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Remember The Titans by ukitakumuki Remember The Titans :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 6,583 686 Titans: A Brief History 1 by ukitakumuki Titans: A Brief History 1 :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 2,586 341 Soundwave Wallpaper by timshinn73 Soundwave Wallpaper :icontimshinn73:timshinn73 1,285 271 Commission: DJ Battle by JavierReyes Commission: DJ Battle :iconjavierreyes:JavierReyes 1,068 278 TF: Mini Soundwave by DoodleWEE TF: Mini Soundwave :icondoodlewee:DoodleWEE 1,078 135 Decepticon Victory by kurisama Decepticon Victory :iconkurisama:kurisama 357 87 DragonFormers: Soundwave and Ravage by JazzTheTiger DragonFormers: Soundwave and Ravage :iconjazzthetiger:JazzTheTiger 749 77 soundwave and ravage by sirenofchaos432 soundwave and ravage :iconsirenofchaos432:sirenofchaos432 1,037 166 Mulan Lotus by Sonala Mulan Lotus :iconsonala:Sonala 1,017 162 Starscream: FAIL by The-Starhorse Starscream: FAIL :iconthe-starhorse:The-Starhorse 890 275 Optimus Mine by narrated Optimus Mine :iconnarrated:narrated 290 108 SG Ravage again by itswalky SG Ravage again :iconitswalky:itswalky 201 16 Spotlight Soundwave by Marcelo by wordmongerer Spotlight Soundwave by Marcelo :iconwordmongerer:wordmongerer 488 54 TOTF 05 page01 by markerguru TOTF 05 page01 :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 942 141 TF TOTF Ravage alt cover by markerguru TF TOTF Ravage alt cover :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 909 66 sir soundwave by zibanitu6969 sir soundwave :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 774 81 one's beloved Dad by zibanitu6969 one's beloved Dad :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 733 56 SOUNDWAVE and Cassettes by Tyr44 SOUNDWAVE and Cassettes :icontyr44:Tyr44 1,045 131 L A S T  G E N E S I S by ukitakumuki L A S T G E N E S I S :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 742 206 The Decepticons by J-Rayner The Decepticons :iconj-rayner:J-Rayner 296 93
Love poem to my plague doctor
This morning you, my true love
tapped a heartbeat into my door
with an oak cane.
I didn't answer.
I wasn't afraid of you, I promise.
In fact shaking swept over me
a feverish need to pull you in
rising from my chest to my throat.
When you left I coughed it out.
It lay there on my floor
thick and red, but not so much my blood
as my offering
my chance.
It is noon.
My neck stings and pulses
for you to kiss it.
But of course you won't.
Perhaps this attraction
the beauty I see in the way you're covered by a beast
is the same that creates
werewolves, minotaurs, and politicians.
I wouldn't want a man
so please, don't take your mask off.
Don't look at me without the glass over your eyes.
You live if they can't see you, true love of mine
and I want us to live.
I think you flew away
this morning, black cloak catching the filthy air
and roosted on top of the headstone they are building me.
I would rather succumb
than think you might be at another house
with a new girl you cannot touch.
I will call
:iconpoetoffire:poetoffire 61 12
Commission - TFP Soundwave and Ravage by M-hourglass Commission - TFP Soundwave and Ravage :iconm-hourglass:M-hourglass 654 116 Panel from Recordicons 12 by itswalky Panel from Recordicons 12 :iconitswalky:itswalky 99 8 TF MTMTE 54 cover by markerguru TF MTMTE 54 cover :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 266 7 Recordicons group art by itswalky Recordicons group art :iconitswalky:itswalky 204 31
Vorarephilia... have me with sauce.
Vore is not a chore, its the cause.
Will you have me or shall I have you?
Its dinner for two.
Are you getting wet?
Yes, I bet!
Are you ready?
Please go steady.
The world sees us as freaks,
Sadists and creeps,
But you are delicious.
Very conspicuous.
I want you in my mouth.
That is what is all about.
I want to be in yours
Leaving you wanting more
I want the white and red
All over my bed.
Ravaging you in a craze
Until I come to in a daze.
Will I end dead?
Or will it be said,
"Here lies a man, crazy,
"That ate his own lady."
:iconolfashioncowboy:Olfashioncowboy 29 32
Master And Servant by LarryWilson Master And Servant :iconlarrywilson:LarryWilson 404 62 Shattered Glass Ravage by itswalky Shattered Glass Ravage :iconitswalky:itswalky 138 13 Transformers G1 -  World Eater by Meiphon Transformers G1 - World Eater :iconmeiphon:Meiphon 1,027 40 Sea Wyrm: WATCH YOUR BACK by shunding Sea Wyrm: WATCH YOUR BACK :iconshunding:shunding 299 79 Uchiha Madara - SP by TomasLacerda Uchiha Madara - SP :icontomaslacerda:TomasLacerda 1,643 130 SG Ravage unofficial bio card by itswalky SG Ravage unofficial bio card :iconitswalky:itswalky 104 11 Ravage by fuchsiart Ravage :iconfuchsiart:fuchsiart 356 33 Initiate: Bedtime Story Mode by Kikane Initiate: Bedtime Story Mode :iconkikane:Kikane 576 125 RoTF Ravage by 4450 RoTF Ravage :icon4450:4450 146 26 Human Transformers by Ammotu Human Transformers :iconammotu:Ammotu 841 686 Soundwave by Sue-ee Soundwave :iconsue-ee:Sue-ee 624 85 FoC Soundwave and his minions by KevinRaganit FoC Soundwave and his minions :iconkevinraganit:KevinRaganit 695 82 Transformers size comparison by retinence Transformers size comparison :iconretinence:retinence 498 46 ORGANIC MECHANICAT COLOURED by neurowing ORGANIC MECHANICAT COLOURED :iconneurowing:neurowing 164 13 Mulan: New dress by Sonala Mulan: New dress :iconsonala:Sonala 555 97 TFA Ravage by Grinwise TFA Ravage :icongrinwise:Grinwise 475 129 TF: a disastrous date by flutterjet TF: a disastrous date :iconflutterjet:flutterjet 722 114 Command Ravage by MattMoylan Command Ravage :iconmattmoylan:MattMoylan 95 2 TF MTMTE 42 cover by markerguru TF MTMTE 42 cover :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 340 35 TF - Liquid Consciousness by knightsfaith TF - Liquid Consciousness :iconknightsfaith:knightsfaith 114 11 Destiny collection: Sacrifice by Sonala Destiny collection: Sacrifice :iconsonala:Sonala 570 41 catfight by prisonsuit-rabbitman catfight :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 770 94 Sadness End: Mulan by Sonala Sadness End: Mulan :iconsonala:Sonala 585 97