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If I Was Your Vampire - 1
Chapter One - Good morning
The soft silk brush against his bare frame as he rolled over in the lush bed. The cool, slick fabric was wrapped around his otherwise naked body, warming nicely to his feverish temperature within moments of making contact with his skin. The slender male rolled again, not having found his intended target in the first attempt. Hey, it was a big bed, a couple could get lost in the thing....
Finally he made contact with the object of his desire; another body, this one just as bare as the first, and even more so since the red comforter had slipped from the upper half of his body.
Jode smirked quietly to himself and snuggled closer to the man, placing a soft kiss right in the center of his perfectly sculpted chest. Aaron had a body that would have put a Greek god like Adonis to shame, and a face so perfect that it could only be understatedly described as angelic. Jode had always felt so plain in comparison to Aaron. The simple demon was unworthy of Aaron's l
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