79
Top Ten: Why Twilight sucks.
1.Stephanie Meyer can't write.  And I'm not saying that because of what Stephen King said.  I don't care what Stephen King said.  Let's recap, shall we?  She uses the same words such as "icy", "cold", "marble" and "his beautiful face" over and over.   She describes Edward in extremely unnecessary detail.  Honestly, if she took out all those descriptions of Edward, the whole Twilight "saga" would fit into one book. She includes totally useless information that NO ONE (except for maybe the crazy fan girls) cares about.   I don't give a damn if Bella rode to Forks with her mom's car windows rolled down!  Really, I don't.  Also, this so-called-saga has no real plot to it whatsoever.  And no, romance does not count as a "plot."  Romance is a genre.  A genre which involves a plot.  It has no real characterization either.   Sure, Bella may turn into a vampire, but did she really learn any life lessons, or become a better person because of her experiences?  Of course not!  Which brings me to m
:iconheldupintheair:HeldUpInTheAir 293 557
My Reasons Why Twilight Sucks
Reasons Why Twilight Sucks:
1. Bella Swan: If I could summarize her personality in a sentence, I'd have to say this: She's a whiny, bratty, emo Mary-Sue who has no respect for ANY of her friends or family, and can't make up her mind about who to go with. My fish has more intelligence than her.
2. Edturd Cullen: He is an abusive 100-year-old creep. If I might add, he is a freaking CHIN that farts sparkles.
3. Harry Potter > Twilight. 'Nuff said.
4.Stalking and watching someone sleep is NOT romantic.
5. Even the character that plays Edward doesn't like Twilight. Sounds to me like a BURN.
6. "Oh Jacob, even though you probably would've treated me better than Edward, I'm still going to go w/ my beautiful lovey-dovey Eddie-poo. Here, I'll make it up to you though! I'll give you our baby daughter!"
7. Bella's a terrible role model.
8. The series encourages pedophilia, teenage pregnancy, suicide, brattiness, etc.
9. Give it up, fangirls. Edward (or Jacob, whatever) will NEVER marry you. Keep
:iconprincesszelda527:PrincessZelda527 174 320
100 Reasons to Stay Alive
1. A hug.
2. An “I love you”.
3. A funny tumblr post.
4. A message, “I miss you”.
5. A pat on the shoulder.
6. Walking past the compass and knowing I am clean.
7. The funny doodle I did during English.
8. A piece of music that reminds me of the fateful day last November.
9. Inside jokes.
10. Wrestling my friend until we are covered in bruises then laughing and hugging.
11. Eating lunch that is covered in sawdust.
12. Seeing the teacher give me the look then totally ignoring what I'm doing.
13. Playing the “bogies” game, but dirtier.
14. A quick snog between classes.
15. Stealing his glasses then seeing him moan.
16. Giving them back and him punching me playfully.
17. Seeing the picture we drew together before leaving.
18. Walking past the house and recalling everything all at once.
19. That feels moment when a ship becomes canon.
20. Dan and Phil.
21. The moment when both of us want something yet neither wants to initiate it and we look at each other
:iconrandomization1998:Randomization1998 87 89
Reasons Why We Love Emo Boys
Here are some reasons why our members love emo boys!!
(If you have a reason that is not on the list, feel free to comment with the reason and we will gladly add it :D)
