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How to play... A Toreador
The Toreador are always the "first" idea I had about Vampires : Seducing, expressive and passionate kindred.
Anne Rice's vampires are, somehow, ALL Toreador. Twilight's too.
/tomatoes thrown
So yeah, but there's more to it than just "art".
A friend, Christopher Turco, shared this with the VTM community :
On the subject of Toreador:
A lot of people really don’t get this clan. They think of them just artsy fartsy, high falutin’ types with no real depth or potential as vampires – let alone characters. They envision some comic parody of Andy Warhol at best or a mannequin of poor RP at worst.
I’ve run Toreador as my favorite bloodline since ’94. I can tell you that they have the potential to be one of the creepiest clans, but it’s in how you read between the lines. Namely, the obsession with beauty. A lot of players think they just stand around looking at pictures. The entrancement can be more sinister than that.
Imagine bringing a neonate to Elysium and
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Assamite Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 85 19 +VTM+clan chibis :icongothdream:GothDream 310 116 nosferatu 2 :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 146 13 Gangrel sp :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 185 18
How to play... A Brujah
Nobody asks about the Brujah =(
The Malkavian clan will be the last of the Camarilla How tos, so they're next up ! Then I'll tackle independent and Sabbat clans :)
Brujah are a bit like the bastard child between the Gangrel and the Ventrue.
Think about it, they have the "inner rage", but they also have this general sense of responsibility towards "a cause". Brujah have a cause. That's their main thing, you ignorant asshole.

In truth most Kindred have a cause, but the Brujah are generally less inclined to change their mind about their own cause. Stubborn bitches ! They will change tools, they will change their approach of the problem, but they won't change the general aim of it. The Ventrue will change if it suits their benefits, but the Brujah will openly act against himself or herself for their cause.
As such, any character, even if they're not physical at all, can be embraced Brujah, providing they have that little "fire within". Sometimes it's not so present,
:iconmalkalady:Malkalady 14 25
How to play... a Tzimisce
Again, the Sabbat isn't really my thing, but I actually have a kind of love to the Tzimisce clan which can have such strange characters, yet playable and interesting!
The Tzimisce clan is the clan that puts together so many concepts and so many myths around the vampire that for me, they're not just "one clan". Animal control masters, mansion holders, creepy dominion owners, eastern-european accents... Also, walking in long corridors with certain fabrics. That's all of what the Tzimisce make me think of when I first consider the clan. Of course it's cliché. That's the point, and that's what I'll try to fight or twist into interesting characters here.
Of course, to me, the urban monster is the Nosferatu, not the horrible alienesque Tzimisce, but that's because I'm European and if there's one clan I have a hard time imagining as modern, it's the Tzimisce.
It would be easy to make a difference between Old and New clan
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The Vampire Bounty Hunter :icondottorfile:DottorFile 149 30
How to play.. A Malkavian
And now the most awaited clan on the Camarilla : the Malkavian clan.
The Malkavian Clan was my first clan, like many others. They’re “different”, they “have the ultimate truth” and whatnot. They’re misunderstood. Just like me in my teenage years, just like you guys as PnP players : by default we’re the odd kind, we’re elsewhere, and the Malkavian’s concept usually strikes close to home because “hey they tell me I’m insane too !” and of course, the general teen feeling that we’re smarter than other people. Let’s face it, most of us gamers have primaries in Mental attributes :-) And by being teens, gamers, nerds and geeks, the Malk strike so close to home it’s normal it’s our “default” clan.
Well it’s a mistake. It’s very complex, but yeah. We were wrong.
Malkavians are not fun, they
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Beatrice my Sire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 83 17 Nosferatu color :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 127 13 Put me down :iconvenamalfoy:VenaMalfoy 491 37
How to play.. A Tremere
People, you are one lucky bunch.
Why ? Because this blog has managed to awake Lyle Kersten from his video games Torpor so he'd come and talk to us about the Tremere clan.
Enjoy !
Hello, our host has invited me to discuss a subject I know oh so well: the Tremere Clan.
First, I shall answer as clearly as I can a very complex question: what is the Tremere Clan?
The Tremere Clan is usually perceived either as a quick path to power, or as an oppressive structure whose goal is to ensure the survival of the top. To tell you the truth, there is truth in both perceptions.
There are two main currents in the Clan. They do not contradict each other, but it’s clear that they are at least antagonist.
First, comes what I would like to call the "military current". It’s the most pure and basic expression of the Clan’s hierarchy. The elders are on the top, and then come the other members o
:iconmalkalady:Malkalady 20 5
How to play... A Nosferatu
I love Nossies. Nossies are awesome! They're not played enough by beginners however. But they should! Why so?
Well, because they're the most communal Clan, which make them, oddly, one of the best clans for new players to try and embrace the Masquerade (and the Requiem too). Their community makes it a perfect clan to groom new players into Pen and Paper :D
As they have a very tight clan system, with an actual solidarity in between their members, the Nosferatu clan offers a wide variety of options to bring PCs to do something ; this way, a Nosferatu player does not need a personal agenda ; just his elders, his sire, or the brotherhood sending them in for the job because "your skills are the most suited, plus this way you meet.. the others". The Nosferatu PC will create his or her own agenda as they're learning how to play, and they're getting to know the city.
Consider the first scenario of the Nosferatu PC "outside" as the Amish teen kids having
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How to play.. A Ventrue
By popular demand, this time I'm tackling the ignored and forgotten leaders of the kindred ; the Ventrue are barely chosen by players to portray. At least in my personal experience, I've never had someone come up with a character that they accepted be embraced Ventrue. As a ST, I always take mortal concepts in, confront it to the settings and characters that may embrace, and when I say "well depending on where you wish to take your character to, the character may be embraced Ventrue or X", and the X is always chosen over the Ventrue.
It saddens my politically aware self that the Ventrue are so ignored, by all players (be they the PCs or the ST). 
Who has the resources to keep the city together? Who controls the media? Who makes sure the local politicians do not take initiatives that could be annoying? Who makes sure the public workers do not get into those forbidden places? Who makes sure to have all administrative red tape able to protect a kindr
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VtM, Malkavian :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 65 16 A complicated Trio :iconvenamalfoy:VenaMalfoy 492 78 Toreador sp :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 141 19
How to play.. A Gangrel
You feel nature-sh ? You like animals and birds ? How about the trees and little squirels ?
Really? Okay, go play an Elf !
You all know I will tell you "Clans do not Embrace people, people Embrace people !", but this little series of "how to play X" are mostly to let you know what kind of Sire your character may have ended up with.
The Gangrel are about instincts and conviction, more so than many other clans. At least as a clan concept. They also have an image of working together, with more "natural solidarity" than most other clans. Of course it's just an image and many Gangrel think of other Gangrel as much as they think of anyone else.
Surely you can go eco-terrorist, nature carer, anarchist, anti capitalism or 99% people to be a Gangrel, but let's make it a little more original and unique ; like all Kindred, Gangrel embrace for a purpose. Unlike most kindred, most Gangrel tend to be a little more brutal and honest about tho
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