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I am just like everyone else by Rona-Keller I am just like everyone else :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 590 85 Purple Rain by magnusti78 Purple Rain :iconmagnusti78:magnusti78 483 108 Dynamic Sunset Strike by FramedByNature Dynamic Sunset Strike :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 427 204 Steampunk Boba Fett II by VynetteDantes Steampunk Boba Fett II :iconvynettedantes:VynetteDantes 298 30 Commision Drinks by Ekimma Commision Drinks :iconekimma:Ekimma 1,019 71 Purple Rain by JollyPen Purple Rain :iconjollypen:JollyPen 339 33 I can only see your reflection by Rona-Keller I can only see your reflection :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 306 37 Purple Rain.. by MeeranUhm Purple Rain.. :iconmeeranuhm:MeeranUhm 224 35 Purple rain. .. by addy-ack Purple rain. .. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 541 23 Purple Rain by Joe-Maccer Purple Rain :iconjoe-maccer:Joe-Maccer 331 178 Purple Rain by LeashaHooker Purple Rain :iconleashahooker:LeashaHooker 379 115 Lost In Wonderland by ARTibstic Lost In Wonderland :iconartibstic:ARTibstic 376 119 +Purple Rain+ by anachsunamon +Purple Rain+ :iconanachsunamon:anachsunamon 902 226 Purple rain by wolf-minori Purple rain :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 367 31 Face Off by Marinshe Face Off :iconmarinshe:Marinshe 389 24 Crystal veil by PixelRaccoon Crystal veil :iconpixelraccoon:PixelRaccoon 408 147 Purple Rain Cokctail by KatelynnRose Purple Rain Cokctail :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 1,067 113 Purple Rain by ShinyWish Purple Rain :iconshinywish:ShinyWish 28 16 Cinnamon Girl by axcy Cinnamon Girl :iconaxcy:axcy 403 27 Purple rain by pqphotography Purple rain :iconpqphotography:pqphotography 138 14 Dearly beloved... by BroHawk Dearly beloved... :iconbrohawk:BroHawk 472 105 Purple Rain by LuizaLazar Purple Rain :iconluizalazar:LuizaLazar 244 28 .:Violet Tulip Tears:. by bogdanici .:Violet Tulip Tears:. :iconbogdanici:bogdanici 182 22 Other Side by Marinshe Other Side :iconmarinshe:Marinshe 254 25 Purple Rain by Svennovitch Purple Rain :iconsvennovitch:Svennovitch 159 55 Prince by EddieHolly Prince :iconeddieholly:EddieHolly 494 52 .::raining::.. by larenn .::raining::.. :iconlarenn:larenn 474 66 Purple by Chriissssssssss Purple :iconchriissssssssss:Chriissssssssss 127 22 Purple Rain by IndianRain Purple Rain :iconindianrain:IndianRain 184 38 Purple Reign by carts Purple Reign :iconcarts:carts 231 31 Purple Rain - BBxRae by pizet Purple Rain - BBxRae :iconpizet:pizet 595 166
one night stand
at night as I lay dreaming
          of silver days gone by
    the purple rain eases into the panes -
             the humidity fogs my glasses
                            and I can still see your love lit
                      against my retinas;
            you made me your weekend lover,
      just another hit and run in your ledger
                  you couldn't see the headlights that had consumed me
        you knew I just wanted to have you in the pouring rain,
                                   and left me dry with my umbrella
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 16 13
Cold Az Feadz by BOBBb12345 Cold Az Feadz :iconbobbb12345:BOBBb12345 89 23 RIP Purple Prince by princekido RIP Purple Prince :iconprincekido:princekido 340 16 Cover of Rain 2 by AkuOreo Cover of Rain 2 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 151 27 Purple Dream by IndianRain Purple Dream :iconindianrain:IndianRain 120 15 Purple Reign by Franchesco Purple Reign :iconfranchesco:Franchesco 397 63 The Purple One by Abz-J-Harding The Purple One :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 259 23 Midnight rose by Brumae-Art Midnight rose :iconbrumae-art:Brumae-Art 98 19 I-ONLY-WANTED-TO-SEE-YOU by duskbeguile I-ONLY-WANTED-TO-SEE-YOU :iconduskbeguile:duskbeguile 90 27 Cover of Rain by AkuOreo Cover of Rain :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 132 11
Maybe Anne Sexton Was On To Something
consider your car's steering wheel in your grip
as you turn the key in the ignition and the smoke
starts to sputter—you can't smell it, yet, only ink
under your fingernails and that half-full glass
of vodka whose twin burned a half-lit smile
on the face in your fogged rearview mirror.
consider the first time you'll look in a mirror
and see old eyes—the world's babyfingered grip
around them pinching crows'-feet when you smile
your forced smile—through your exhaled smoke.
like a death-echo of youth you'll grab a glass
of mediocre vodka and stain your lips with ink
from a thirty-cent black pen—the same cheap ink
you used for your wedding invitations. the mirror
will be your muse—that villainous square pane of glass
that confronts you with your reality: you've lost your grip
on your metabolism and all those cigarettes you smoked
made your mouth look like rotting corn when you smile.
you'll close your mouth, and at least then the sadist smile
will abandon you.
:iconoverdebated:overdebated 15 20 by candymax :iconcandymax:candymax 115 27 Purple Rain by O-range Purple Rain :icono-range:O-range 100 48 Dearly Beloved by carts Dearly Beloved :iconcarts:carts 187 18 Little Colorful Paper Stars by Claire991 Little Colorful Paper Stars :iconclaire991:Claire991 76 57 PURPLE RAIN by Sugaree-33 PURPLE RAIN :iconsugaree-33:Sugaree-33 83 45