1. They are sensitive
2. They are cute
3. They have sexy hair
4. The dark clothes and skinny jeans
5. Because they can straighten their hair without being called gay
6. Even if they are not loved by a lot of people they are still proud to be themselves
7. They care about their looks, unlike other guys
8. They have an artisitic soul
9. They have good taste in music
10. They aren't afraid to cry
11. They are talented
12. They have a good sense of humor
13. They listen to you
14. They give great hugs
15. They always have a sharpie with them
16. They don't change for others
17. They can get away with wearing eyeliner
18. They know what to say when you're upset
19. You can share your clothes with them
20. They make awesome gay guys
21. They can get away with the shirtless look.. and look better that way.
:iconemo-boy-love:Emo-Boy-Love 305 235
10 reasons to be gay
1) Gay guys cannot get pregnant
2) Gay guys are always horny and ready to fuck
3) An asshole is and will always be tighter than a vagina
4) You can play football after some good old sex
5) Women need to be told they look PRETTY, gay guys just need a good slap on the ass
6) With gay guys you NEVER hear "No I have a head-ache"
7) He who is your buddy is also your beer-buddy AND your FUCK-BUDDY
8) They don't put pressure for commitment since gay marriage is illegal
9) If he is brawny, your gay man will beat up anyone who talks shit about you two
10) Normal gay guys are the same as EXTREMELY horny girls
:iconsamanthas-men:samanthas-men 359 424
Reasons Twilight Exists
Something else to hate on
Gives nightmares to kids
Gives people false hopes
Worth a good laugh
Makes a great debate discussion
I can easily get on someone's nerves by saying "Twilight is the worst"
Easy to make fun of
Keeps Van Hellsing, Zero, and Alucard busy
Great Burning Material
Great for Mr. Kitty's litter Box :D
It makes Twihaters look smart
It makes Twitards look freakin' stupid
Makes amateur writer's feel good because they that they are at least better than Stephanie Meyer
   ~KikuMizu (09/29/10)
Fan girls needed more to lower their IQ's
   ~sean1kid (12/11/10)
It is a ploy by the government to keep us stupid and uneducated grunts.
   ~NerdyWitchoftheWeb (12/11/10)
It exists to lower our general IQ for when the aliens begin invading
   ~NerdyWitchoftheWeb (12/11/10)
It exists as a cruel method of torture
   ~NerdyWitchoftheWeb (12/11/10)
:iconxxnightmare13:xxnightmare13 72 119
6 Reasons to Write a 2nd Novel Before Publishing
6 Reasons to Write a Second Novel before Publishing the First
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 7 “From Story to Art” – Section 5 “A Second Novel”
With Links to Supplementary Material
After writing my first novel, I gave it to my writing instructor so that he could see what I needed to improve. This process took a long time... a very long time; and so I decided that the only thing to do was to work on a second (and then third) novel before I got the first one back. The result? The two first drafts that I created were, by far, better than the eighth draft of my original novel, and my skills increased through writing and editing them, more than through the entire process of writing my first novel. Today, I'm going to explain why this happened, and make a case for why all beginning writers should write a second novel before
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100 reasons why I love you
1. I love you cause you are my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night.
2. I love you cause I can make you blush.
3. I love you cause I can make you shy.
4. I love you cause you make me blush.
5. I love you cause you make my eyes shine brighter than the stars.
6. I love you cause you make me smile.
7. I love you cause you make me feel like the happiest girl alive.
8. I love you cause you make my stomach feel as if it would be full of butterflies.
9. I love you cause you are the most beautiful girl on earth.
10. I love you cause you call me cupeycake.
11. I love you cause you are the smartest blonde I know.
12. I love you cause your style is awesome.
13. I love you cause you are as stubborn as me.
14. I love you cause you are the cutest kitty cat in my life.
15. I love you cause you drive me crazy.
16. I love you cause whatever you do you never annoy me.
17. I love you cause you make me laugh no matter how sad I am.
18. I love you cause you make me have so embarrassin
:iconkatetale:KateTale 20 5
The teacher writes to inspire.
So people smile just a little more each day.
The teacher writes about people finding redemption.
Giving the world the positivity he feels is missing.
The young girl writes to feel loved.
So that people like her, and she can be okay again.
The young girl writes about herself.
People may not realize it, but every abused and sad character she writes, is actually her.
The depressed boy writes to stop hurting.
So the bad thoughts will go away.
The depressed boy writes about dying.
He thinks about his own death all the time, and tries to bring the event closer. 
The friend writes to help.
So all the sad people, don't feel so bad anymore.
The friend writes about love.
And they give love to all that desperately need it. 
The bullies write to give hatred.
So these strangers hate themselves as much as they hate their self.
The bullies write about cruel things.
Awful, mean things that ma
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Seven Reasons Why I Loved You.
     seven hours
are spent waxing lyrical and
kissing your eyelashes in the library,
you mouth the third knuckle on my right hand,
and memorize the hollow of my cheek.
                       tender kisses press like
          afterthoughts and postscripts on my forehead:
                                    p.s. te
:icondibujando:Dibujando 151 119
nine reasons why you should
nine reasons why you should never love a poet:
we like to hear things like 'you're beautiful' and
'i'd die without you' but deep inside we always know
you don't mean it.
and it just tears us apart slowly, no matter how much
we love those poisonous lies.
and when you ask 'are you okay?', we're going to
answer with 'i'm fine'. and you'll hear that
even if our bones are shattering inside of us and
our hands are trembling from all the hurt that we go through.
because we play our music too-loud-to-bear so that,
when we're all alone,
it chases away the thoughts that come with the silence:
things that haunt our nightmares and reasons why
we don't like to be alive.
we leave too many s p a c e s between our letters because
that's how we feel. all a.l.o.n.e.
and maybe you'll change that for a little while, but
in the end, it's all the same.
and we can connect with books and movies and music be
:icon369dreamergirl:369dreamergirl 770 672
Motivation articles
:iconjane-beata:jane-beata 56 4
10 Good Reasons To Be Gay
10 Good Reasons ToChoose To Be Gay
Reason 1- Because of all the people who love us. Like the protesters at pride, the murderers of hundreds of gay people, and the families who disown their kids for being homosexual.
