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Oceanstone part 1
Chapter 1: Unlikely Heroes
Radiant Garden was normally a peaceful town as the citizens would go about, enjoying their everyday lives. However, today was a completely different story thanks to a madman who called himself by the nickname Caster. Caster calmed he was using the town as a bit of a test subject for a powerful book he had found, summoning creatures that some people would calm were from hell itself to attack the innocent people living there. However, he had no idea a group of ‘travelers’ with fighting skills would be there and would choose to ‘speak’ their mind about his sick plan…
On the streets, people were running for their lives as octopus like creatures were roaming the streets. In an alleyway, a teenage girl named Fu Inubozaki stood in front of her sister, Itsuki, protectively as one of the creatures was heading to them. Fu growled to herself as Itsuki had tears in her eyes.
“Sis, I’m scared…” whispered Itsuki.
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Wing's Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep part 1
In a bloody battle field, corpses of fallen knights were seen from miles long. On top of a pile was a young woman with green eyes, somewhat long blond hair with bangs at the side, and an ahoge, and was wearing a blue dress with puffer at the top of her sleeves with golden outlines and parted at the bottom, a white dress bottom with golden designs at the end, silver armor gloves, a silver armor chest plate with blue designs on it, two silver plates over the blue part of her dress bottom, a blue cloth in the middle of the dress bottom, and silver armor boots with tears rolling down her face as she was looking down.
“I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...I should have never had been summoned,” said the woman in despair, “I should have been stronger…”
She then let out a broken hearted scream as she looked forward through the darken sky…
‘Tsubomi...Erika...Ratchet...Clank...Silver...Blaze...please...forgive me!’
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Oceanstone part 5
Chapter 5: A Dance Turned Deadly
Ryuko was bored out of her mind. She had walked over to the balancy, kicking off her shoes once she stepped outside. She wished Rae had come out with her but she noticed her friend was talking to someone and figured it would be best to just let the brown haired girl be. Course, she was a bit surprised by the fact all the guys were dancing. She even chuckled a bit when she saw Kirito trying to dance and was shocked Krocken and Ragna were originally on the floor with how they acted at times.
Ryuko let out a small sigh as she looked up towards the starry sky. While lovely to most, it reminded her of the night she lost her father. It started out like any normal night where she came home late. To her horror, she saw the front door was busted opened and ran inside. She found her father with a half scissor blade stabbed right through him as he was trying to hang onto life. He tried to tell her something about the basement before the lost of blood ended
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Wing's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep part 2
Chapter 1: The Mark of Masterly
In another location, in another world, another keyblade wielder was in the middle of her own training with her master, the woman known as the Space Time Witch to many keyblade wielders and world travelers.
The person in training was a teenage girl with long orange hair, which part of it was tried into two small ponytails, blue eyes and was wearing a pink top with golden shoulder pads, buttons, and chain, white middle with black lines, purple pockets, and two-tone pink and white cuffs with golden buttons and black lines, a white/golden heart brooch with melody notes at the side and a pink, white, blue, and purple gem on the top sides with a diamond in the middle, a smaller heart shaped gem on top, attached by a golden chain and pink shorts with white lines, pink socks, and white shoes with a pink bow on top of them. Her name was Hibiki Hojo.
Like Tsubomi, Hibiki was also a Precure, Hibiki going by the name Cure Melody. However, instead of being tra
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