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Avengers - second formation (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 152 49
Pietro x Elemental Reader (Playing with Sound)
Pietro whooshed around you, obviously trying to observe you from every angle.
“Let me make one thing clear,” he said, his accent thick, “I am only here because Wanda has already gone inside your mind and says you are not a threat to us.”
“Glad she agrees,” you said. He raised an eyebrow.
“What do you want from me?” Nick Fury had recently decided that it would be best if you met the Maximoff twins. It was against his better judgment, but on the off chance that you needed to work with them for something, you would need to at least be able to get along with the pair.
“I'm just here to talk,” you told him. He scoffed.
“Just like the others.”
“Excuse me?”
He stared at you, his blue eyes blazing. “Your friends. All they want to do is talk. Talk will not fix anything. If it would, problems would have died out years ago.”
“Not with people like you,” you replied. “The ones who think
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 221 6
XMen - Quicksilver - Whiplash ! :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 109 13 Speed Team :iconfradarlin:fradarlin 193 43
Hot Damn (Pietro Maximoff AOU X Reader)
Part one is here! I was so surprised with how well the teaser did, I had to get Part one up not too long after! So, my children, here is Part One of Hot Damn!
“So, boys and Natasha, where we going next?” (Y/N) inquired, following the group out to a quin-jet that was waiting on the platform of the Avengers tower.
“We’re heading out to see an acquaintance of Tony’s, we think that he is where Ultron and the Maximoff’s are going to strike next.” Cap informed her. (Y/N) nodded slowly, thinking it over.
“Where is it? What will the terrain be?”
“It’s in Africa and by the looks of it we’ll be in a cargo boat.” He said as they boarded the plane. (Y/N)’s (H/C) locks bobbed as she nodded, taking a seat and going through her bag. Steve sat down across from her, the rest of the hero’s taking their places in the
:iconsupernaturalsapphire:SupernaturalSapphire 55 16
Avengers - Age Of Ultron :iconspidertof:Spidertof 134 4
Hot Damn (Pietro Maximoff AOU X Reader) Part 5
(Y/N) hummed quietly to herself, her blue eyes roaming the small space inside the jet. Holding only Clint, Steve, The Maximoff twins, and herself, she was worried.
Where were her other three companions?
Across the very small pathway between seats sat The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who were sending small looks at the Huntress. Wanda was honestly wondering if the (H/C) girl might be bipolar; she’d gone from an overly excited childlike state to this stressed, worried woman before her. She didn’t know if she should talk to her or not…
“Huntress?” She questioned, catching both (Y/N) and her brothers attention.
“Are you okay?”
The girls (E/C) eyes widened slightly; she hadn’t meant to disturb Wanda with her worrying.
“Oh, I’m fine, sorry. Didn’t mean to bother ya,” She smiled slightly. Leaning on her elbows, head in hands, the brunette frowned.
“What is wrong? You cannot lie very well.”
:iconsupernaturalsapphire:SupernaturalSapphire 45 17
Hot Damn (Pietro Maximoff AOU X Reader) Part 3
Pietro paced around the small room he used to call his own in the days that the Hydra base was still active, fully aware of the flashing red eyes that followed him as he went. His sister leaned her elbows back on the bed, pursing her lips as she read what was on his mind.
“You’re thinking about the woman,” she hummed, images of the girl flashing through Wanda’s own mind. Quicksilver only nodded, tugging at his hair slightly, his blue eyes filled with confusion and doubt as a million thoughts ran through his head.
“Why did she act as if she cared? No one other than you has worried over me since mother and father passed,” The silvery-blonde muttered. The witch nodded.
“I saw the memory of that in her own mind, she didn’t seem insincere.” The brunette agreed, just as confused as her brother. Pietro froze,  his pacing ceasing, and he turned to her.
“So she meant what she did? She was actually… actually worried?” h
:iconsupernaturalsapphire:SupernaturalSapphire 54 14
Quicksilver :iconrhom13:RHOM13 36 4 Quicksilver X-Men :iconmsnemo:MsNemo 38 12 Age of Ultron: Black Widow Cosplay :iconalexieldeath10:AlexielDeath10 52 10 The Evolution of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch :iconkelvin8:kelvin8 32 3
Drive Myself Crazy (Pietro x Singer!Reader)
Drive Myself Crazy by NSYNC
Lying in your arms
It had been exactly one month. One month since Wanda had come up to you and told you the news: your boyfriend, her brother, was dead.
She had returned home to bury him, and you hadn't seen her since. It was even harder because she wasn't there to comfort you.
Now I toss and turn, cause I'm without you
You found it harder and harder to sleep every night. You saw his face almost every night. Most of them were in nightmares. The others were cruel tricks, because you always had that glimmer of hope that he would be there when you woke up.
But he never was. He was gone.
Made a mistake
There were a lot of times when you thought it was your fault somehow. The others tried to tell you that it wasn't, that things like this just happen every now and then.
But it didn't stop the empty feeling inside of you, the one that would never truly go
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 57 4
AGE OF ULTRON [SPOILER!!!] :iconsetius:setius 137 76
Quicksilver x Reader ~ Nice chat
// You & Pietro, no swearing, sorry for mistakes (would be grateful if you corrected me)
thank you for visiting, enjoy (:  //

The dark clouds moved slowly covering the stars as the mild wind rubbed your skin. You were watching the night cityscape from the roof of the Avengers’ Tower, slowly sipping your drink. It was Natasha’s will for you to come to the party Tony was doing again, as he always did. The thing was you weren’t really keen on partying at all. You preferred your job at S.H.I.E.L.D. as an usual Fury’s agent. You felt more confident in your combat outfit than in long (fave/color) dress without sleeves. You sighed and took a look at your mobile. You had plenty of time yet until they’d call for a meal. You were supposed to sit next to Nat, so she would discover you’re out and get mad at you for leaving her.