Reason 2- Because of all the warm fuzzy feelings of suicide we get when we drive ourselves insane about how our best friends will react when we come out.
Reason 3- Because it's a load more interesting to love in secret and never be able to go out in public with your girlfriend.
Reason 4- Because it's so awesome that gay people can't even get married, because it's against the LAW to love someone.
Reason 5- Because everyone at church is totally supportive and they would just encourage you to be the gayest person you can be, because Leviticus says so.
Reason 6- Because if you DID go out in public with your girlfriend, everyone would go "AWWW" in unison and throw rice and flower pedals at you like you just got married.
Reason 7- Because it's WONDERFUL exercise for your brain to
:iconliveforlove17:LiveForLove17 212 207
Why we REALLY hate fat girls
Hello. If you're reading this, keep in mind the person writing it is a chubby chaser. This is a list of the REAL FUCKING REASONS we ("we" being "us boys/men") don't want to date you tubby girls.
1.   You complain about being overweight.
You know those emo kids in the corner? The ones who bitch and moan about every little thing until you swear their heads will implode from being so angsty? Yeah. That's what you're like. If you complain about yourself all the time about something you usually have control over, then either DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT or STFU please. When you hear something enough times, you start to believe it- so if we hear you griping about how ugly and fat you are, what are we going to think about you? Let's face it, nobody likes hanging around whining people (which is why everybody hates little kids) so knock that shit off and you just might score a boyfriend.
2.   You stink.
There are two types of general stank: The "you just got home f
:iconstrawberryr:StrawberryR 61 257
A Badass Pro-Maiko Argument
I didn't think they still existed, I really didn't--Super Zutarians, I mean.  I realize that there are still those who ship Zuko and Katara, and that's fine, whatever floats your steamboat--but I thought that the end of the series pretty much ended the "OMG ZUKO SHOULD BE WIT KATARAAA<33333 AND NOT THAT FREAKIN' EMO BEEYOTCH!!!!" discussions.
I was wrong.
Truly, one would think that Super Zutarians would eventually embrace the light, or at least acknowledge the light--that light being the well-thought-out rebuttals to various Pro-Zutara forum rants.  However, I recently was involved in an argument with what I thought was a dying breed, wherein I was called some vaguely amusing names, told to shut up multiple times, and asked to present my Pro-Maiko argument in a more intelligent light.
So, here.  I present to you all an essay, part for spite and part for enlightenment, on one of the most plausible and most romantic kids' cartoon couples I h
:iconarelia-dawn:arelia-dawn 51 159
A Week Of Kisses
A Week Of Kisses
The first day I told you I loved you,
I imagined kissing your shoulder,
Well before I thought about your lips.
Because I don’t know what I am doing, firstly,
But more importantly,
It’s because I know things can spiral quickly,
If things start shifting
After we lay down the concrete.
So I kiss the foundation,
Before we reach the soil.
The second day I told you I loved you,
I imagined kissing your elbow,
Because it holds together the touch
And the flex.
But truly,
To exhibit it,
I must kiss the joint that bends
And combines us together.
The third day I told you I loved you,
I lay my lips to your temples,
As I learned about the temple of reform,
For the Youth in North America.
Kissing you there signifying I will protect you,
As well as your temple,
As we re-form, into something more.
The fourth day I told you I loved you,
I’d kiss you softly on your forehead.
Because that’s what holds your brillian
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 278 203
reasons you should listen.
i.  because you are the reason
i want to give up
sometimes. because i'll never be
as wonderful as you, and i
feel like a piece of nothing compared to you. but
you are the one holding my hand
and pushing me forward, gently,
and suddenly,
you are the reason
i keep trying.
ii.  because i don't speak
often. because this
is a piece of me
i'm afraid to show.
iii.  have you ever felt
like giving up? like
you're the gum stuck
on someone's shoe, and they
only want to be rid of you?
have you ever broken down
just because it feels like
no one cares?
because if you ever do,
i'll be there for you.
i promise.
iv.  because i need you to,
and this is the only way
i'll ever ask.
