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Toreador Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Toreador Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 223 36 Malkavian Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Malkavian Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 126 35 Nosferatu Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Nosferatu Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 154 33 South Park Guide to Vampire by walkingstranger South Park Guide to Vampire :iconwalkingstranger:walkingstranger 217 104 Gangrel Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Gangrel Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 132 22 Ravnos - Vampire the Masquerade by AmyWilkins Ravnos - Vampire the Masquerade :iconamywilkins:AmyWilkins 235 14 Lasombra Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Lasombra Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 130 22 Tremere Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Tremere Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 103 29 The Ravnos by Matiazi The Ravnos :iconmatiazi:Matiazi 355 30 The Vampire Bounty Hunter by DottorFile The Vampire Bounty Hunter :icondottorfile:DottorFile 155 30 +VTM+clan chibis by GothDream +VTM+clan chibis :icongothdream:GothDream 311 117 Salubri Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Salubri Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 98 23 Obtenebration by ChapmanBaritone Obtenebration :iconchapmanbaritone:ChapmanBaritone 138 11 Beatrice my Sire by Dragon-Kiss Beatrice my Sire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 83 17 Nosferatu color by FASSLAYER Nosferatu color :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 128 13 Vampire Epilogue by Dragon-Kiss Vampire Epilogue :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 105 48 Assamite Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Assamite Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 86 19 nosferatu 2 by FASSLAYER nosferatu 2 :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 148 13 Brujah Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Brujah Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 69 6 A complicated Trio by VenaMalfoy A complicated Trio :iconvenamalfoy:VenaMalfoy 493 78 Ravnos Vampire by Dragon-Kiss Ravnos Vampire :icondragon-kiss:Dragon-Kiss 74 14 VtM, Tzimisce by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Tzimisce :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 68 8 VtM, Giovanni by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Giovanni :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 58 5 VTM Symbols by Menehil VTM Symbols :iconmenehil:Menehil 75 17 VtM, Tremere by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Tremere :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 67 8 Vampire:  The Masquerade - Ravnos by Z-GrimV Vampire: The Masquerade - Ravnos :iconz-grimv:Z-GrimV 65 6 Agni by LadyCamafeo Agni :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 78 40 VtM, Lasombra by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Lasombra :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 53 3 Vampire:  The Masquerade - Lextalionis by Z-GrimV Vampire: The Masquerade - Lextalionis :iconz-grimv:Z-GrimV 63 5 Ravnos - Vampire (old) by RoxRio Ravnos - Vampire (old) :iconroxrio:RoxRio 123 80 Vampire:  The Masquerade - Lextalionis - Crop by Z-GrimV Vampire: The Masquerade - Lextalionis - Crop :iconz-grimv:Z-GrimV 61 5 VtM, Ravnos by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Ravnos :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 55 11 VtM, Malkavian by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Malkavian :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 69 16 Put me down by VenaMalfoy Put me down :iconvenamalfoy:VenaMalfoy 493 37 VtM, Toreador by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Toreador :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 58 23 VtM, Nosferatu by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Nosferatu :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 42 4 VtM, Followers of Set by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Followers of Set :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 57 6 After Lunch - Ravnos by platonika After Lunch - Ravnos :iconplatonika:platonika 49 17
How to play... A Toreador
The Toreador are always the "first" idea I had about Vampires : Seducing, expressive and passionate kindred.
Anne Rice's vampires are, somehow, ALL Toreador. Twilight's too.
/tomatoes thrown
So yeah, but there's more to it than just "art".
A friend, Christopher Turco, shared this with the VTM community :
On the subject of Toreador:
A lot of people really don’t get this clan. They think of them just artsy fartsy, high falutin’ types with no real depth or potential as vampires – let alone characters. They envision some comic parody of Andy Warhol at best or a mannequin of poor RP at worst.
I’ve run Toreador as my favorite bloodline since ’94. I can tell you that they have the potential to be one of the creepiest clans, but it’s in how you read between the lines. Namely, the obsession with beauty. A lot of players think they just stand around looking at pictures. The entrancement can be more sinister than that.
Imagine bringing a neonate to Elysium and
:iconmalkalady:Malkalady 29 27
Vampire: The Masquerade - Natalja Liwinska by Z-GrimV Vampire: The Masquerade - Natalja Liwinska :iconz-grimv:Z-GrimV 54 10
How to play.. A Malkavian
And now the most awaited clan on the Camarilla : the Malkavian clan.
The Malkavian Clan was my first clan, like many others. They’re “different”, they “have the ultimate truth” and whatnot. They’re misunderstood. Just like me in my teenage years, just like you guys as PnP players : by default we’re the odd kind, we’re elsewhere, and the Malkavian’s concept usually strikes close to home because “hey they tell me I’m insane too !” and of course, the general teen feeling that we’re smarter than other people. Let’s face it, most of us gamers have primaries in Mental attributes :-) And by being teens, gamers, nerds and geeks, the Malk strike so close to home it’s normal it’s our “default” clan.
Well it’s a mistake. It’s very complex, but yeah. We were wrong.
Malkavians are not fun, they
:iconmalkalady:Malkalady 24 57
How to play... a Tzimisce
Again, the Sabbat isn't really my thing, but I actually have a kind of love to the Tzimisce clan which can have such strange characters, yet playable and interesting!
The Tzimisce clan is the clan that puts together so many concepts and so many myths around the vampire that for me, they're not just "one clan". Animal control masters, mansion holders, creepy dominion owners, eastern-european accents... Also, walking in long corridors with certain fabrics. That's all of what the Tzimisce make me think of when I first consider the clan. Of course it's cliché. That's the point, and that's what I'll try to fight or twist into interesting characters here.
Of course, to me, the urban monster is the Nosferatu, not the horrible alienesque Tzimisce, but that's because I'm European and if there's one clan I have a hard time imagining as modern, it's the Tzimisce.
It would be easy to make a difference between Old and New clan
:iconmalkalady:Malkalady 24 29
VtM, Gangrel by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Gangrel :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 44 6 VtM, Ventrue by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Ventrue :iconalexandernysyos:AlexanderNysyos 53 6 Gangrel sp by FASSLAYER Gangrel sp :iconfasslayer:FASSLAYER 187 18 William Magister . . . Again. by ChapmanBaritone William Magister . . . Again. :iconchapmanbaritone:ChapmanBaritone 60 5 Happy Valentine's Day by VenaMalfoy Happy Valentine's Day :iconvenamalfoy:VenaMalfoy 257 41 Orlando Furioso by ChapmanBaritone Orlando Furioso :iconchapmanbaritone:ChapmanBaritone 51 8