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Speed-way Jam (Speed Highway with lyrics)
Title:  Speed-way Jam
Track: Sonic Generations (Speed Highway )
Remixed Original Track: Cash Cash, SEGA/Sonic Team
Date: 07th April 2012
Lyrics Co-Written and Performed by: Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong & Speedio322
Concept & Additional Voices: Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong
SFXs: SEGA/Sonic Team
[Announcer] "Hey hey! Ya'll listen up! This is gonna be a dynamic duo! Darkspeeds and Speedio322! Let's go!!"
Make it fast and do a spin attack, no time to go back!
No time to waste, gotta leave no trace! Don't get in my case!
Blasting off at the speed of sound! Goin' pound for pound!
And there ain't no time to fool around. I'm here to be renown!
[Mr. Bobby B.] "Okay! Calm down! Calm down now! It ain't over yet!"
Three two one! Running at the speed of sound - makes you wanna go… BOOM!
Here we go! It's way past cool - makes you wanna go... ZOOM!
(Twenty hundred miles an hour!
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The Hanging Tree song (Creepypasta version)
Are you, are you...
Fiends with a proxy?
The tall faceless man
Is watching you and me
Soon we'll be facing a
Young boy named Jeffrey
Here comes, my foe...
Will you, will you...
Meet me and Jessie?
After you survive
The Rainbow Factory?
Some guys were the victims
Of Clockwork and Toby
And tonight, we may...
See Masky and Hoody
Did you...did you...
Meet a pink pony?
She's really gone insane
Why did she go crazy?
Ben Drowned and Rap Rat will
Keep haunting the TV
If we keep, fighting...
I'm sure that we'll be free
Were you...were you...
Playing with Sally?
A guy named Eyeless Jack
Is after my kidney
That image of a dog
Was scary and creepy
Like that mouse, who was...
Abandoned by Disney
Would you...would you...
Show brutality...
Against the man who tries
To hold you sexually?
He offered me a rose
And chuckled lustfully
And it won't, be long...
Until we meet Reggie
Could you...could you...
Always protect me...
Like how that lady Jane
Would protect her Mary?
Some black and white cl
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The World Ends With You...
The sky's not the limit it's just a view
Make Mount Olympus open up for you
Silver's not enough for the Midas touch
The world's all yours and it ends with you
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YUGI VS JADEN - Yusei lines
"I think you both need to stop and listen, this is how it goes.
You're both behind, have you even heard of Synchros?!
Yugi would you please stop all your ripping on my show?!
You're just upset, they stopped talking about you years ago!
And Jaden seriously, don't even talk about being King of Games,
Especially when most people don't know your name!
It may be "Time to Duel" or even "Get our Games on!"
But you both forget that your shows are long gone.
So set back relax, and I'll bring to the table my rhymes
And then I'll show you  both how I  play and ride!
I'm afraid your dark Magician is out of date
And your buddy Neos is a little late,
But with a synchro summon, Stardust I will create.
And then we'll see which one of us is really great.
Yugi has the Pharaoh, and Jaden has Yubel
But between the three of us, I'm the one who's been through hell.
You both have crutches and people in your mind
But for me, I'm the only one;  just me an
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