:iconamertie:Amertie 143 125
reasons not to ask me to leave
the way in which i want you is not quiet.  it is the constant tug at the hem of my skirt,
the begging child gobbling a litany with hungry little teeth and spewing thickly over every please-please-please.
the words are littering the floor and i sigh as i sweep them up into the dustbin to empty with a thump outside my window.
it is a nervous little owl, anxious hoots biting its beak and eyes
the size of egypt swallowing every piece of you they can find;
lustful eyes, pale like the moon in its overbearing white-moth slumber, worn in the shape of
oversized glasses with a horned rim.
it is the trumpeter swan's call, the winter-ivory paint thrown over its feathers.
it is obtrusive in its noise,
it is the treaded water enveloping every bone's curvature in my body,
it is my fingers on your arm, asking you to please call me bluebird.
it is the sketchpad in which i draw,
the old, dust-smelling book so rich in every beautiful thing under the sun between whose pages i press auburn leaves
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 108 25
My Life and a New Start
I wanna share a story with you guys. I feel like you deserve something from me and this is coming straight from my heart. This little story is real, this is my personal life. For many of you, if not all, you know I have very little problem with sharing my personal feelings and views. I try to be as honest as I possibly can be and try to act with great care and consideration for the feelings of others. That being said, I'm not perfect and sometimes I can lose my temper and act irrationally. But as I think today, I know the person I am and the person I strive to be. I'm a reclusive perfectionist who enjoys a lot and wide range of hobbies and sharing stories and my thoughts in high hopes their lives are better for it. I know I have a long history of putting myself last on the list, many times I have made myself miserable for the sake of someone else's happiness. Even if that was just fleeting, I tried anyway.
It is mainly this inherent personality flaw that has caused me a lot of heartach
:iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 23 128
Revelations :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 891 543
10 MORE reasons to be GAY
1) Gay friends are your free stylists.   
2) Gays always know the most amazing, colorful, and tasty “COCKtails” .
3) After an intense party with gays, the houses always end up cleaner  
                than when the party started.  
4) Gay friends don’t care how fat your ass is, just how fabulous your dress
5) Gays are the friends you can talk about guys with without fear of them
                stealing them from you.
6) Since gays are usually mad hot they can be your pretend rebound guy
                after a messy breakup to make your ex jealous.
7) Gays can TEACH you how to give the world’s be
:iconsamanthas-men:samanthas-men 152 93
It Didn't Reach The Ground...
It doesn't even reach the ground...
The snow just slowly falls around.
It was beautiful, I had to admit,
But it just didn't seem to fit.
The way it fell down in the south;
It didn't even reach my mouth.
It then melted into rain
And I was sad; Left in pain.
A silly thing to be sad about,
But I have never seen the snow throughout.
The first time my eyes set sight
On the rain and snow falling in the night.
Disappointment ran through my veins
And I was just left to hate the rains.
For they expertly wash away everything.
The snow; Something I have never seen.
I despise it when it betrays me so,
For it's melting what I don't want to go.
Now, It's stopped snowing and I go forth,
Yearning to go on straight to the North.
Somewhere where there's everything
And only to the rain, I don't have to cling.
I do love them, Ihonestly do
However I'm longing for something entirely new.
:iconfaded-innocence:faded-innocence 85 7
5 Reasons Why Pokemon Sucks. :icondukestewart:DukeStewart 455 317
100 reasons - HP over Twilight
1. Harry Potter fans aren't vain and we don't base our favourite books depending on how "hot" the vampires and werewolves are.
2. HP books are much better written and English teachers agree with this comment.
3. Stephen King hates Twilight and loves Harry Potter and we can all rely on Stephen King (Author of The Shining) to be a good critic.
4. Twilight may include beautiful romantic elements. However, Harry Potter includes many beautiful romances, lots of exhilerating adventures, action, magic...the list could go on.
5. There are many more layers to the plotline, story and genre of Harry Potter.
6. Even Cambridge graduates enjoy Harry Potter.
7. Harry Potter has an adult version as it is aimed at a wide variety of the population. Twilight is in the teenage section & the teenage section alone.
8. Harry Potter fans can spell and put forward a decent argument on these discussion groups, not like "omg rpattz is hot n stuff".
