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Bound - A Naruhina fic ch 6
Bound – A NaruHina Fanfic ~ Chapter 6 – Painful Inheritance
The head of Naruto Uzumaki throbbed painfully behind his eyes, a fact he was reminded of by every, bump in the road, every small, insignificant pebble was at current, his enemy.
"Gah!  Dammit why the hell does road have to be so dam bumpy!"  he blurted finally fed up, and immediately regretted the outburst as the pain he felt behind his yes doubled.   It felt like someone was poking hot needles into the backs of his eyes and he doubled over in agony, gritting his teeth, refusing to let out even the smallest cream.  
As the pain receded he felt a pair of familiar arms gently warp themselves around him hugging him in close.  "This is probably natural for all members of our clan, when they develop their kekkai genkai they must go through the same thing.  If it makes you feel any better love, the more pain you feel means that chances are the stronger your ability wit
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Our Will of Fire - Chapter 4
Our Will of Fire – A NaruHina Fanfic – Chapter four – Expect the Unexpected
"Well that's enough of Naruto's secrets we've shared tonight, there is likely going to be more Hyugaa patrols sent out when this one fails to report in, so we'd better get some sleep because we're going to have to move come morning."  Kakashi stated matter-of-factly before heading off to gather Naruto and Hinata and bring them into the cave where they would all sleep.
It wasn't long before they all drifted off to sleep excluding Kakashi who volunteered to stay up to keep a watch on the prisoners.
Several hours later
A loud shriek woke the four sleeping shinobi from their peaceful slumber, Sakura re-entered reality and opened her eyes to find the area bathed in brightly glowing lavender light.  She found herself blinded by the intensity of the light but she could vaguely make out Kakashi standing shielding his eyes near what seemed to be the source of the light.  She squinted trying
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Bound - A NaruHina - fic ch 5
Bound - A NaruHina Fanfic – Chapter 5 – Complications
"My apologies, I did not know that you had not been informed.  Your father has arranged for your marriage to the head of the Dangtetzku family.  You are to be married Hinata-samma."
The words hit her harder then any physical blow ever could, or ever would.  She was to be married to some guy she didn't even know!?  But Naruto already proposed!  I'm his fiancι!  This can't be happening, this cannot be happening!
"Hinata-samma?" the messenger's voice brought her out of her trance to face cold hard reality.  
"W-when w-was t-t-this decided?" she asked already dreading the answer.
"To the best of my knowledge your father has been setting this up for some time, my apologies for demanding your return, I was unaware that you were uninformed regarding this situation.  However we must hurry back to Hiashi-samma; your father will be expecting you back shortly."
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