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SNK: One Sweet Love (Levi x Petra)
“Good morning, Heichou~”
Levi awoke at the energetic, high-pitched voice calling behind him. He didn’t want to get up from bed today. He just came back from another expedition outside the walls.
“Heichou?” The voice continued to call him, but he simply moaned and covered his head with the sheets.
The girl calling behind him, started to get irritated. He had a big day behind him and he refused to get out of bed. He wasn’t always that way, she thought. The Corporal knew the value of time, and he knows how much work he needs to do.
She thought of a way to wake him up rather than calling him out. Physical contact was out of the option, because she got a blow job on the face when she did that the only other time he refused to get out of bed.
A small smile crept out. “Heichou, Eren came to your office and messed with the paperwork.”
In no time, he sat up of bed, looked at the girl with a deadly glare, and stated in an authoritative voice,
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R.E.A.L by Nadiezda R.E.A.L :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,566 232 SnK: Until the End. by Fiveonthe SnK: Until the End. :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 1,387 188 Petra Ral by munette Petra Ral :iconmunette:munette 836 68 Cosband WTF People - SnK Circle by fausto-The-Endless Cosband WTF People - SnK Circle :iconfausto-the-endless:fausto-The-Endless 328 44
Thunder Rolls Cheater!Levi x Reader 1960s AU
       The storm poured on. It was like all the pent up aggression of the world was heavily plummeting to the sky. Only a quarter till seven, and the skies were that of a rich smoke. That gray being overpowered by the clashing of vibrant lightning.
Ghost like. That's how the streets seemed. Vacant of almost any occupants. The small town's people had their shutters slammed tight, and tried to salvage some source of light reflecting from their cozy porches to help any poor soul traveling through this unheard of.
Ivory fingers tapped anxiously on the steering wheel, while it's counterpart bored holes into his wristwatch. There was not a single doubt in Levi's mind that (Y/n) was worried sick, over his absence.  Well, she very well should be. Guilty, for that he was. He was heading back from somewhere he never should have even thought of going.
There wasn't enough southern charm in this little Louisiana town, to undo the great evil this boy has sicked upon his litt
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Fantom by anndr Fantom :iconanndr:anndr 989 132 Desmantelar by Nadiezda Desmantelar :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,552 69 Despues by Nadiezda Despues :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 466 47 SNK: Stand by my side by carrinth SNK: Stand by my side :iconcarrinth:carrinth 881 123 SnK: Petra's Demise by YukiHyo SnK: Petra's Demise :iconyukihyo:YukiHyo 1,126 43 Shingeki no Kyojin by Pugoffka-sama Shingeki no Kyojin :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 641 35 Discordia by Nadiezda Discordia :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 587 33 Choo-choo by Nadiezda Choo-choo :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 694 46 Silent Goodbye by harousel Silent Goodbye :iconharousel:harousel 767 85 Cosband WTF People - Shingeki no Kyojin by fausto-The-Endless Cosband WTF People - Shingeki no Kyojin :iconfausto-the-endless:fausto-The-Endless 204 22 Cosband WTF People - Attack on Titan by fausto-The-Endless Cosband WTF People - Attack on Titan :iconfausto-the-endless:fausto-The-Endless 158 11 Levi's squad by Evurinn Levi's squad :iconevurinn:Evurinn 723 33 Okokalotl by Nadiezda Okokalotl :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,043 104 Commission Thirty-Five by KasugoKage88 Commission Thirty-Five :iconkasugokage88:KasugoKage88 625 38 Suffering. .. by addy-ack Suffering. .. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 1,577 0 R A L by Nadiezda R A L :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 957 38 Okoka by Nadiezda Okoka :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 1,312 36
Mismatch [Levi x Reader x Erwin] Part Eight
    Days passed. Erwin had requested you to come over daily and before long, everyone recognized you as the commander's--albeit unofficial--assistant. Well, nearly everyone. Levi was as seething as ever.
    You, on the other hand, actually liked working with Erwin. You found it a pleasant change; it was quieter and more methodical than working with Hanji and less stressful and strenuous than being with Levi. It was actually nice to work sitting down. Moreover, Erwin was far better company than Levi, and you dared admit, Hanji.
    You frowned. It was far better like this, anyway; Levi could spend more quality time with Petra without your intervention...or you seeing them. Erwin respected you far better than Levi, was taller than Levi, was more respectable than Levi--
    A call of your name shook you out of your thoughts, and you glanced up to see the commander’s worried gaze as he sat before his desk. “Are you okay?”
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real by Nadiezda real :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 444 15 Shingeki No Kyojin ~ Oluo, Levi and Petra by Yamato-Leaphere Shingeki No Kyojin ~ Oluo, Levi and Petra :iconyamato-leaphere:Yamato-Leaphere 177 31 RAL by Nadiezda RAL :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 451 30 Shingeki no Kyojin: veil by Haiyun Shingeki no Kyojin: veil :iconhaiyun:Haiyun 754 78 Levi's Squad by hikariix Levi's Squad :iconhikariix:hikariix 844 27 SnK: Waiting by ravenwing136 SnK: Waiting :iconravenwing136:ravenwing136 492 76 Shingeki no Kyojin: Last Choice by Astellecia Shingeki no Kyojin: Last Choice :iconastellecia:Astellecia 251 26 The Reluctant Heroes by nisaliet The Reluctant Heroes :iconnisaliet:nisaliet 723 38 Encrucijada by Nadiezda Encrucijada :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 664 44 Thank You by hikariix Thank You :iconhikariix:hikariix 446 86 SNK doodles by omurizer SNK doodles :iconomurizer:omurizer 349 9 Hitch, Petra, and Rico by h-yde Hitch, Petra, and Rico :iconh-yde:h-yde 518 31 Squad Levi by Hatsuraikun Squad Levi :iconhatsuraikun:Hatsuraikun 423 87 SnK: I never told you by ZLynn SnK: I never told you :iconzlynn:ZLynn 495 105 big bang by Nadiezda big bang :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 684 45 Petra's Death by Almerious Petra's Death :iconalmerious:Almerious 127 54 Stand Strong by Ettelle Stand Strong :iconettelle:Ettelle 138 5
Mismatch (Levi x Reader) Part Five
    You were bright and early the next morning, last night’s awesome feeling carried over, and you strode down the hall, never having felt better as far as you remembered getting into the Scouting Legion. You greeted everyone with a smile as you strode down the hall, heading for Hanji’s office.
    “[First]!” You turned at the sound of your name to see Petra hurrying to catch up with you. “Going with Hanji today?”
    “Yup,” you replied. “I think she misses me.” You giggled. “You?”
    “Not sure,” she replied. “I’m heading to Levi’s for extra instructions. I think we’re training the kids today.”
    Bitter jealousy bit at your stomach, sour on your tongue. But you smiled anyway and bid her good-by.
     “Ah, [First]~!” Hanji practically ta
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Cosplay: Petra Ral II by Mae-rye Cosplay: Petra Ral II :iconmae-rye:Mae-rye 132 53