9. Robert Pattinson was Cedric before Edward and he looked and a
:iconyugiohwierdo01:YuGiOhWierdo01 98 71
Reasons To Be a Carnivor
Before I receive any angry comments I would like to point out that this is only a spoof of the many Vegetarian websites on the internet. It is not meant to be taken seriously. Honest.
And to those of you who think I am a heartless sadistic animal-abuser – yes, you are right.

1. Vast acres of forests are cleared every year for cattle grazing. This land could be used to grow plants, which would feed far more people than animals. The solution is clear – get rid of the perpetrators. Eat the cattle.
2. Many endangered species (such as wolves) are shot for eating livestock. Remove temptation for them. Eat farm animals.
3. Cow farts are one of the major causes of climate change. Take revenge. It’s your right.
4. Large carnivorous have been driven to the brink of extinction. If we do not eat the herbivores they will die a slow painful death due to starvation.
5. Being a vegetarian does not reduce air pollution. Eat like a cow, fart like
:iconnotedstrangeperson:NotedStrangePerson 52 52
101 Excuses for Being Late
1- I twisted my ankle and had to be gentle with it.
2- I accidentally locked myself in a closet and had to wait for someone to show up and rescue me.
3- My car ran out of gas and I had to push it to the nearest station to get more.
4- I got lost on the way here.
5- I was waylaid by French highwaymen.
6- I was waylaid by Dutch highwaymen.
7- I was forced by necessity to engage in a particularly epic rap battle.
8- Gravity increased while I was on the way here and it was much harder to walk quickly.
9- I was caught in a beartrap.
10- I killed my alarm clock this morning and accidentally slept in.
11- I was abducted by aliens.
12- I abducted some aliens.
13- I was busy transporting illegal aliens across the border.
14- I became entranced by a street performer who was doing the robot.
15- I was busy exploding things in the microwave.
16- I was busy beating a hobo to death with my shoes.
17- I was busy landing a SICK 180 tailside boardslide and lost track of time.
18- I was busy NOT landing
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Reasons for liking the once ler :iconboltcutie:BoltCutie 380 94
50 Reasons why Clinton should not be President
1. She won a rigged primary contest against Bernie Sanders. The Democrats rigged it against him and he narrowly lost because of it.
2. She is beholden to corporate and Wall Street banking interests.
3. She will expand unfair and unfree trade deals to benefit said corporate interests
4. She voted for the war in Iraq.
5. She values globalism more than American interests. The president must uphold the Constitution first and foremost, even when it conflicts with globalism.
6. She mishandled the situation in Libya, leading to several Americans dying there, including the ambassador to Libya. She ignored 600 requests for additional security. Had she heeded even one of them, those dead Americans might still be alive today.
7. She mishandled the "reset" with Russia, which has become more aggressive today, even to the point of invading other countries.
8. She knew of Saudi support for ISIS and kept it a secret.
9. She rode into the White House (or is about to) on the coattails of Bill Clinton. I
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Reason Why~ A Free Verse Poem
Dear Teaches, 
When you call me in french class, 
And then scream at me for pronunciation, 
I just wanted to let you know that, 
I was crying all night yesterday, 
And having nightmares, 
I'm tired, 
Please don't scream at me 
Dear Parents, 
When I eat a lot, 
And then you yell at me, 
For being too fat, 
I just wanted to let you know that, 
I'm stressed out and lonely, 
But of course you don't care, 
Please don't yell at me 
Dear Friends(IRL),
When I'm sad, 
And you don't care, 
I just wanted to let you know that, 
It hurts me and helps my mind, 
Produce troubling thoughts, 
Please start caring
Dear Family, 
When you say you don't, 
Understand me,
It infuriates me because, 
I waste my time actually, 
Understanding you guys, 
Please start to waste time on me 
Dear School Friends, 
When you ignore me, 
It makes me feel depressed, 
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Home is where the heart is.
Where do you go if you have no heart?
The end is where the start is.
How can you proceed.
Without a fully motorized engine?
The inanimate body still bleeds.
How can we function and operate.
Without a soul purpose?
Love and pain refuse to cooperate.
Life becomes incomplete
                                        The journey becomes obsolete
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 44 48
See Me
See Me
I want,
To grate my nails down your spine,
Rip the skin, make you bleed,
Hurt you, twist you,
Force you to see me,
For once,
I won't hold my breath
I want,
To rip your eyes out,
Since you don't seem to see me,
Pull, harder and harder,
Until they pop out,
And I can see into your mind,
I wonder if anything's in there?
