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Mismatch [Levi x Reader x Erwin] Part Eight
    Days passed. Erwin had requested you to come over daily and before long, everyone recognized you as the commander's--albeit unofficial--assistant. Well, nearly everyone. Levi was as seething as ever.
    You, on the other hand, actually liked working with Erwin. You found it a pleasant change; it was quieter and more methodical than working with Hanji and less stressful and strenuous than being with Levi. It was actually nice to work sitting down. Moreover, Erwin was far better company than Levi, and you dared admit, Hanji.
    You frowned. It was far better like this, anyway; Levi could spend more quality time with Petra without your intervention...or you seeing them. Erwin respected you far better than Levi, was taller than Levi, was more respectable than Levi--
    A call of your name shook you out of your thoughts, and you glanced up to see the commander’s worried gaze as he sat before his desk. “Are you okay?”
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Mismatch [Levi x Reader] Part Seven
            You stayed away from Levi and the rest of the officers after that, and with Hanji’s encouragement you somehow managed to fit right in with the newest recruits, fresh from the 104th Training Division. You smiled as you conversed with the ten that occupied a single long table: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Ymir, Krista, Reiner and Bertholdt, all of which conversed in pairs or argued and bickered amongst themselves or fought for bigger portions that dinner time. The cadets were curious as to why a senior cadet like you would be here with the freshmen, but nonetheless you assured them you had nowhere else to sit, and Armin brought up that one day Bertholdt didn’t have anywhere to sit during their days as trainees.
            Levi, for one, was upset at the fact that you ‘had decided to sit with the brats’ rather than with the rest of the officers like y
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Mismatch (Levi x Reader) Part Five
    You were bright and early the next morning, last night’s awesome feeling carried over, and you strode down the hall, never having felt better as far as you remembered getting into the Scouting Legion. You greeted everyone with a smile as you strode down the hall, heading for Hanji’s office.
    “[First]!” You turned at the sound of your name to see Petra hurrying to catch up with you. “Going with Hanji today?”
    “Yup,” you replied. “I think she misses me.” You giggled. “You?”
    “Not sure,” she replied. “I’m heading to Levi’s for extra instructions. I think we’re training the kids today.”
    Bitter jealousy bit at your stomach, sour on your tongue. But you smiled anyway and bid her good-by.
     “Ah, [First]~!” Hanji practically ta
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Morning Tea - Petra x Levi x Reader
"[F/N]!" Petra called, running to you, wearing her cute smile. You were making some tea for Levi when she suddenly bursts in. "Today is the day!"
"Today is the day you what?" you replied, a bit sour, since it's quite early. While you waited for the water to become hot, Petra hugged you from behind. "Oof."
"Remember last night? I asked you what I should do to show someone I like him very much, and you said I should confess."
"So, you're going to confess?"
"Who's the lucky guy?" you asked, in a bored tone.
Your eyes widened at her answer. Since she was hugging you from behind, she didn't see your hurt reaction. 
"... Goodluck, Petra..." you muttered.
Petra lets go of your waist and walked to your side. You turned your gaze to meet hers. She smiled happily, while you could only force out a smile. Sadness started to take over, it made your chest feel tight. Until just now did you find out that Levi was Petra's crush, and Petra had no idea that Levi was your crush as wel
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