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Give the Moose a Muffin: Sam x Reader (oneshot)
The air was thick and sweet and smelled like a bakery. You were leaning against the kitchen counter in the bunker, reading a book in one hand and nursing a mug of tea in the other. Things had been so hectic lately with the search for Abaddon not going so well. Sam and Dean had been hunched over in the main hall doing research all week and coming up dry. As if a Knight of Hell running around wasn’t stressful enough, the King of Hell was currently locked up in the basement. There was too much pressure on all of you to perform and the bunker’s atmosphere was saturated with tension. But today, you decided, was going to be a chance to unwind a little. You couldn’t carry on with the weight of the world on your shoulders. You were all human; you could only take on so much responsibility before collapsing under the strain.
You’d convinced Dean to buy these boxes of muffin mix months ago and you decided now was the perfect time to use them. All you had done was add the e
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Salty Kisses: Castiel x Reader (oneshot)
It was a ramen noodle kind of night.
You'd been sitting in the bunker at one of the big oak tables for a few hours now. Books were laying open corner to corner as well as old documents and your personal notebook, where you were jotting down any information that was relevant to the current hunt Sam and Dean were on. None of you had ever seen this kind of monster before so you had to do some digging while the Winchester's went out to do damage control.
You wore an over sized flannel (courtesy of Sam) and some dangerously small denim shorts. Your stomach growled and you glanced up from your work to stare at the Styrofoam cup where your dinner was currently stewing in hot water. Your mouth watered and you started bouncing your leg, imagining how salty and delicious the stringy noodles were going to taste. You especially loved the tiny rectangles of freeze-dried carrot...
Unable to wait a moment longer, you pulled the cup toward you and tore the lid off the rest of the way. A cloud of steam
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Reader x Teen Titans Chapter 1
Reader x Teen Titans Chapter 1
(Read Prologue first)
-“Excuse me, is there a reason you’re sat up here on this building?”…..
I was surprised and turned around startled. They definitely weren't there earlier, I only just sensed their presence as they spoke… -
Your P.O.V
I stood up and turned to the mysterious figure slowly, making sure my hood was still up, of course. I took note of the outfit this guy was wearing, skin tight, and quite revealing can I add. Defined muscles, he was strong. A cape, a little cliché. And a mask... but I didn't think Halloween was for another couple of months, why is he wearing a skull mask? ...with red lines on it?
Now things are getting awkward, I've just been staring at him!
"Is it of any concern to you? Last time I was here it wasn't a problem." I replied without a trace of emotion on my face or in my voice. I was good at that, in fact, I sometimes forget what some emotions feel like.
"No concern, it's
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More Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus~
51. Ask Claude why he poses as a woman in Charlotte's Web.
52. Keep unbuttoning your shirt
53. Pick up every stray cat you can find and invite Sebastian over to play with them.
54. Whenever it rains, follow Claude around and sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'.
55. Pray before every meal.
56. Take pictures of Claude in his pink pajamas. Use them as blackmail against Claude.
57. Give Claude a bible as a present.
58. Throw cake batter at him.
59. Ask Claude if he has a foot fetish.
60. When Claude orders the triplets to attack Sebastian, play the Pokemon theme song.
61. Ask Claude if he's ever been to Heaven, since demons are supposedly fallen angels.
62. Show Claude 2 girls, 1 cup.
63. Act extremely obsessed with and in love with Claude (Like how Grell acts around Sebastian)
64. Eat ice cream in a very sexual manner. If Claude makes a comment, act mad and call him a pervert.
65. Show him youtube videos of people killing spiders.
66. Spray Claude with bug spray.
67. Ask Claude what he thinks ab
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OlderBrother!Vamp!Prussia x YoungerSister!Reader
    It was wrong, he knew it from the beginning. The forbidden love that thrumed through his being. He knew it was wrong. But when did Gilbert ever once deny himself?
    It started around the time of his second year of high school. An attack at a shady party in the woods left him like this. Gilbert only managed to get away, but changed his life completely. But hey, chicks dig Vampires, right?
    He craved blood, whether from the local blood drive, or maybe the living being once in awhile. But with you it was different. From the time you were little (h/c) toddler, Gilbert was always protective of you. He was constantly teased by his friends of his "overly fond" affections for his sister. His younger brother was always so grown-up, but he never noticed when Gilbert's brotherly affections turned sinister. Love turned to lust, and that was extremely dangerous for the one he lusted after
    Gilbert's blood thirsty
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~Manga Madness~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Warning: Contains mild language, and an implied sexual situation
Ikebukuro. A city plagued by gangs, violence, and flying vending machines. Here, almost anything was possible. You learned that the hard way when you first moved to this city.
You were young when your parents divorced. Because of conflicting job offers and custody issues, your father and older brother moved to Japan while you stayed in America with your mother. When you got older, your brother suggested that you move to Japan and into his new apartment with him.
It didn't take much to convince you before you were off to the city of Ikebukuro.
Of course, you weren't expecting your new arrival to be welcomed by a nearly fatal encounter with an uprooted stop sign flying through the air in your direction. To make matters worse, a young man with black hair tried using you as a human shield while a blonde haired man wearing a bartender outfit charged after him while yelling, "IZAYAAAA!!"
After that little fiasco, your
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Just Dessert: Human!Castiel x Reader (oneshot)
You were standing in the cramped motel kitchen, whipping up a box of brownies for the boys when they got back tonight. You’d already fed Cas and yourself with fishsticks and microwave vegetables. Sam and Dean probably stopped off for burgers somewhere, so no need to worry about those bottomless pits. You smiled to yourself to think about how surprised they were going to be to stagger back to the smell of chocolate…
You jumped, almost dropping the bowl. Even though Cas was a human, he still had the freaky ability to sneak up on and scare the crap outta you. This was the third time he’d scared you tonight alone. You let out an agitated sigh.
"What is it, Cas—?"
You turned to look at him, not realizing how close he was standing behind you. Your eyes went wide as Castiels face dipped down towards yours. For a panicked second, you thought he was going to kiss you so when he bumped his nose against yours in a gentle Eskimo kiss you were stunned. He pulled ba
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