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dance of the fireflies. by sugarmints dance of the fireflies. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 1,404 91 Timeless by LevanaTempest Timeless :iconlevanatempest:LevanaTempest 329 100 Wilwarin by maiarcita Wilwarin :iconmaiarcita:maiarcita 325 282 Sincere Purity by Astral-Requin Sincere Purity :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 352 52 Amethyst night by CassiopeiaArt Amethyst night :iconcassiopeiaart:CassiopeiaArt 231 30 pokemon ditto redesign by tsad pokemon ditto redesign :icontsad:tsad 249 22 The Crescent Tree by Wildweasel339 The Crescent Tree :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 208 11 Purple play by wolf-minori Purple play :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 188 24 Rays and shadows by Morgan-Lou Rays and shadows :iconmorgan-lou:Morgan-Lou 238 39 Rescue Me by dianar87 Rescue Me :icondianar87:dianar87 351 96
Trombones Are Blue: A Loud Look Into Synesthesia
An A is red.
It'll always be red.
That's what they said.
But at least for me
It's just an A I see.
That's what's in my head.
"It's not that form of synesthesia," I said.
Yet play on a horn or a violin
And suddenly the fireworks begin.
Trombones are blue, flutes always yellow,
The clarinet section are all green fellows.
They match the haze of the choir pale green.
At least that's what I've seen.
In band, it's a kaleidoscope,
A tripped-out rainbow of hope
Smothering me in crayon-chaos cacophony.
At each rehearsal, I drown in the anomaly.
Each instrument is a hue that bursts with each note
Like Skittles bubbling out of a singer's throat.
Yet seeing pink makes a screech and purple a hum,
Brown sounds like the thudding of a bass drum,
Yellow is a whistle, green sounds like choir boys,
Blue a soft rustling, and white makes no noise.
Birdsong is yellow, windy forests are blue.
(Don't let the green leaves fool you!)
So when birds fill the woody scene,
It all turns into brilliant green
Like the
:iconrhov:Rhov 30 57
Elora's Call by DragonCid Elora's Call :icondragoncid:DragonCid 168 32 Faerydae by iNeedChemicalX Faerydae :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,178 45 Fairy in the woods by msriotte Fairy in the woods :iconmsriotte:msriotte 830 85 Snow delusion by Sachishiro Snow delusion :iconsachishiro:Sachishiro 371 119
Shadow World
Shadow World
It's enveloping my heart
And   tainting   my   soul
I've been corrupted by the dark
A   new   power   to   behold
I'm too far gone already
Just   give   in
Accepting my tragedy
A   new   path   will   begin
Transform into what I dreamed of
No   longer   afraid
The road to peace will be victorious
A   triumph   so   great
I closed my eyes for the last time / I watched it all disappear
I left behind my old life / I've become what I've feared

I know this path is one that very few desire
But what's done is done
Never again will I look into a mirror
For my darkness and I have become one
It's what I've always wanted
So I tried to cast aside my guilt
But I will always be haunted
From the innocent hope I killed
It's blinding my morals
And   embracing   my   greed
I left behind my sorrow
And   gained   a   new   kind   of   belief
I've done it, I've really done it
Dawning   this   new   dusk
I've made it into the darkness
The   light   was   never   enough
My m
:iconimmortalizedlies:ImmortalizedLies 55 11
LuLu by Shubaobao LuLu :iconshubaobao:Shubaobao 278 27 The Wandering Empress by AlexandriaDior The Wandering Empress :iconalexandriadior:AlexandriaDior 206 48 Charlie and the Candycave by Merinid-DE Charlie and the Candycave :iconmerinid-de:Merinid-DE 493 45 Magical by clarablick Magical :iconclarablick:clarablick 448 210 nature can feel by Honestheart26 nature can feel :iconhonestheart26:Honestheart26 163 56 Fountain by AniaMohrbacher Fountain :iconaniamohrbacher:AniaMohrbacher 139 64 Purple Haze by booboo7 Purple Haze :iconbooboo7:booboo7 234 75 Arbok by tkpanther Arbok :icontkpanther:tkpanther 329 40 Vlinder by Toefje-Kunst Vlinder :icontoefje-kunst:Toefje-Kunst 151 42 Pink forest - stock by Aeternum-designs Pink forest - stock :iconaeternum-designs:Aeternum-designs 239 0 The Purple Forest by RezzanATAKOL The Purple Forest :iconrezzanatakol:RezzanATAKOL 199 60 Suicune by BloodyButterfly-wp Suicune :iconbloodybutterfly-wp:BloodyButterfly-wp 71 10 Lullabies for you by FrosinaIlievska Lullabies for you :iconfrosinailievska:FrosinaIlievska 148 25 Hope by Meropa Hope :iconmeropa:Meropa 107 36 Dancing in the Moonlight by SchwarzWieEbenholZ Dancing in the Moonlight :iconschwarzwieebenholz:SchwarzWieEbenholZ 79 11 Dreaming Of You by PhoenixalThor Dreaming Of You :iconphoenixalthor:PhoenixalThor 55 11 Remember by Magica-28 Remember :iconmagica-28:Magica-28 59 12 Holding On by cloudburst666 Holding On :iconcloudburst666:cloudburst666 51 38 purple forest by Emizu purple forest :iconemizu:Emizu 303 36 SOLD Ficus the fig bear poseable art doll! by CreaturesofNat SOLD Ficus the fig bear poseable art doll! :iconcreaturesofnat:CreaturesofNat 35 8 Purple Forest by MorRokko Purple Forest :iconmorrokko:MorRokko 141 40 purple forest by killa02 purple forest :iconkilla02:killa02 26 13 Bastiss: In the rain by MiaHarper Bastiss: In the rain :iconmiaharper:MiaHarper 73 80 little purple flowers by TrishaMonsterr little purple flowers :icontrishamonsterr:TrishaMonsterr 96 20 Complacent by Astral-Requin Complacent :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 252 76 Shooting Star by Smashedskies Shooting Star :iconsmashedskies:Smashedskies 55 43 Chandi and Rahkalm by Simply-Psycho Chandi and Rahkalm :iconsimply-psycho:Simply-Psycho 49 6 Put a Banana in your Ear by Merinid-DE Put a Banana in your Ear :iconmerinid-de:Merinid-DE 214 26 Guardian of the Forest by Aichan3 Guardian of the Forest :iconaichan3:Aichan3 60 7 Wrzos I by rosaarvensis Wrzos I :iconrosaarvensis:rosaarvensis 82 7 Garden Path by animalartist16 Garden Path :iconanimalartist16:animalartist16 70 42 Umbrella Forest by stakez131290 Umbrella Forest :iconstakez131290:stakez131290 45 17