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Natsume and Oz by NatsumeWolf Natsume and Oz :iconnatsumewolf:NatsumeWolf 410 259 Freddie Mercury by deridolls Freddie Mercury :iconderidolls:deridolls 243 159 Witch by LoranDeSore Witch :iconlorandesore:LoranDeSore 327 3 James Vega by AlexJoyce James Vega :iconalexjoyce:AlexJoyce 134 5 Kai by RollingAlien Kai :iconrollingalien:RollingAlien 374 53 Espada Ink by rhymeswithmonth Espada Ink :iconrhymeswithmonth:rhymeswithmonth 348 77 Mahatma Gandhi by deridolls Mahatma Gandhi :iconderidolls:deridolls 109 50 Everything is Awesome by NEOmi-triX Everything is Awesome :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 275 87 Unemployed beans by PopAnimals Unemployed beans :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 144 18 Total Drama Island REAL by cococheese Total Drama Island REAL :iconcococheese:cococheese 96 154 Mir by forgottenpantaloons Mir :iconforgottenpantaloons:forgottenpantaloons 227 15 Special Comic: How to choose your artist. by mmidori31 Special Comic: How to choose your artist. :iconmmidori31:mmidori31 263 37 NeoLite Series: The Dragon WIP by Sayda NeoLite Series: The Dragon WIP :iconsayda:Sayda 67 23 Dulcelixir by CristianaLeone Dulcelixir :iconcristianaleone:CristianaLeone 165 30 Takeru Vocalist of SuG by SemiDreamatic Takeru Vocalist of SuG :iconsemidreamatic:SemiDreamatic 172 27 Anime Render Community Pack 1 by hagane-girl Anime Render Community Pack 1 :iconhagane-girl:hagane-girl 23 6 Commission - Two of the Same by Keitorin13 Commission - Two of the Same :iconkeitorin13:Keitorin13 33 124 Audrey Hepburn. by Taiss14 Audrey Hepburn. :icontaiss14:Taiss14 179 7 It's not polite to stare by Cosplaynoob It's not polite to stare :iconcosplaynoob:Cosplaynoob 61 26 Coupleatured by Jowybean Coupleatured :iconjowybean:Jowybean 27 2
Exchange Rate Avengers CastxTeen!Avenger!Reader 2
The Marvel universe one day earlier…
“Maintain your guard, (Name).” Natasha Romanoff ordered as she continued her barrage of punches and kicks.
“Can’t we break for lunch or have a snack or something? We’ve been at this for hours.” You pleaded as you ducked Natasha’s blow only to have your legs swept out from under you. You landed on the training mat with a solid thunk.
Natasha gazed down at you, one hand firmly planted on her hip, as you tried to relearn how to breathe.
“Alright, we can stop to eat. It doesn’t look like your mind was focused on training anyway.” Natasha sighed and extended a hand to help you up.
You grasped Natasha’s hand but instead of standing you attempted to pull Natasha down to your level and pin her. Natasha must have anticipated your move because she allowed you to pull her down but rolled away before you had a chance to pin her.
“Nice try, (Name). Maybe you have been paying attention
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Party Like A Pundit by Shirozora Party Like A Pundit :iconshirozora:Shirozora 111 44 Abi by YaggyDigital Abi :iconyaggydigital:YaggyDigital 116 10 I Am The Copycat by xCopycat I Am The Copycat :iconxcopycat:xCopycat 71 50 GunsNRoses- Slash Axl Dress Up by Toejones GunsNRoses- Slash Axl Dress Up :icontoejones:Toejones 63 71 Same-Size Vore Supawmn by vore-fan-comics Same-Size Vore Supawmn :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 323 11 nonsummerjack-Sport Girl by whistlerx nonsummerjack-Sport Girl :iconwhistlerx:whistlerx 480 9 Commission -  Elaine by DesingAHV Commission - Elaine :icondesingahv:DesingAHV 174 26 Where The Wilde Things Are (CMSN) by HoleInTheHeart Where The Wilde Things Are (CMSN) :iconholeintheheart:HoleInTheHeart 105 13
I kissed a tree
Mikey had this mania of kissing trees.
Every time he was in the park alone, or when he was close to a tree, he used to kiss it, without caring about people's opinions. He said that the trees are the reason that we're alive; they gave us the air we all need, and that we only hurt them, not caring about them. He also said that a tree is like a human, just like they don't move nor talk, but they were alive and had feelings. He did not kiss them like he would do with a person, of course. He kissed them kindly and only peaking them with his lips, but when he was lonely, lost in his thoughts while walking or standing by a tree, he kissed them with the mouth a little open, as if he wanted to catch the lips he would never find, leaving on his tongue a little fragments of the cortex, making him spit them out, whit a disgusted face.
However, he used to do it, not only kissing, but caressing them as well, or he whispered lovely things to them; he just wanted to show them love, even if he looked l
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Grim Fandango by KennoArkkan Grim Fandango :iconkennoarkkan:KennoArkkan 179 36 Becoming the troll by MyBurningEyes Becoming the troll :iconmyburningeyes:MyBurningEyes 36 19 Join me in sunset by badzia90 Join me in sunset :iconbadzia90:badzia90 55 15 Commission -  Kohaku-Bakura by DesingAHV Commission - Kohaku-Bakura :icondesingahv:DesingAHV 213 26 Another stupid ID. by TheGweny Another stupid ID. :iconthegweny:TheGweny 77 23 chibi libman by moronsonofboron chibi libman :iconmoronsonofboron:moronsonofboron 17 4 Snow Queen in the Parade by WDWParksGal-Stock Snow Queen in the Parade :iconwdwparksgal-stock:WDWParksGal-Stock 25 5 OCs Ohana Stamp by MalakiaLaGatta OCs Ohana Stamp :iconmalakialagatta:MalakiaLaGatta 373 30 Raffle Prize- Witchsona with familiar by Geminine-nyan Raffle Prize- Witchsona with familiar :icongeminine-nyan:Geminine-nyan 57 3 OC Prince Sakurai by archangel-michael-01 OC Prince Sakurai :iconarchangel-michael-01:archangel-michael-01 22 7 I WILL PLAN TO BE A BUM by PopAnimals I WILL PLAN TO BE A BUM :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 65 7 Chris Sabin Tag Tutorial by TattyDesigns Chris Sabin Tag Tutorial :icontattydesigns:TattyDesigns 28 12 Steven Tyler by LindaLisa Steven Tyler :iconlindalisa:LindaLisa 70 53 Yuki and Her Boys by Nemu-Saa Yuki and Her Boys :iconnemu-saa:Nemu-Saa 25 16 Semi-Realistic Sketch by ember-snow Semi-Realistic Sketch :iconember-snow:ember-snow 63 23 Raffle Prize - Pupeteer Witchsona by Geminine-nyan Raffle Prize - Pupeteer Witchsona :icongeminine-nyan:Geminine-nyan 50 8 Frozen: Anna and Elsa by L-Justine Frozen: Anna and Elsa :iconl-justine:L-Justine 22 16