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BlueVision V0.2 Alpha [RAINMETER] by g3xter BlueVision V0.2 Alpha [RAINMETER] :icong3xter:g3xter 3,379 1,195 O K by Mr--Jack O K :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 4,180 122 Scout Recon Vehicle - Breakdown by Legato895 Scout Recon Vehicle - Breakdown :iconlegato895:Legato895 149 11 Troop Transport Ship by Shimmering-Sword Troop Transport Ship :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 665 71 Power relay by KaranaK Power relay :iconkaranak:KaranaK 242 3 HUD by z-design HUD :iconz-design:z-design 316 15 Citadel-class Aircraft Carrier by Afterskies Citadel-class Aircraft Carrier :iconafterskies:Afterskies 247 18 RSI Aurora UI Concept - Star Citizen by z-design RSI Aurora UI Concept - Star Citizen :iconz-design:z-design 343 16 Feeding Time by Mr--Jack Feeding Time :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 1,185 24 Heavy Equiped Combat Drone 1.0 by maciejfrolow Heavy Equiped Combat Drone 1.0 :iconmaciejfrolow:maciejfrolow 295 28 Dragon Ball Z Tattoo by ILoveTrunks Dragon Ball Z Tattoo :iconilovetrunks:ILoveTrunks 474 92 Skinsuit by Mr--Jack Skinsuit :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 868 15 Noble-Class Supercarrier by Afterskies Noble-Class Supercarrier :iconafterskies:Afterskies 211 34 Midnight Outpost - Sunrise by NJPoulin Midnight Outpost - Sunrise :iconnjpoulin:NJPoulin 1,630 199 Walkies by Mr--Jack Walkies :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 2,965 66 Surface Encounter by Mr--Jack Surface Encounter :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 975 22 One shot, One kill by Legato895 One shot, One kill :iconlegato895:Legato895 203 42 Radarstation by stareater Radarstation :iconstareater:stareater 1,051 161 Spaceship by qci Spaceship :iconqci:qci 117 2 City survey by LMorse City survey :iconlmorse:LMorse 233 3 Dragonball Z Epic Tattoo by ILoveTrunks Dragonball Z Epic Tattoo :iconilovetrunks:ILoveTrunks 286 71
Gerudo tg
Gerudo Tg (With no mask! :D)
In the sandy wasteland of the Naboo Desert a voice rises above the constantly blowing wind saying, "I've always wanted to say this, fire in the hole!!!" A loud explosion shakes the semi-solid earth and rockets small pieces of rock and lots of sand back toward the man standing well away from the blast. It only took a few seconds for the smoke and dust to clear revealing a door way leading deep below the desert sands. The blackness of the temple entrance was no deterrent to Marcus Colt, a small time treasure hunter who had a big lead on a possible cache of treasure inside the temple. Marcus was of average height with a solid build due to his efforts of treasure hunting, he had short brown hair and the beginnings of a beard due to be in the desert for four days. He was wearing tan colored clothes and had a scarf and a small pair of clear goggles to keep as much sand as possible out of his eyes and mouth.
Marcus had been willing to obtain illegal C4 explosives
:icondusk-728:Dusk-728 78 7
MASH Chibis by xanykaos MASH Chibis :iconxanykaos:xanykaos 1,011 345 Strategic EVE by bosniak Strategic EVE :iconbosniak:bosniak 607 181 Aurora by MannMitDerTarnjacke Aurora :iconmannmitdertarnjacke:MannMitDerTarnjacke 677 45 Bulma  Anniversary part 2 by TheAmericanDream Bulma Anniversary part 2 :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 736 56 Dragonball Radar by IchigoKitty Dragonball Radar :iconichigokitty:IchigoKitty 487 189 Pop Mech - Tech Watch by pacman23 Pop Mech - Tech Watch :iconpacman23:pacman23 616 42 Bulma Anniversary by TheAmericanDream Bulma Anniversary :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 973 113 [CM] Radar Fox by thanshuhai [CM] Radar Fox :iconthanshuhai:thanshuhai 738 35 World Warm Wave by bosniak World Warm Wave :iconbosniak:bosniak 454 392 Raethos by MeganeRid Raethos :iconmeganerid:MeganeRid 215 44 MASH chibis by ringosdiamond MASH chibis :iconringosdiamond:ringosdiamond 218 75 Spearpoint: Parthian Mech by Legato895 Spearpoint: Parthian Mech :iconlegato895:Legato895 203 51 XHA-215 by TheXHS XHA-215 :iconthexhs:TheXHS 113 13 fourze by Kai-E-soh fourze :iconkai-e-soh:Kai-E-soh 364 35 Commission:  World of Silverwing by AbsoluteDream Commission: World of Silverwing :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 368 24 Upland by igreeny Upland :iconigreeny:igreeny 98 18 Motivational Hunk Radar by karolinakitten Motivational Hunk Radar :iconkarolinakitten:karolinakitten 584 46 1948, Premier of the Dega C-36 Star-Carrier by Pixel-pencil 1948, Premier of the Dega C-36 Star-Carrier :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 155 29 :KH: Downfall of the Gaydar by kitsune-nilde :KH: Downfall of the Gaydar :iconkitsune-nilde:kitsune-nilde 871 169 Scout Recon Vehicle by Legato895 Scout Recon Vehicle :iconlegato895:Legato895 86 4 Dreamtime by bluemonika Dreamtime :iconbluemonika:bluemonika 265 66 The Black Helicopters... by TakeMeToAnotherPlace The Black Helicopters... :icontakemetoanotherplace:TakeMeToAnotherPlace 245 190 Building Transformations by frogbillgo Building Transformations :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 293 17 by samuel123 :iconsamuel123:samuel123 138 30 BloodTrail speedpaint by NewmanD BloodTrail speedpaint :iconnewmand:NewmanD 114 13 blue by unevens blue :iconunevens:unevens 146 18 Mech WIP - Mobile Infantry Unit Shanghai MP by katmachiavelli Mech WIP - Mobile Infantry Unit Shanghai MP :iconkatmachiavelli:katmachiavelli 126 14