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Team nightShade
Tao was still covered in snow, Team silver star was still rushing back and forth to deliver medicine. They had been working hard and this process was becoming routine. It became like clockwork, ticking slowly by.  They hit the doldrums of their routine; it was time for a change.
Meiling was sitting in her favorite tree despite, the cold wind blowing forth from the sea. She could hear it from where she sat. The waves crashing upon the beach, it was a very peaceful setting. Night Claw had joined a nearby team, and was training very hard. The memories of Todd had been depressing, not to mention their encounter; it had begun to bring her down.  Rem had gone off to gather some supplies for dinner. She laid down feeling the wind through her fur.
"Mei Mei! You won't believe this!" Rem was shouting up the tree Meiling was in. She looked down and sighed.
"What is it Rem?" She began to slowly climb down from her post.
"Night Shade is here!" Mei's ears perked.
"WHAT! Everyone?
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