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Weight of the World by BangGoesReality Weight of the World :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 304 63 CLIP STUDIO Work Station and soft cell shading by AsahiMisora CLIP STUDIO Work Station and soft cell shading :iconasahimisora:AsahiMisora 31 4 Allotransplantation: 0-0 by AmukaUroy Allotransplantation: 0-0 :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 128 34 Chibi - Thomas x Sheska by Sakura-Araragi Chibi - Thomas x Sheska :iconsakura-araragi:Sakura-Araragi 54 30 Ayden by AsahiMisora Ayden :iconasahimisora:AsahiMisora 21 7 Lake Retreat by SarahPonzohaRiley Lake Retreat :iconsarahponzohariley:SarahPonzohaRiley 46 5 Allotransplantation: 0-2 by AmukaUroy Allotransplantation: 0-2 :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 67 6 Change of scene. by BangGoesReality Change of scene. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 125 46 Archangel by chaoticwaltz Archangel :iconchaoticwaltz:chaoticwaltz 15 8 Summer Lovin' by BangGoesReality Summer Lovin' :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 91 53
SA: Kissing Spree
... or in which Hilary kisses 20 other crack children
„You cannot do it.“ – Lily smiled, showing off her fangs more fully than Hilary himself ever did. Nina only nodded, seemingly not amused by the situation, but her siblings knew better.
“Of course I can. Some of us are not as incompetent as you are, Lily.” – the redheaded vampire retorted, feigning carelessness, but, to girls, it was painfully obvious that he is faking.
“Alright, then. Have twenty people by Friday and I’ll believe you.” – the older girl shrugged, locks of brown hair falling over her shoulders.
“Twenty?” – he asked, attempting his best not to sound surprised (or, worse, like he couldn’t do it) – “Alright, then. Twenty in next five days. Sure.”
It was class of—he doesn’t even know what. His best assumption would be Psychology and since, being a boy, he had some privileges. Lik
:iconmeduzia:Meduzia 8 34
Allotransplantation: 01 (1) by AmukaUroy Allotransplantation: 01 (1) :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 36 1 More foalies by BangGoesReality More foalies :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 109 29
Gambling off Maturity: Chp 2
Chapter 2: The Demon's Plaything
Darkness… Pitch black was the color of the destination of the portal, yet somehow you could see yourself. There wasn't any lack of light… This place just absorbed all color from the light emitted from nowhere… it was sort of like outer space, only with a floor and gravity, and there were no stars to give off light. As Judith lay asleep on that floor, the Succubus grinned…
"Ah… Limbo is just as good as it used to be…" She said as she looked around. She put her hands together over Judith, and smiled. "No time to waste sightseeing… I have to bring you home..." And with that, she started an incantation for another portal spell. As she chanted, another portal appeared underneath her and Judith, engulfing them yet again… The Succubus giggled a bit as she hoisted Judith back into her arms. "I can't believe the day has finally come…"
Several hours passed before Judith finally awoke… Her vision was heavily fuzzy
:iconcardiac88:Cardiac88 21 14
1-9 by BangGoesReality 1-9 :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 37 18 .MH: Florence Ravensdale. by PetitAnge .MH: Florence Ravensdale. :iconpetitange:PetitAnge 22 11 Allotransplantation: 0-1 by AmukaUroy Allotransplantation: 0-1 :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 64 6 Badvibe character bust shots 4: Michael Ravensdale by DrJoshfox Badvibe character bust shots 4: Michael Ravensdale :icondrjoshfox:DrJoshfox 12 2 .MH: Denim Cerise. by PetitAnge .MH: Denim Cerise. :iconpetitange:PetitAnge 14 5 CA: Task 2+ 3A: Cain Ravensdale by TsubakiTwilight CA: Task 2+ 3A: Cain Ravensdale :icontsubakitwilight:TsubakiTwilight 10 7 CA: Mission One Page 1 (Manga ver.) by TsubakiTwilight CA: Mission One Page 1 (Manga ver.) :icontsubakitwilight:TsubakiTwilight 14 2 CA: Age Meme - Cain Ravensdale by TsubakiTwilight CA: Age Meme - Cain Ravensdale :icontsubakitwilight:TsubakiTwilight 11 0 [OC] Daffodil Ravensdale by lehannaa [OC] Daffodil Ravensdale :iconlehannaa:lehannaa 12 0 Cold Reflection by SarahPonzohaRiley Cold Reflection :iconsarahponzohariley:SarahPonzohaRiley 12 6 Sky High. by BangGoesReality Sky High. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 21 5 We run as one by femalefred We run as one :iconfemalefred:femalefred 9 6 Illegibilus :June [UPDATED] by HolliBerry Illegibilus :June [UPDATED] :iconholliberry:HolliBerry 24 42 Hyperactivityy by BangGoesReality Hyperactivityy :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 10 3 SA: Children Batch 1 by Meduzia SA: Children Batch 1 :iconmeduzia:Meduzia 8 52 Take Me Higher by Sky-of-Silver Take Me Higher :iconsky-of-silver:Sky-of-Silver 22 26 L43: Yaakov | Hoshiko by MidNightsCastedAngel L43: Yaakov | Hoshiko :iconmidnightscastedangel:MidNightsCastedAngel 8 2 But I wanted to go straight by femalefred But I wanted to go straight :iconfemalefred:femalefred 9 12 SA: Headshot Compilation by Meduzia SA: Headshot Compilation :iconmeduzia:Meduzia 9 45 Slushie. by BangGoesReality Slushie. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 8 2 Two for Joy. by BangGoesReality Two for Joy. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 11 40 Kieran by BangGoesReality Kieran :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 15 22 Michael Ravensdale finalized design  -BADVIBE by DrJoshfox Michael Ravensdale finalized design -BADVIBE :icondrjoshfox:DrJoshfox 6 0 A Return Letter to Kieran by Baringa-of-the-Wind A Return Letter to Kieran :iconbaringa-of-the-wind:Baringa-of-the-Wind 6 30 First day out. by BangGoesReality First day out. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 15 2 You couldnt possibly. by BangGoesReality You couldnt possibly. :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 6 6 SA: Flynn Outfits by Meduzia SA: Flynn Outfits :iconmeduzia:Meduzia 5 11 CA: Cain Ravensdale Task 3B by TsubakiTwilight CA: Cain Ravensdale Task 3B :icontsubakitwilight:TsubakiTwilight 7 3 Lesson 18: Drusilla [Sasha] by ArcanaFire Lesson 18: Drusilla [Sasha] :iconarcanafire:ArcanaFire 5 3 Ravensdale Stud's Stable Block by BangGoesReality Ravensdale Stud's Stable Block :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 18 9 SA: Parents Meme - Ravensdales by Meduzia SA: Parents Meme - Ravensdales :iconmeduzia:Meduzia 5 16 Semi-realistic Kieran by BangGoesReality Semi-realistic Kieran :iconbanggoesreality:BangGoesReality 5 5 Fancy Footwork by Cedarwood-Stables Fancy Footwork :iconcedarwood-stables:Cedarwood-Stables 7 1