I want,
To kick you on the backs of your knees,
Make you stumble, fall
Frightening, isn't it,
To feel such fear,
To feel weak?
You should have thought about that,
A long fucking time ago
I want,
To break you,
Like you thought you broke me
But you were wrong,
You didn't see me, the real me
I was more cunning,
Than you could have ever dreamed,
Than you would have ever believed
I want,
To watch you fail miserably,
As you try to explain,
Your actions,
Your mistakes,
The choices that YOU made,
As you attempt to come up with reasons,
And pointless excuses
I want,
To pay you back,
Ten thousand times,
For all the grief you have caused me
No suffering could ev
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5 Reasons to do it the traditional way
5 Reasons to do it the traditional way
Traditional and Digital art are both completely different mediums, able to create the same product. It is possible to paint a beautiful, watercolor-like painting digitally, as well as achieve the cleanliness and color options of a digital piece traditionally. Therefore, using one or the other to express ourselves creatively is, just like many things in life, just an option. People may have personal, sometimes even illogical reasons for using one or the other and that's fine. Today, however, I'm a cheerleader for the "traditional side", and I offer you 5 reasons to do it traditionally!

1. Oh the wonderful smell of art supplies > I'm not talking about the toxic smell that come painting techniques require, of course. Rather about the feeling you get when entering a huge art supply store, touching all those brand new pencils and tubes
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It's all chemicals, like Breaking Bad
But the lab is you, just chain reactions
Hormones and Pheromones, what decide the actions
Dopamine and Endorphins, bonds created, it's Oxytocin
And I need more Nicotine to get rid if the memories
Jump, do it for Adrenaline, I wanna feel the ecstasy
Abusing the Caffeine, not taking my Vitamins
Subscribe me some Medicine, cause Alcohol
Seems to work no more, forget the Aspirin
Morphine, Morphine, I can't take no more
Have you ever smelled Chloroform? I once sniffed Acetone
That's childish, so instead, bring out the Cannabis
It's not enough, get Meth, Cocaine, maybe some Heroin?
I've heard that Ketamine is the new Amphetamine
My brain's on Steroids, perhaps more Sedatives?
Could it be that LSD is what's right for me
No it's not, I still hate how I feel
So Cyanide or some Lead or Mercury
Was I allergic to Arsenic? I'm not feeling the kick
Oh god, I feel sick. But the pain is gone
There's only light at the end of the tunnel
as I finally see there were n
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10 Reasons to Support FrUk
Why FrUk should be supported
10. He interacts with England the most.
9. They team up when someone else joins along with the fight.
8. France became worried when England became sick.
7. They had both proposed marriage.
6. England tried to emulate France.
5. France teases him a lot as a kid.
4. They were both pirates and coincidently want to be gentlemen.
3. England raised Canada after France did.
2. They had spend time together practically naked on one Christmas.
1. They are very obsessed with trying to be better than the other.
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Responses to Common Anti-Jelsa Arguments
So recently, on my feed, I stumbled across a piece about why the artist supposedly hated 'Jelsa'. Well, the person claimed not to, but she used some pretty strong language about it and said that crazy Jelsa shippers (which I agree are out there, and are probably mostly pre-teen girls) have ruined the couple for her.
I get it. Same thing happened to me and Doctor Who (my 13-year-old sister basically stuffed it in my face 24/7 until I couldn't imagine ever wanting to watch it. It happens!). This person launched into a bunch of reasons, which are quite common Anti-Jelsa ship reasons, and being the personality type I am, I couldn't help but disagree and write my disagreements- hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn't mean I can't reasonably argue them!
I just thought that some of you may like to hear my responses to common Anti-Jelsa arguments.
The first point she made, in which the artist was most annoyed at, was that Jack keeps appearing in all the groups they join
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Kiss You Good-bye
  Kiss You Good-bye
I don't want you,
To just turn your back on me,
Cause there is a look in my eyes,
That you really need to see
Before I let you go,
There's something you have to understand,
I'm telling you to leave because I have to...
I'm telling you because I can!
I wanna...
Kiss you good-bye!
I want you to die!
I want you to run away,
And get out of my life!
Kiss you good-bye!
As my tears run dry!
I won't be left alone...!
Until you're gone...
I don't want you,
To remember who I am
If you think about what you
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Lick :iconinfinitedge2u:infinitedge2u 196 30