“Agent (your/surname), what brought you here?” you heard suddenly despite not noticing any steps before. You
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 124 45
Just before he died (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)
Just before he died (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
Just before he died I felt free, as if all the pressures in the universe disappear in the moment I hear his voice.
Just before he died I had a purpose in life, I decided to change the way he did, I decided to leave the darkness, just like he did it, I decided to trust, just like he did it.
Jus before he died, I wasn't afraid anymore, he had made me stronger, he make me braver just like he did with his sister, he was our light in the darkest path of our life, he was the reason why I decided to risk my life just to stop Ultron, I put my life to save those who had discriminated against me because the decisions I made.
Just before he died, he managed to make me become independent, but I never imagined that I needed him as much as I need oxygen to breathe, he became my drug, he became my strength, without him...I would be nothing.
But, life put things in our paths, life loves to makes us play evil games, puts us in situations which our e
:iconlmtc:LMTC 59 19
Fast Enough (Flash x Reader x Quicksilver)
 Quicksilver (c) Marvel
 Flash (c) DC Comics
 All adaptions of the characters are welcomed to use!

 The Flash sighed as he turned to look at his best friend, (y/n) sitting at a table with the rest of the Justice League and Avengers girls chatting about. They all laughed once in a while. He didn't want to spy on them but there was something nagging at him that he wanted to know.
 "So (y/n)," She-Hulk said. "I've been wanting to know, you hang out with that Flash guy a lot do you?"
 "Uh, yeah," (y/n) said. "He's my best friend. Well, we once we're a bit of friendly rivals considering he used to tease me about them but we're close now."
 "How close though?" Hawkgirl giggled. "Ever since you've been part of us, I seen the eye you give him."
 (Y/n) gulped. "Well, he's my best friend," she said. "Nothing more. I mean, why? Is it because of me hanging out with Pietro?"
 Flash's heart dropped quickly as he heard the words "best friend" and en
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 34 6
Quicksilver :iconjeyrablue:JeyraBlue 111 13 The Multiversal Civil War Meme: War Begins :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 33 67 Quicksilver :iconstiak:STIAK 55 6
Pietro x Reader [part 1/2]
Pietro's POV
"I don't want to go. "
Wanda glared at me again. We've been arguing about this for more than an hour. Well, more like some minutes, but it felt like hours for me.
"What's so wrong with me not wanting to go to a dumb party? It's not like I'll miss anything." I looked away from her as I said that.
"Pietro. I really didn't want to do this..." She took out her phone and started texting. It confused me but also scared me a bit. She then looked at me and smiled, then sat on the bed. 'Alright. I guess I won..?'
A few minutes later someone was knocking on the door.  I glanced at Wanda and she just smiled and opened the door. There she was. My only weakness. (Y/n).
"Pietroooo~!" She jumped at me. I catched her and hugged her. My heartbeat increasing. I soon let her go and she smiled at me, beautiful (e/c) orbs looking into my blue ones.
"Pietro. Wanda said you didn't want to go to the party. Why's that?" She tilted her head to the side and looked at me curiously.
"Well, that's
:iconxalixez:xalixez 48 10
Q is for Quicksilver :icond-mac:D-MAC 58 3 Zatanna and Quicksilver (New Earth) :iconnova20x:Nova20X 27 14 Justice League - Second Formation (New Earth) :iconnova20x:Nova20X 28 6 Avengers: Age of Ultron :icongabriellecarlson:GabrielleCarlson 48 11 Quicksilver (Evan Peters) :iconliubovkorotkova:LiubovKorotkova 39 3 Quicksilver :iconbaetakids:baetakids 26 3 spideypool :icondavincipower:davincipower 22 3 Quicksilver (X-Men DOFP) :iconmsnemo:MsNemo 20 8 AT:I love your hair :iconbeetlejulia:Beetlejulia 38 30 Speedsters :iconxclone42oo:XClone42OO 25 13 Children of Magneto - First Contact (Colored) :iconedcom02:edCOM02 41 5 Avengers: Black Widow Files :iconalexieldeath10:AlexielDeath10 27 13 Quicksilver :iconmichaelodomart:MichaelOdomArt 26 2 Black Widow: Avengers Era de Ultron Cosplay :iconalexieldeath10:AlexielDeath10 14 6 [WIP] DAAad~!!! :iconlawleighette:Lawleighette 43 22 Black Widow Cosplay :iconalexieldeath10:AlexielDeath10 21 4 Quicksilver :iconagnesej:AgneseJ 20 4 Quicksilver WIP :iconpoisonpeas:PoisonPeas 18 3 Quicksilver :iconjccddraws:JCCDdraws 18 2 Speedy Blue :iconluminerd:Luminerd 16 0 Quicksilver :iconhartmanarts:HartmanArts 17 4 Dawncan crossover 2 :iconbrunoblackened2112:BrunoBlackened2112 17 10 Quick :icongatossalvaje:gatoSsalvaje 14 0 X-Men Apocalypse: Quicksilver Transparent :icon13josh16:13josh16 11 0 Ultimate Avengers 3 :iconjusticeavenger:Justiceavenger 12 3 Black Widow Age of Ultron Cosplay :iconalexieldeath10:AlexielDeath10 12 2 Gotta Go Fast :iconscaahandco:ScaahAndCo 13 0 X-Men at the Movies :iconxclone42oo:XClone42OO 13 2